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Total hair transformation with MONAT, my personal story


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If you’re trying to make your hair grow longer and stronger, you have to take care of it mechanically. Quality products are important. My favorite for someone in this situation is MONAT Let it Grow System! MONAT recently developed Rejuvabeads which is a SuperRich Split End Mender.  Finally an answer to every woman and mans hair goal prayers! These products repair and protect your hair with results that can be seen after one use!

As you can see from the photos I posted of my own MONAT use the results are absolutely amazing! In the before photo my hair was so dry and over processed that it would break off when I brushed my hair, and when I did brush my hair it would tangle and looked like I had just got out of bed.  Believe me when I tell you that I’ve tried everything imaginable, I used the Olaplex system, ( it actually dried my hair over a months time) it did not produce results whatsoever.  I tried professionally applied keratin treatments, the first day my hair looked great, then after I slept on my hair it was a tangled mess all over again.  I was losing not just hope of having healthy hair but my hair in general! Literally I had hair loss due to a medication for blood pressure along with hair breakage from over processing. My hair was literally fried…

A heartfelt thanks to a dear friend who gave me MONAT to use, I was absolutely excited to try it after I had seen the amazing transformation of her hair in just a short period of time!  That evening I went home and used the Renew Shampoo, washed my hair twice as instructed and followed up with the Replenish Masque, the Masque I left on for about thirty minutes ( I’m an overachiever, lol) rinsed and used a towel to blot out moisture. I followed with the Restore Leave-in Conditioner and I could not believe my eyes!!! My hair was absolutely transformed in one use!!! I have never in my entire life used a product that did what it claimed to do, MONAT delivered!


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If you are skeptical like I was, your probably wondering how MONAT is different from other hair care, let me explain what the products contain and how they work:

Monat hair care products have 4 important key ingredients; and Capixyl is one of them. Capixyl is an active substance that help to reduce hair loss, boost hair growth, improves follicles anchoring, and most importantly reduces scalp inflammation!

MONAT offers exclusive science formulas infused with our exclusive REJUVENIQE™ OIL INTENSIVE, delivering incredible moisture, renewing life to the hair and eliminating brittle texture. After just a few uses, you’ll see thicker, longer, stronger, healthy and youthful-looking hair … and the more you use MONAT, the more your hair benefits to sustain the beautiful appearance of healthy-looking hair by providing it with beneficial hydration, necessary cleansing and moisturization, nutrition for hair regrowth, plus the added benefit of UV protection to preserve hair’s radiance and help pause the signs of aging.

MONAT Products Are Naturally Pure

All MONAT products are naturally based, with pure active botanical blends combined with powerful new technology, such Red Clover Extract (Capixyl),  Pea Extract (Procataline), and Cordasorb™. These amazing ingredients protect the hair against UV and free-radical damage, and infuse each strand with vitamins and minerals that combat oxidative stress while proactive amino acids repair and replace intercellular function.


MONAT is one of the few products that will see you  and your entire family through years of use. Skeptical? Try MONAT for yourself, MONAT focuses on the health of the hair, so it addresses hair concerns that span the generations. MONAT also has a money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose and just beautiful, healthy hair to gain!



2016 Hippie Chic Jewelz Model “India”

I am so pleased to announce the reveal of my official Hippie Chic Jewelz model for 2016!  Introducing INDIA, she will be modeling my 2016 line of jewelry designs.



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Its not easy being green…

‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’ by AriesArtisticJewelry

Inspired by Kermit the Frog

Bohemian Earrings~Indian Ear…


Wearable art, Original print…


Top drilled Sea glass 5 pcs …


Mystic Rainbow AB necklace, …


Knitted Headband, Ear Warmer…


Green leather backpack – Voy…


recycled bracelet metal Brac…


Succulent Photography, Botan…


Ceramic Bowl Small Green Pet…


Sea Green and Gold Bracelets…


Vibrant Green Cactus Paintin…


Toddler Beret with Bow, Gree…


Evil Cat plush. Hand Embroid…


Mint quilted pillow – modern…


Waterproof shopper bag, doub…


Knitting Pattern, Knit Cowl …


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Creating Bohemian Chic Style

Through the years my jewelry has always been ever changing; even so,  I have had clients tell me they know my jewelry creations when they see them.  My style of creating has never changed, my wanting to offer a wide variety of jewelry to appeal to everyone has. Looking at my jewelry you know that I love fun, bright colors with intricate designs ranging from southwestern style, rockabilly to Victorian with a modern edge.

