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Must have items!!!

‘ BOHEMIAN BABE’ by Bohemianredjewelry

Beautiful Bohemian Fashion. Enjoy all these hot treasures !!!!!!!

Masked Goddess, photomontage…


Rockabilly Jewelry ~ Rockabi…


The Kiss – Photography Photo…


Coral Ombre Silk Kimono, sil…


Vintage Crocheted Bow Lace B…


Flower Baby Headband- Coral …


ART NOUVEAU Purse Handbag Ev…


Scarf – Colorful Chic Scarf …


Vintage Pink and Black Corse…


Fingerless Gloves Long Salmo…


Vintage 1990s Black and Peac…


Peach and black


Vintage Wool Hat Sz 7 1/4 L …


Luxury Silk Organic peach wi…


Shoe Art – Shoe Print – Fash…


A Shabby Chic Key to My Hear…


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Tuesday Treasury Challenge “DISCO”

I am participating in this weeks Tuesday Treasury Challenge for STATTEAM on Etsy, this weeks word is “DISCO” and since I am a flower child I found some groovy picks I know you will love!

‘That 70’s Disco’ by Hippiechicjewelz

I am participating in the STAT Team weekly treasury challenge http://www.statteam.blogspot.com/ This weeks challenge word is “DISCO” The STAT Team Tuesday Treasury Challenge is open to EVERYONE and not just team members so feel free to join us!

Libra Romper


Vintage 80’s Luxurious L…


Passion Flower Antique Cryst…


Play Digital Download Print…


Cooper, Oakland, CA. 2009


Long Feather Hair Clip or Ex…


Reserved – Caged Disco Ball …


Lampwork glass and sterling …


NEW – Pink and white flared …


Recycled Record 7-inch 45 Ca…


Sputnik Two colander lantern


1970’s Golden Sequin Caf…




Disco Ball Brassiere, a la L…


Hibiscus Disco Pipe


Swarovski Crystal Embellishe…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

The STAT Team Tuesday Treasury Challenge is open to EVERYONE and not just team members so feel free to join us! This weeks theme is ‘DISCO,’ and remember that it can mean anything to you. This Challenge will run for 24 hours, your treasury must be created within that time frame and NOT before. Come back on Sunday to vote for your favourite one. The Winner of the Challenge will have their shop featured and showcased on the Team Blog as well as have their shop items included in every treasury for the next Team Challenge.

Here’s the rules for the Challenge:
1) Spread the love… Do NOT include an item from your own shop & only one item per shop please
2) Must include 5 STAT Team Members
3) Must include 1 item from the week before winners shop Mojo3777Creations
4) Must include 4 New shops (New shops = open for 2 months or less )
5) Must include 4 Undiscovered shops (Undiscovered shops = 20 sales or less)
6) The last 2 are up to YOU J
7) Include the tag STATTEAM
8) Include ‘STAT Team Challenge’ somewhere in your treasury title.
9) Include that you are participating in the STAT Team weekly treasury challenge somewhere in your treasury description with a link to our Team Blog http://www.statteam.blogspot.com/
10) Post your treasury’s URL here to enter in this weeks challenge!

Your Treasury created for the challenge MUST be created within the 24 hour day of the challenge which is every Tuesday.

My interview with AndiPace on Etsy

I recently discovered a new Artist on Etsy, I was intrigued with her Watercolor Paintings! Here is my interview with AndiPace

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1. What made you become an artist?
Honestly, it has been a passion for numerous years. I originally got in to writing and then wanted to be able to illustrate my characters and creations. It all just went from there really. I’ve been growing ever since!

2. Where do you get your inspirations?
Music is perhaps my biggest. I like to to just zone out to a song or instrumental score and draw what I vision.

3. How long have you been creating works of art?
At least six years now.

4. What was the first thing you ever created/drew?
Disney characters were perhaps my first but I quickly moved on to drawing my own characters.

5. How did you learn about Etsy? When did you open your Etsy shop?
I learned about Etsy through my friend Katie, who runs a jewelry shop. She had told me about it and has helped me through a lot of the process. Probably wouldn’t be here without her help. I opened my shop months before I even got around to adding anything! That was in August and I didn’t start adding anything till March.

6. How did you decide on your shop’s name?
I thought it had a nice, unique touch to it.

7. What’s on your favorite’s list? What Etsy shops would you recommend and why?
Oh I have different things on my favorite list! From art to masks, to clothing. I add what catches my eye and what I hope to purchase later on down the line! As for shop, I do know one in particular that I really enjoy looking at. Schin has lovely digital artwork that just blows my mind.

