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Meet Johannah from Jolynns Hobby Shop

Today I would like to introduce you to on of my friends and a great team leader on my team “STATTEAM”, meet Johannah from JoLynns Hobby Shop. Johannah has been with me on my team for a long while, I promoted her to a leader because she endlessly is helping others and writes articles about other team members on the STATTEAM blog. Her shop is much like her personality, fun and full of vivacious energy!

Hippie Chic Jewelz:Please give us a brief bio, where you are from and how you started in this field?

I was born New Jersey and live in Pennsylvania. I’m SAHM to 4yr old boy,have an awesome hubby,they are my world world an love them.
Well, I always had a love for art/crafts this started 2 yrs ago when my sister passed away unexpectedly. Her daughters lived me for brief time, I don’t have any girls, so I started making them Tutu’s/Hair Accessories. It saved money having to buy them and let me get creative.

Hippie Chic Jewelz:When did you first discover your creative talents?
It started early for me, I love painting and drawing though I haven’t done any painting in while. Painting is a talent that my Dad passed on to me.

Hippie Chic Jewelz:Could you tell us about some of your work?

It’s kid inspired for Boys and Girls with everything from clothing and accessories to decorating rooms.

Hippie Chic Jewelz:What inspires you to keep going and how do you keep yourself motivated?

Johannah: What keeps me going is a love of learning new crafts and the other amazing women in this field.

Hippie Chic Jewelz: How will you describe your style?

Johannah: FUN!

Hippie Chic Jewelz:What is your approach to design?

Johannah: Make it cute!

Hippie Chic Jewelz: Describe your workshop/studio for us:

Johannah: Well, currently I don’t have a workspace, I tend to hoard the kitchen or living room to work! LOL! I think might need a work space soon! 🙂

Hippie Chic Jewelz:Any influences or anyone you look up to when it comes to designing?

Johannah: I don’t have anyone really I look up to, but I do admire alot other crafty woman that in this business.

Hippie Chic Jewelz: “What is Art?” is certainly too big of a question to ask here, but what do you hope your audience takes away from your art? What statement do you hope to make?

Johannah: They the saying “beauty is in the eye the beholder” I think that with art “Art is in the eye of beholder”.

Hippie Chic Jewelz: How do you bridge the gap of the business side of designing?

Johannah: You have keep learning and improving on what works and what doesn’t.

Hippie Chic Jewelz: Describe yourself in 5 words:

Johannah: I’m shy,funny, caring,friendly and clumsy. 🙂

Hippie Chic Jewelz: How has your experience been selling online?

Johannah: So far it’s been good, I didn’t go into this thinking I was going make alot money, I’m still learning and enjoying ride.

Hippie Chic Jewelz: What has been your most exciting moment as an artist?

Johannah: Knowing that some one LOVES what I made, “hearts” for my shop/Item and being featured in Treasuries.

Hippie Chic Jewelz: Do you have any advice for new artists?

Johannah: I still new myself so I can only say patience and learning are key. I also believe having a blog, FB page and Pinterest can also help. I’m not one for throwing myself out there, but if you have business and your wanting a crowd then throwing yourself out there is what you should be doing.

Hippie Chic Jewelz: Where else can we find you online?

Johannah: You can find me on blog: http://www.jolynnshobbyshop.blogspot.com

FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/jolynnshobbyshop

Twitter: twitter.com/jolynnhobbyshop


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My interview with CaliBrooklynDesigns on Etsy

Today I am interviewing CaliBrooklynDesigns on Etsy, she had a day in the STATTEAM Spotlight yesterday. Her shop if full of delightful accessories that are sure to make you smile!

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How long have you been an artist?
I would say all my life but I really hit up the bead scene about 12 years ago

Tell us about your first attempts to be creative.

Other than that painting I did when I was 1 year old…LOL…My Mom turned me on to stitching, sewing, crocheting and tole painting when I was in Jr. High

How many hours a day do you create?

Gee, kind of comes in waves. Since I teach, summer, and holidays are my prime times…how I wish it could be daily.

How does creating art make you feel?

I get a fulfilled feeling…I may have made something that I will never post but that I made it, and that I can take 100% credit for it, whether fantastic or flop, it just feels good to know that it is something that came from my hands.

How did you pick your creative medium?

I guess I have the cliche “starving college student” story, but I have always had an eye for detail and lots of color and beading has all that rolled into one

What are your inspirations?