Recently my creativity sparked and I have been tinkering around with new designs and more Earth Tone colors offering my clientele a Bohemian Chic style. I love to know what my clients are wanting to see, and following a few requests from such I would like to introduce a few of my latest designs.

These are my Bohemian Tassel Earrings in Bronze and Turquoise, you can click this link to see multiple angles here: Bohemian Tassel Earrings


I love flowers and was inspired to create these turquoise and black earrings with black tassels, you can see more photos here: Turquoise Flower Earrings


I find nature so inspiring, and as you know I dare to be different in my designs. This is not just any leaf earring, these earrings make a statement! Light tan leaves are adorned with beautiful ebony Czech Glass Crystals. You know what they say in Texas, go big or go home… These earrings are a larger version of my fall leaf earrings I created in the past. You can see different angles and actual size here: Leaf Earrings


Not your typical Boho style, but like I said I am creating a new trend BOHEMIAN CHIC. These Turquoise Square Earrings are just that, Bohemian Chic! You can see more photos of these here:  Turquoise Square Earrings


I would love to know what else you would like to see me offer in my collections.  Its your requests that keep me creating and offering you unique, one of a kind creations.  Dare to be different!


It’s GIVEAWAY time!

If you follow me on FaceBook, then you know how I LOVE giveaways! I have two chances to win, the first one is to visit and follow my friend Johannah from JoLynn’s Hobby Shop’s blog here: http://jolynnshobbyshop.blogspot.com/ My interview and giveaway rules are posted there. Be sure to follow her blog while you are there, please! Here is the necklace I will be giving away on her blog:

My next chance for you to win a custom created necklace or a pair of vintage inspired earrings is here, all you have to do is show me some “LOVE” on my new Facebook Page “TheArtLand.com: LIKE my page and leave me comment that you want to win Hippie Chic’s Vintage Necklace or Hippie Chic’s Vintage Earrings. That is all you have to do to be entered in the drawing! If you want more entries, refer a friend to my FB page and be sure that they tell me who sent them! The more you refer, the more chances there are to win! Here are the prizes I am giving away:

These beautiful jewelry creations were designed using beautiful vintage beads from my friend Pam at Recreated1

This contest ends on March the 2nd, 2012

Getting out of a creative rut

Today I am sitting here patiently waiting for my ceramic jewelry pieces to finish firing in the kiln… okay, so maybe I am not really sitting here patiently. I have to admit I am obsessed with walking over to the kiln, checking the temperature and looking through the side wall peep hole to see if my pyrometric cone has slumped over. This brings to mind a saying my mother used to tell me whilst growing up: “A watched pot never boils” and so it seems that this is more than true, especially in the case of creating ceramic jewelry.

My usual medium of choice would be polymer clay, however after getting a wild notion to use my kiln for other than my usual sporadic glass fusing moments I decided to give ceramics a try. I won’t lie; at first handling ceramic clay was a bit, well, on the slimy side for a moment and certainly not pliable like polymer clay. It took a bit of playing around with this new medium before I actually decided to make something from it. Sitting at my studio desk I looked at all the clay tools laid out in front of me, it was as if they were taunting me with an artistic malice that only a craft person can understand. I picked up palette knife and started to create a thin band of pottery clay. Pottery clay isn’t as easy to cut or slice through as one would think, and my first attempt was not what I had pictured in my mind. What normally would have been a perfect form cut in polymer clay turned out to be a snagged and not so straight attempt. I wadded up my little mess and started over, this time being sure to keep the blade of that palette knife somewhat wet with water. Presto! A smooth, straight and every thin strip appeared before my eyes! The palette knife and I had a new understanding and respect for each other, I realized that what that palette knife was trying to tell me is that pottery clay is in no way to be treated like polymer clay. With this new respect I had found not only a new and interesting medium, but quite possibly my new favorite medium of choice. I have to be honest; I think much of the allure is that unlike polymer clay you have to wait to “SEE” the outcome of ceramic pieces. This is time consuming process, taking as much as up to 14 hours from start to finish in the kiln. I strongly advise that this is not for those who are impossibly impatient, as the suspense will kill you or at best, when you just can’t handle anymore and open the kiln and risk ruining the pieces you so lovingly created.