8. What is your favorite item in your shop? Why?
My desert painting, Two Souls, it has quite a story behind it! It also was my second watercolor painting.

9. Tell us about your first Etsy sale. What was it? How did you feel?
My first Etsy sale was the original painting of my Dragon Eye watercolor. I was so excited and ecstatic, I had found out in the middle of the night! Couldn’t even go back to sleep.

10. What do you listen to when you are creating?
All kinds of things really. Lately I have been tuning in to Pandora radio under the station for Tarja. I also listen to a lot of instrumental movie scores, can’t beat Hans Zimmer.

11. Where’s your favorite “Creating Artwork” spot?
In the living room normally. It is comfy!

12. What makes your product better than others in your field?
I love what I do and everything I create has a story weaved in to it.

13. What are your favorite materials to work with?
Watercolor and anything I can do with my hands. It just seems so much more personal.

14. What is your favorite part of having an online business?
The community! I love Etsy’s community and how quickly I had been accepted.

15. What is your least favorite part of having an online business?
The fact that it can be very hard to get noticed.

16. How do you advertise your business?
Facebook, teams, and through friends mostly. Going to have a friend carry own business cards as she wears a pair of canvas shoes I painted for her at Comic Con. That is a way to get noticed!

17. What are your goals this year for your shop?
To reach at least twenty sales! It is a small goal but we all must start out small.

18. What do you do in your spare time?
I love to write or explore other artistic fields. I mostly write though. I want to get published someday.

19. Do you have a job other than Etsy? What is it?
Nope, not currently but I am searching.

20. How do you manage your time?
I place out what all I need to do and block in time periods for those tasks.

21. Do you have any discounts, sales, PIFs or specials available in your shop?
oh yes! I am usually willing to give discounts to returning customers and have had a few sales. I will even give a small coupon for 10% for reading this: INTERVIEW10.

22. Do you offer custom orders? How does it work?
Oh yes! I prefer to be convod first to work out what is to be done and then I will ask the customer to purchase a listing to pay in advance for the order.

23. What tips do you have for anyone just starting out in Etsy?
Get critiques, advice, and friends! As well as promote!

24. Where can we find you? Post your links to Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc.

25. Anything else we should know about you and your shop?
I love making friends and chatting! Feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, or even just to say hi!

Thank you for this delightful interview, I really enjoyed getting to know you!

Win a T-shirt from mytheoryclothing on Etsy

MTC© T Shirts:
Be part of the movement – redefine cool, one shirt at a time! All our unique designs are printed on American Apparel Tees using a high quality plastisol ink and old school printing style. We’re a tad offbeat and randomly witty husband and wife team.
We would like to offer a choice of winning a tee from (4) different designs.

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Here is how you can enter for a chance to win one of these ultra cool t-shirts, this would make the perfect gift for dad on Fathers Day! Remember, you can do all three and get three separate entries for a chance to win, just be sure to leave a comment here on what you did so I can enter your name!!!
Follow them on FaceBook: (tell them Hippie sent you!) http://www.facebook.com/pages/MTheory-Clothing/136282496417125

Favorite their shop on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/mtheoryclothing

Or you can follow them on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/MTheoryClothing

After you have done one of the above, please leave a comment here on my blog, they will draw a name from the comments left here of who followed! Hurry up, the deadline is May 30th!!!

It’s Thrilling Thursday Time!

It’s Thursday again, get ready to be thrilled with these Thumbs-up Treasures!

My first pick for this Thursday comes from Toocutecats on EtsytoocutecatsDiminutive and charming, like a miniature Court Bag you can carry in your hand. The interior, beautifully lined with Japanese Fabric, has a padded insert to protect all your pretty treasures.

My next pick for today comes from Phantasmphotography on Etsy I actually have some of this photographers fabulous work, and he is one of my absolute favorites! Phantasm Photography This photograph was taken in 2009 at the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. I used a filter and my Smena-7 to take the shot- which is what gives it that dreamy look. The view is inside the hotel lobby, looking up at the umbrellas that are suspended from a beautiful glass dome ceiling.

My next featured pick comes from my fondness of koi, a handmade treasure from Starless on Etsy StarlessThree tiny koi fish play among water lilies in a pond of swirling blue filigree, atop a little wooden box.

Who wouldn’t love some handmade fabric baskets like these from granatina on Etsy?!?!granatinaThese baskets/bins are made of a soft touch cotton and lined with cotton canvas. You can use these baskets for storing and organizing various small items like accessories, knitting yarn, bread rolls or any dry groceries – with my friend we just call them “universal baskets”. The natural colors combined with a touch of orange are carefully chosed to put in tune a corner of your home.