Now that the pottery clay and I had spent some good quality time together there was a special bond that formed, a mutual understanding of what this material and my acceptance of its different, yet unique texture could create there was no holding back. I began creating pieces of clay in the shape of hearts, flowers and whatever else came to mind. I was truly enjoying working with this wonderful clay and before I knew it my creativity sparked to new levels! You see, I had been in a creative rut for a while, I hate to admit this but as an artist I got so involved with creating treasuries, trying to land the front page of Etsy and the endless promoting of my treasuries as well as those of my team mates that creating art took a back burner for a very long time. You see, discovering this new medium brought back what I had been missing for so long, the desire to create something beautiful and from the heart.

I bet you are wondering where I am going with all of this, my hope is to help other artists who are in a creative rut to spark a new interest and keep creating. You see, it’s so important to try new things, whether you work with glass, wire, paper or even edibles. The thing is we all benefit from learning new things, and you never know what a new medium can teach you about your old one.

In closing, I have a date with some pottery clay while waiting ever so patiently on my kiln to finish my next round of jewelry creations.

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Tagging Terms

Tagging Terms  

A great compilation of tagging terms.

RED – rouge, wine, burgundy, ruby, maroon, terra cotta, rust, fire, blaze, flame, auburn, bay, bronze, chestnut, cinnamon, copper, hazel, henna, mahogany, russet , sorrel, rust, jasper, brick, cabernet, blood, pomegranate, apple, cherry, tomato, garnet, raspberry, strawberry, paprika, rojo

PINK – rose, cerise, fuschia, magenta, blush, flush, mauve, cotton candy, bubble gum, ballet, petunia, carnation, shell

ORANGE – peach, apricot, mango, tangerine, coral, salmon, pumpkin, squash, rust, mandarin, cantaloupe, paprika, carrot, copper, melon, bronze, flesh

YELLOW – jaune, gold, oro, lemon, sulfur, citrus, topaz, canary, sun, mustard, amber, ochre, tawny, saffron, citron, citrine, jasper, butter, daffodil, popcorn, champagne, sunshine, lemonade, sunflower

GREEN – vert, emerald, jade, moss, peridote, olive, lime, mint, apple, grass, Kelly, loden, avocado, fern, leaf, chartreuse, lichen, honeydew, forest, evergreen, bottle, seafoam, kiwi, pea, sage,

TEAL – sarcelle d’hiver, aqua, turquoise, robin’s egg blue, blue-green 

BLUE – bleu, beryl, cobalt, eggshell, marine, indigo, midnight, azure, navy, royal, sapphire, sky, denim, cornflower, periwinkle, coastal, ocean, pool, lapis, cyan, peacock

PURPLE – pourpre, violet, lilac, amethyst, plum, orchid, grape, wisteria, periwinkle, lavender, eggplant, mauve

BLACK – noir, ebony, coal, ash, cinder, carbon, onyx, jet, midnight, raven

GRAY – gris, grey, silver, dove, ash, mist, fog, taupe, titanium, charcoal, granite, smoke, slate, dusk, steel, haze, platinum, gunmetal, pewter

WHITE – blanc, cloud, vanilla, pearl, sugar, powder, snow, chalk, milk, opal

CREAM – ivory, ecru, pearl, opal, natural, parchment, bone

BROWN – amber, cafe au lait, chocolate, cocoa, coffee, fawn, tawny, topaz, umber, ochre, brass, bronze, copper, espresso

TAN – beige, khaki, ecru, taupe, oatmeal, natural, parchment, sand, camel

CLEAR – crystal, transparent

MULTICOLORED – rainbow, iridescent, chromatic, variegated, aurora borealis

Other Tagging Terms

OOAK – unique, artisan, exclusive, original, novel, atypical, exceptional, handmade

MATERIALS – names of stones, type(s) of fiber or fabric, weave or fabric, types of wood

GENERAL – Punk, steampunk, nerd, geek, science, modern, midcentury, funky, dramatic, romantic, whimsical, artisan, edgy, bohemian, boho chic, shabby chic, fantasy, Victorian, prom, contemporary, mystical, mythical, magical, witchcraft, Christian, earthy, antique (over 100 years), vintage (over 20 years), retro (made to look old), heirloom, southwest, old world, Americana, rustic, ethnic, primitive, folk art

OLD – olde, vintage, antique, fossil, patina, old world, primitive, old-world

ECO FRIENDLY – recycle, reuse, up-cycle, refashion, earthy, vegan, environmental, organic, repurposed, natural, earth friendly, earth-friendly, earthfriendly, slow food,

TEXTURE – smooth, rough, pebbled, matte, shiny, sandy, loose weave, tight weave, braided, laced, plaited, lattice, webbed, patina, gossamer, delicate, pointy, sharp, hard, spiny, puffy, patterned, bold, ruffled, frilly, velvet, silky, gnarly, old world

ELEGANT – simple, refined, aesthetic, tasteful, graceful, luxurious, classic, polished, chic, sophisticated

ROMANTIC – erotic, fanciful, amorous, love, flirtatious, dreamy, passionate, darling, precious, bewitching, alluring, seductive, enchanting, kissable, huggable, feminine, flirty

COZY – cuddly, snug, comfortable, snuggly, huggable, warm

SHAPES – geometric, structure, block, symmetric, square, triangular, angular, round, spherical, ovoid, egg-like, irregular, cubic, cuboid, bold, concentric, free form

CIRCLE – loop, hoop, round, ring, spheroid, pouf, halo, bulls eye, doughnut, donut, disc, link

SPIRAL – twist, double helix, swirl, whirl, whorl,

LIGHT – sun, beam, streak, shine, radiation, luminescent, glare, glow, halo, aura, corona, bright, luminous, radiant, luxe, bright, cheerful, breezy

SPARKLE – glow, prismatic, shimmer, prismatic, sheen, gloss, flash, brilliant, iridescence, luminous, glint, glitter, glisten, gleam, starry, faceted, bright, cheerful

HOT – zesty, pungent, racy, peppery, passionate, fiery, torrid, steamy, thermal, blazing, flaming

COLD – frigid, icy, chilly, cool, frozen, bleak, wintry, frosty, arctic, glacial,

NIGHT – shadows, scary, evening, darkness, twilight, dusk, (see black),

CLOUDY – foggy, wispy, vaporous, vapor, smoky, filmy, hazy, murky, shadowy, dusky

FLOWER – bloom, bud, blossom, bouquet, boutonniere, buttonhole, corsage, festoon, garland, lei, nosegay, posy, spray, vase, wreath, stem, floral, flora, weed, garden, nature, vine, wildflower

OCEAN – sea, beach, tidal pool, coast, lagoon, tide pool

BIRD – avian, sparrow, robin, songbird, warbler, nestling, flying

JEWELRY – jewellery

Featured artists from the STATTEAM Spotlight

Tonight I am featuring five very talented Etsy artists from STATTEAM. These 5 artists are featured this week in the STATTEAM Spotlight.

My first featured shop artist is Rhonda Wojciak from nanioriginals, here handmade purses are unique and stylish.

This hobo style bag is medium in size and has four pockets inside.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/nanioriginals/You can see more fabric choices here on flicker.
The fabric on this bag is so beautiful and fun with tattoo girls and flames. Made of all cotton. The lining is a solid light blue and the four pockets are orange and red flames with a black background. The magnetic snap has thick Pellon sewn underneath and has been double stitched for reinforcement. The pockets are double stitched and the corners have been sewn down to prevent tearing. This one includes a hand embroidered nani lable. We made this one with a short wide strap so it fits close to your body.

Surprise a loved one with this beautiful wallet.
You will love this upholstery weight fabric. It’s called “Punjab Peacock” by IMAN. The lining will be made with either teal or black Kona cotton, you choose.
We like to carry our cell phone in our wallets since they are padded enough to protect it. Send us a convo if you would like us to gift wrap with a note to your requested address at no extra charge.

My next featured Becky Helmer from BeckyHelmerDesigns, her jewelry designs are beautiful and charming with a West Texas flair.

These pretty earrings are made with black lucite trumpet flower beads, yellow lucite bell flower beads, and antique bronze bead caps, findings, and kidney earwires.