Celebrate the arrival of summer with these adorable bird houses from Retropops on Etsy
RetropopsHere’s an adorable set of pedestal birdhouses! I’ve painted them bright pink, robin’s egg blue and spring green. They stand on top of off-white wooden candle holders that are lightly distressed. These are super-cute and will look great on your mantle or table!
The tallest one stands 13.5″ and the other two are 11.25″ tall. They’re for indoor use only.

Brighten up your wrist with this beautiful Golden Cherry Swirl fused glass bracelet from Intothelight on Etsyinto the lightThis is such an elegant bracelet with rich vibrant colors that glow and shimmer even with the slightest nuance of light. There are eleven glass stones that have a crinklized dichroic glass layered over a black base. A clear glass with an etched dichroic pattern is used to cap each stone, giving them an amazing metallic like shine and allows the underlying glass to show through. Please view each of the photos to see how the glass changes in appearance in different light. Each glass piece is securely bonded to a high quality sterling silver plated link bracelet with a sturdy fold-over clasp.

My last pick is due to my love of shoes from Studiojellyfish studiojellyfishYUMMY CUPCAKES! These heels are so cute that everyone who sees them can’t help but think you are sweet too! If you are sweet and know it these heels are perfect for you!

Here are some thrilling treasuries created by some of the artists I featured today:

‘Shhh…whisper’ by IntoTheLight

A beautiful collection of soft & subtle colors that speak to you in a whisper; featuring STAT Team members and a few from my favorites list. There are all amazing!

Whisper – Fine Art Photo – 8…


Unique Flower Set of Three


whispers of white, set of tw…



Note Cards . BUTTERFLY . Blu…


Bracelet, Pearls, beads, pur…



A Vintage Lace Style Streche…


Cherry Blossom- an original …


Gass Lampwork Floral Bookmar…





LOVE….PINK Glittered Burla…


White Lace Cuff – Metal Eyel…


Lucky Safety pin – Item no.0…


Original Painting – Abstract…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

‘Feeling ___________’ by phantasmphotography

A collection of great items, from artists and shops I respect. Mostly dark and beautiful!

Set of 9 Black and White Day…


SALE Vintage Reconstructed J…


Vintage Sterling Silver Sun …


Lunar Landing Pod Tin Toy Ro…


1930s Coin Silver Navajo Tur…


Chainmail Wine Bottle Cozy


Fab 4……Original Gaffiti …


Rotary dial, Polaroid series…




vintage Pouva start camera


Antique L.C. Smith and Bros …


Names, date, or intials eng…


One of a kind- Free shipping


Vintage Kitchen King Scale


Beards Are Sexy Tote Bag


Ceramic Atlantic Puffin Scul…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Thrilling Thrifty Thursday Things

This Thursday I will list things that will thrill the inner shop-a-holic in everyone!
Here are some of my favorite items from some of my favorite shops on Etsy! These items are not just thrilling, but also thrift savvy for those of us effected by the current economy.

My first featured artist is Hrushton on Etsy.Dancing On The Moon . ACEO, An ACEO ( Art Card Edition and Original) is considered by many to be a collectible form of mini art. ACEO’s are always 2.5″ x 3.5″ (like a baseball card) and are a way for people to enjoy and collect art inexpensively. I have some of Hrushtons work and am fascinated with her beautiful artwork!hrushton

My next featured artist is Mojo3777creations on Etsy.Chamomile and Lavender Sleepy Scent Pillows Green Frogs, this little pillow will help send your little one or you straight to dream land. It is filled with polyfil and has a small sachet of lavender and chamomile tucked away inside.
It is made of cotton flannel, green and printed with happy little frogs. It measures approx 8″ x 8″ square. mojo3777creations

My next featured artist is one of the YOUNGEST artists to have a shop on Etsy, Dreamer02 with her Cupcake with pink roses.This delicious necklace will make an excellent gift for miniature lovers as well as dessert adorers! (especially the ones who’re on diet, since this little guy is totally innocent calorie-wise.)dreamer02

Featured artist TNTees has some FABULOUS up-cycled creations in her Etsy shop!TrashN2Tees reusable produce bags are one my best sellers, I used the same idea and created a larger Farmers Market Produce Bag! The larger farmers market produce bag allows you to easily slip your farm fresh produce inside and continue shopping. The bags are made using reclaimed tshirts and are durable, yet gentle on the produce and the holes are plenty big to provide for necessary air circulation.tntees

My next featured artist is littlebirdandchick on Etsy
1950’s Retro Mother’s Day Bottlecap Magnets Set of 6 bottlecap magnetsThis is a cute and retro set of magnets for the Moms in your life! The designs feature different vintage 1950’s images of Moms! Cooking, cleaning, and having fun with her family– these Mom’s make it look so easy!