These festive earrings are made with white, red, and green lucite bell flower beads, silver colored metal bead caps, and metal findings.

Shelly from Shellyka on Etsy is my next featured artist, her shop is full of whimsical hand-painted decor for your home.

This painting of two Pink sheep is 100% handmade (Not a print) using acrylic paints on a stretched cotton canvas

A decorative and unique way to display your child’s artwork.
This colorful and fun hanger is 100% handmade and painted with acrylic paints, perfect for safely displaying your child’s artwork and helps you change the display from time to time.

I actually am the next featured artist for this week, it is truly an honor! My jewelry is handmade from clay and glass, eclectic, fun and funky!

This ring is a size 8. The rose is hand sculpted from polymer clay, has four black onyx rhinestones set in each facet corner and the zebra stripes have been hand painted making this ring its own unique work of art.

I LOVE the look of vintage inspired jewelry! I created a dark blue background that fades into a lighter blue and added a snowflake. I added Swarvoski crystals on the Vintage inspired filigree cab. This necklace would make the perfect gift for someone special or to add sparkle to your favorite holiday outfit!

My last featured artist is Noelle Argenti from potterybynoelle, her shop is full of beautiful and fun pottery items!

Heres a purple ceremic snow flake bowl

I made it from a mode and a snowflake pattern book I have It was
Glazed with non toxic glazes The color was purple It was fired in a low fired kiln. would be perfect for just home deco

Heres a ceramic bowl I made out of white clay It has a snowflake print in it the color around the snowflake is cobalt blue slip . I glaze the snowflake with non toxic glazes the color was white and the black of the bowl is blue lagoon . This bowl was fired in a low fired kiln and it is food safe.
I think this bowl would be perfect for serving those hoilday treats , would also make a perfect christmas gift .

Congratulations to each of our featured artists, I hope this week your day in the STATTEAM Spotlight and it was an honor to host each of you here on my blog!

Saturday Salute to Etsy Texas Artisans

Tonight I wanted to do something special for all my Texas neighbors on Etsy.com
I was not born in Texas, but spent my early childhood growing up in Midland until I married and relocated to Rankin, Texas. If you look Rankin up on Google, you will see that its a TEENY, TINY desolate area that is home to around 500 people, including yours truly. So, to all my Etsy friends who live in Texas, this wonderful Christmas Salute for Saturday night is for you!

I am going to start of this Christmas feature with a well known saying: “Everything is BIGGER in Texas” and I can tell you that when it comes to Texas Artisans, the enduring charm of cowboy culture goes above and beyond!

My first featured artist is from Killeen, Texas; KayzKreationz. This shop is full of Stained Glass Mosaics, Art Glass, Fused Glass, Beaded Bookmarks, Wire Jewelry and more. One item I fell in love with this Mosaic Stained Glass Bird-feeder! Featured in Birds and Bloom magazine, her bird feeders have TEXAS size style! Looking for a unique birdfeeder for your garden or as a gift for a gardening friend? This is it. It is a mosaic birdfeeder with stained glass, set in grout. It is 8 1/2″ across the top from rim to rim. It has a yellow star, blue and white bluebonnet and mosaic Texas as it’s design. Sure to attract lots of birds to your yard and lots of looks from all your envious neighbors. Have a unique Birdfeeder for your garden that’s not like every other feeder in the stores and people’s yards. This birdfeeder could also be used as a small birdbath in your yard, if you like. The grout has been sealed, but is safe for the birds.

Corpus Christi is home to my next featured shop GirlieGals who offers you sparkle and shine Texas style! What would make a better gift for someone special than this Gold Pandora Christmas Bracelet with Poinsettia Charms, to tempt you even more, this bracelet is on sale! Price reduced by over 20% Dec. 3rd only. Free gift with this purchase!
Extremely beautiful – these pandora style gold plated crystal studded beads and clear crystal faceted beads will dazzle all on their own. Then add the lovely poinsettia and gold plated fluted round bead charms and you have a bracelet that’s not only stunning but is also very sparkly and brilliant. It’s a Bling Thing! Each charm hangs from an antique gold tube bead and has a dangling silver lined red seed bead for extra shine.

My next featured artist quidditydesigns is in Georgetown, TX. Her shop is full of beautiful Texas style flair like this Copper Flower Pendant Necklace with White Freshwater Pearls and Silver. Five softly burnished copper petals surround three pistil/stamens made of white freshwater pearls on fine silver headpins. The copper flower is about 1.75 inches, so it makes a statement. I made the necklace long so that it would fit over a turtleneck sweater.

I think Killeen Texas must be a popular place to reside, another resident from there is jdfootloose. It doesnt usually get too cold in Texas so her items are perfect for the winter months, like this Autumn Patchwork Scarf! A great Autumn statement piece. Crocheted in multi colored & Golden yellow yarn in various size squares to give it a patchworl look.

Houston, Texas is home to my next featured artist BirdsBeadsTX, her shop is full of delightfully fun jewelry! Check out this great necklace made up of matte, faceted black beads and printed shell tiles in orange, blue and silver with a toggle clasp closure. It measures approx. 34 inches in length.

My next featured artist is from Dallas, Texas. Her shop is full of TEXAS style home decor that will warm up your home or that special someones heart! This Personalized Family Name Sign, Last Name Sign, Wall Art with Photo would make a perfect gift for that hard to buy for person! Beautiful personalized wood sign includes photo, first and last name, and optional established date. Medium and dark brown in color, sign is painted front and back in satin brown. Made of solid pine with decorative routed edge, Sanded edge adds detail and a vintage look and Sealed with a textured coating to protect and preserve the print. Saw-tooth hanger included, no vinyl used!

Here is a town I have never heard of! Bastrop, Texas; home of my next featured artist NMCJewelryDesign. Feather earrings are all the rage this season, surprise your BFF or that special someone in your life with these beautiful Wild Turkey Feather earrings! We don’t usually see turkeys this way, especially during this time of year..and especially wild unadulterated ones…for their beauty. These are feathers from a wild turkey and have been cleaned and assembled into an amazing set of earrings. The pattern looks near that of a tiger with the black and orangey brown stripes. They are topped off with a tigers eye gemstone and black crystal just waiting for you to show your wild side. Due to the natural materials (and the fact that the feathers were discovered on a walk) these are truly one of a kind.

Victoria, Texas, a town I have actually been to is home to RomanticThoughts. Dazzling Texas style jewels to dazzle your special someone with this Christmas! The glass Blue and Green Pendant is the centerpiece of this unique creation. The necklace is comprised of Blue and Green Swarovski crystal beads. This striking piece is designed to be noticed.

Texas is actually wine country, a great many wonderful wines are produced in Texas, who knew?! This brings me to a great Etsy shop CorkyCrafts from Fort Worth Texas. This shop has some very unique Texas style gifts that will delight even the hard to please! This wreath makes a nice gift for the wine connoisseur in your life! It is like a wine lover’s scrapbook of happy memories. It is very versatile, add a pillar candle or a vase of flowers for a lovely centerpiece. It is a great way to extend a warm friendly welcome for visitors and neighbors in a entry way, dining area, bar, Tuscany themed kitchen, and makes a great gift idea for those who love wine! Compare prices and save by purchasing it here!

Next is my very own leadeer from my Etsy team “STATTEAM”, she is responsible for the huge success of “The STATTEAM Spotlight” which runs Monday-Friday, she does an amazing job! Lubbock, Texas is home to BeckyHelmerDesigns. Her shop is full of Texas style beauty, like this Red Flower Ring! It is adjustable so it would make the perfect gift for practically anyone on your holiday shopping list!

Last but not least brings me to little ol’ me, based here in Rankin, Texas is this hot pink bangle with zebra print crosses. A TEXAS style statement piece that is sure to get some “Yee Haw’s” when you give this as a gift!
This gorgeous bracelet is a OOAK, you wont ever bump into anyone else wearing a bracelet exactly like this one! I started with a wooden bangle an applied 4 coats of Hot Pink paint, applied crosses that I created from polymer clay and then hand detailed the zebra print. For a finishing touch I added brilliant and dazzling rhinestones and a clear coat gloss to waterproof this lovely creation. This would make a wonderful gift to give someone special or to keep for yourself!

I would like to send a big ol’ Texas hug to all of ya’ll out there!