To thrill you even more here are some treasuries created by three of my featured artists, enjoy!

‘Kitschy Kitschy Ya Ya Ya!’ by littlebirdandchick

A fun and bright treasury of some of my favorite goodies!! Thank you for letting me include you in this treasury! I wish I could buy every single item.

Adorable retro Lamb


bulldog, 8×10 archival print…


Set of Vintage Mexican Paint…


UpCycled ReCycled Magic Mush…


12 Mini Blue Ballerina Cupca…


1960s Thermometer.


Rare Vintage 60’s Barbie…


Good Doggy Limited Edition C…


Lilac and Purple Knitted Cat…


harriet against the flow


8, PHEASANT Stick PINS …. …


Unicorn, candy and cupcake n…


her silk kimono – a set of 1…


Reserved—-Crochet Flower g…


Rotary Phone Dial Design Pop…


Vintage Strawberry and Orang…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

‘Lurking in the Darkness’ by mojo3777creations

So intriguing, mystical and alluring.This dark treasury contains awesome items, created by very talented Etsy artists. It includes 6 members of my statteam. ♥’d by a STATTEAM member!



Reserved for Melanie – Black…


Elegant Victorian Steampunk …


Neckwarmer, Hood, Black, Cro…


Witches Shield . Herbal Alch…


Realm of Darkness Gothic Sty…


Black Gothic Corset Jacket S…


Skull and Bamboo hoops – Bla…


Gothic Rose Ring includes Fr…


Raven Bat Coffin Hand Bag Pu…


Black Ice Dragon Cameo Ring


Dark Lady – tatted lace chok…


Graveyard Photography 8×6 Pr…


Beadwork OOAK Black Swallow…


Dominga Skull and Crossbone …



Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

‘Pink Princess’ by dreamer02

sweet and pink – jewellery, clothes, music, books, art..

Princess Pink Crown Disney G…


Hot Pink Layered Tutu by Hot…


Royal Princess Nostalgic Gra…


Mini Fun Donut Earrings with…





Crochet Headband with Rhines…


Crochet Headband with Rhines…



Pretty in Pink Damask….Dou…


Pink DJ Scrabble Tile Neckl…


Pink Red Cherry Sweety For …


Last, Just Me – Victorian or…


Mobile phone charm cake, wit…


Sweet Pink Candy Ring


Mobile phone charm cake, wit…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Brighten up your Monday Morning with these magnificent must haves!

These items are sure to brighten your day and put a smile in your heart! I selected these magnificent items from some of my favorite artists Etsy shops.

These luscious blooms belong to an unusual West Texas tree by Stacepluseight on Etsy:

By Stacepluseight on Etsy

Original Watercolor Painting Chianti and Candles, 1999 by kristinalyea on Etsy.Watercolor Painting by Kristinalyea on Etsy

Paulie’s Confession – Hand-Painted Upcycled Pop Art Decoupage Decor Canister by Ecofriendlyfreckles on Etsy.By Ecofriendlyfreckles on Etsy

Plush Monster: Yellow Girl Squoobles by plushoodles on Etsy.By plushoodles on Etsy

Gourd and Glass Sculpture – Sunny Parasol Flower – OOAK by myladyofgourds on Etsy
By myladyofgourd on Etsy

Original Acrylic Cubism Painting – Music Squared by Oddballartco on EtsyBy Oddballartco on Etsy

Beach Towels – Fine Art 5 x 7 Photograph from photosbyjudy on Etsy.
By photosbyjudy on Etsy

Lemon, Leather, Lace Cuff of Words & Hearts by junkitlove on EtsyBy Junkitlove on Etsy

Lemons hand painted Water wine carafe decanter drink set glass by saporta123 on Etsy. By saporta123 on Etsy.

Green field by by BeauMiracle on Etsy By BeauMiracle's on Etsy

Phantasm Photography’s Clay Heldmann

I must tell you that I am totally PHASCINATED with PHANTASM PHOTOGRAPHY!
One of my absolute FAVORITE photography artists, I have one of Phantasm Photography’s Portraits and am enamored by its stunning beauty.
I would like to share with you some of Clay’s captivating photographs and an interview with the artist behind Phantasm Photography.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What Artists on Etsy do you admire for their artistic talent?
I admire everyone who has a unique point of view and isn’t afraid to express it. I think that so often people look at an item and think, “oh I could do that,” but they don’t know about all the time and effort it has taken to hone your skills and really get good at creating something. I love the art of “promopocket,” “enchanted pond,” “johnwgolden,” and “thefactory101.”

What’s your background?
I am a mechanic with a creative streak. I love to work on vehicles and restore old hot rods, but something about photography and drawing really appeals to me too. I think that beauty can be found all around us, in the weirdest and most unusual of things. That is what I try to convey with my photographs.

What do you think is integral to the work of an artist?
I think an artist needs equal measures of vision and dedication. Artists need to have ideas and be creative but they also need to hone their skills and be dedicated to their work. You can see right away when an artist has made a half-hearted attempt and then it just lacks soul.

What role does the artist have in society?
I think the artists role is so make people think. We are living in a highly technological age where everything is instant gratification. People don’t really have to think anymore, they just look up the information. I think we, as artists, have the job of making people slow down– observe– and contemplate.

How has your artwork changed over time?
I started out using only digital format for my photographs and over time I have amassed an army of vintage cameras. I love the rich textures and imperfections that these out of date cameras provide. I think they tell a better story, and that is why I am now using them almost exclusively.

What art do you most identify with?
I think I most identify with surrealism, low-brow, and pop art. I love all types of photography and I like almost anything that someone made with their own hands.

What type of artwork do you most enjoying doing?
I like photography, sketching, and painting pin-stripe details on my fleet of vintage cars.

What themes do you pursue?
I love anything dark, mysterious, broken down, decrepit, or abandoned looking. I enjoy using my photographs to tell a story, or create a mystery around things that other people may see and dismiss.

What’s your scariest experience in creating art?
I was in an old barn in France once, up in a loft. The owners had told me to be careful and the floor wasn’t good, but I just had to get a photograph of the sun coming in through the old (falling down) roof. I leaned in a step closer and my foot went right through the flooring and I was stuck dangling about 40 feet above a stone floor. Not good.

Who is your favorite artist and art work?
I know for any photographer it kind of sounds like a cliche, but I love Ansel Adams. He was doing things 70-80 years ago that just blow me away today. I love the southwest and I love black and white photography, so he is my favorite.

Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?
I like meeting people when I travel. I like listening to their stories and hearing about what their home, or town, used to be like. I can almost imagine the people buzzing around and the buildings fresh and new– not falling down. When I photograph I want to preserve that person, their home, or town. An abandoned barn or ramshackle house inspires me to imagine what it once was like.

What is your artistic outlook on life?
I say keep going, keep evolving, and keep making art as long as it inspires you. There is beauty everywhere and inspiration in everything if you just slow down and take a look.

What inspires you to be creative?
Everything I see and my imagination.

What do you dislike about the art world?
I dislike the elitism and competition. I think people should work together and help each other, not climb over each other reaching for the top.

What is your dream project?
I would love to take a period of time off from work and travel all over the United States. I want to make a book of photographs from abandoned hotels and gas stations all over the country. So much of our neon history is disappearing and I want to record it while it is still here.

Name three artists you’d like to be compared to.

1.) Dorothea Lange
2.) Senol Zorlu
3.) Thomas Kettner
4.) Lyndon Wade
I love them all!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
Not to me directly, but I love this quote from Futurama: “When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.”

Professionally, what’s your goal?
I would like to work from home and do all of my passions, (cars and photography), on my own time and schedule. I would want a hotrod shop and photography studio, so I can tinker with cars and develop my own prints. For now I am happy, but in the future that would be great.

Find the Lucky Shamrock, I bet you cant!

St. Patty’s Day is just around the corner, here is a wonderful collection of some gorgeous green finds to keep you from getting pinched! While your looking at all the beautiful handmade items in this treasury, see if you can spot the Lucky Shamrock, I bet you cant!

‘Find the Lucky Shamrock’ by Hippiechicjewelz

A treasury featuring some of the most beautiful shades of green, and hidden somewhere is a lucky shamrock. I bet you cant find it!

Mini Round Concrete Pot


Janie Jumper–Girls ruffled …


Superhero – Pure Mineral Eye…


More drama: Twisted sterling…


Our Ancestor’s Country C…


Multi Stone Necklace


Magnificent Malaysian Kratom…


Imelda Green and White Cameo…


SALE- Vintage Eaton’s Em…


4 Peas in a Pod Rhinestone N…


Original Art Card ‘Luck…


One of a Kind Malachite Pend…


Grass Green Pansy Flower wit…


Hummingbird In Flight – Fine…


Primitive Display Cupboard C…


Ladybug small art green back…


Treasury tool is sponsored by Lazzia.com A/B image testing.

Treasury created by Hippie Chic Jewelz