Peace, Love & Hippie Chic Jewelz

Confessions of an Etsy addict…

Confessions of an Etsy addict
I imagine after reading the title of my post a few of you are giggling… not a funny “Haha” giggle, but a nervous “OMG! I know what she means” giggle. You know who you are, you are the one reading this right now clicking between internet pages to see if your curated treasury is on the “Hot List”, if you have any convo’s or are listed in any treasuries. I know this because as I sit here and type, I too am doing that very thing.

“Hi! My name is Julianne and I am an Etsy addict.”

I can honestly say that the longest I have stayed away from Etsy is, well, a day at most…. and that was when I went to Six Flags Over Texas. This was simply because my droid could not access internet connection at the theme park, it wasn’t for lack of trying, either… A word of advice, never try to check your Etsy account via your cell while waiting for a roller coaster ride to begin.

Many of you know how this Etsy addiction can spawn, for you “Newbies” out there, beware, what you are about to learn in this article could happen to you!

My Etsy addiction began when I was featured in a treasury, being new I had no idea what a treasury even was. Then one day I see one of my necklaces amongst the company of some very beautiful handmade items. I received a convo informing me I was featured in a treasury… I immediately convo’d the curator and asked her what a treasury was, how it works and how did she find me. It so happened she stumbled upon my necklace in a search, I had just listed this item earlier that day. (Note: New listings can be your best friend!)

She told me what a treasury is, how it works and invited me to join her team! As you can guess, I was elated. I joined her team and learned the in’s and out’s of Etsy very quickly, the team mates on her team were more than helpful and taught me the basics of working a treasury. I had questions though that couldn’t be answered, and so I began to research on my own what it takes to be a success on Etsy. I can tell you after reading hundreds (LITERALLY!) of ETSY blog articles, Etsy posts it still didn’t give me the answer I was seeking. I decided it was time to try a new tactic: Join some of the hottest teams on Etsy. I applied to many teams, only to be turned down because I was “Too New to Etsy”, didn’t have enough sales or didn’t belong to any “YAHOO Groups”. It was one convo I received from a team application that prompted me to found STATTEAM. The convo I had received from the Team Captain of that I had applied had wrote me nothing short of a rude and insulting rejection of my application; my photos were “Crappy”, my sales too few and my treasuries “SUCKED”. Yes, this team captain actually used that terminology in her rejection convo to me. I will tell you the truth, I cried, and then I got mad! How dare ANYONE treat another person with such negative disrespect, besides, I didn’t see anything spectacular about her shop item photographs. It made me want to start a team that accepted everyone, even “Newbies” who may not have sales, great photo’s or even treasury curating skills. Isn’t that what a team should focus on? Helping others learn how to make the most of their Etsy shop and experience?

And that is where it all began… my Etsy addiction. Now that I had a team I had to gather information to help team members, to offer support and get them to that coveted Front Page. Ahhh… The Front Page, a beautiful word and a bad word all at the same time… moving right along, these members became good friends, I looked forward to daily convo’s, reading replies on the team discussion board, seeing comment and views on team treasuries. It isn’t the amount of interaction, it is the thoughtfulness, friendship and a common interest in it that addicted me. Seeing my team mates making treasuries that I KNOW are Front Page worthy, seeing the views and comments make a treasury soar to the first page, to receiving a convo from a team meat excited that their shop item sold after a treasury feature is nothing short of totally elating!

This is where and how it begins, the determination to get more team mates to that point, on the first page of treasury lists in not on the coveted Front Page itself, making sales and getting them excited and promoting others in the same way I am striving to promote them. It’s a “win win” situation. For me its a sheer feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when I see a team mate succeed, it makes every single minute I spend on Etsy worth it. I can honestly tell you I spend HOURS on Etsy, my family can tell you that in our home Etsy is more like an invisible friend, constantly talked about but never seen except by anyone other than me.

In closing, I have yet to confront this “Etsy Addiction”. Etsy is a part of my life, my team mates are my “on-line family” and you cant put a price on the joy it brings to me daily. One thing I will be doing is taking out time in the evening to spend with my family at home. I have learned that even though Etsy is enjoyable, there is nothing like the love and support of your family, so those of you who were like me and on Etsy 16 hours or more a day, take some time for yourself and your loved ones. Trust me, Etsy will be there waiting for you with open arms. =D
Peace, Love & Hippie Chic Jewelz