Just about anything…I like different cultures, multi-color, classic, chic, and different…all those things come at me at once and I pluck what is most impressionable and go from there

How do you recharge when your creativity hits the wall?
I actually like to watch a lot of cooking shows and the colors I will see in foods may spark me to want to design something after that food. As many will notice in my shop, a lot of my items have names that are closely connected to edible items! LOL

“What is Art?” is certainly too big of a question to ask here, but what do you hope your audience takes away from your art? What statement do you hope to make?
What gives you hope in the world?

Wow, well I guess I hope that when people see my work, they see that it is a piece that was made with many things in mind that was designed exclusively for them…if that makes sense. Basically, my pieces are designed for anyone and everyone, I make because I can and I like to add a twist to call my own and if you appreciate that’s great, if not, my Mother will get it for a Christmas, Mother’s Day, or Birthday gift cause she likes ALL of it! LOL

What are your artistic goals?
Artistic goals: One day to actually make jewelry from scratch, whether that means going into metal smithing, designing a glass bead, or anything that can allow me to legitimately say that “I MADE THIS WHOLE THING”
My husband’s goal for me: to be able to do this full time cause I seem to be a more whole person

What has been your most exciting moment as an artist?

Most exciting was being able to wait last minute to get wedding jewelry for myself, when it dawns on me “Hey! I can make it myself” LOL the little things…

How have you handled the business side of being an artist?
I am really trying to grasp the business side. I opened my shop in April of 2010 and not until this summer did I really put myself out there. Etsy makes it rather easy but I haven’t grasped a dollar amount that I must commit in order to really see my shop take off, but in all honesty, it’s not about the money, it’s about the creativitiy.
What has your experience as an artist been like on Etsy?

What advice can you give new artists on Etsy?

Reach out to others that share in your craft…if I have learned anything in education that can be bridged over to crafting, beg and borrow. True crafters have a sharing heart and will have no problem helping you out. Also, suck it up and spend that full night on Etsy and just hunt and look around, there are tips and treasures around every corner!

Where else on the internet can we find your work besides Etsy?
Etsy is the only spot. I have photos on Flickr and my FB page but Etsy is where the shop is.

Meet Ashley, the artist behind Tootyfruitymonkeyluv

It’s Friday evening and I am excited to share with you my most recent interview with Tootyfruitymonkeyluv on Etsy. This shop has some of the most adorable hair accessories that I have ever seen! My daughters LOVE her hair accessories, and so do I!

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Tell us your personal name, business name, website and location?

Hi, my name is Ashley Kolodzek and I own tootyfruitymonkeyluv. My company is named after my two little divas (Zoe aka “Tooty Fruity” and London aka “Monkey”). I am due with my third girl on June 23rd so I guess she will have to be “Luv”(nickname, of course)? I am located near Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota and I run my business solely online through Etsy, Facebook and Twitter. I am in the process of adding a website (but I am way too picky!) which will also list my products! My Etsy web address is tootyfruitymonkeyluv.etsy.com and Facebook is facebook.com/tfmluvhair

What is your studio or workspace like, and how do you work in your studio?

We live in a fairly small two bedroom home right now. My workspace is also my kitchen – however, the only thing I create in the kitchen is hair accessories (haha). This is why I married a Chef (yes, it was planned jk!). I haul all of my materials from the basement up and usually have a “creating session” twice a week where I go to town and create like a crazy woman. Then the rest of the week I pretty much photograph, update, renew and post new items. Currently, I am trying to stock up before baby girl #3 arrives 🙂 My goal is to have a bigger home with a studio type room that I can set up as my work station and my photography area (with props, lighting, etc.).

How would you describe and think of your style, what kind of hair accessories do you make and what type of materials do you prefer?

I believe my tagline answers this question perfectly. “Inspired by all Things Vintage, Retro and Shabby Chic.” I try to have all my products follow this tagline/guideline and also research new and upcoming trends so I am able to recreate at a more affordable price. If you see something you like – contact me for a custom order – I love tackling new projects or techniques! I prefer silk flowers, all types of different fabrics, bold, bright, soft and sweet colors. And again, vintage anything is right up my alley! A lot of my bridal pieces, bib necklaces and headbands have vintage buttons or vintage centers from local antique stores.

What new directions do you hope to move in the future?

I have so many exciting things I want to do in the future. I am very busy with my small children right now, so I am taking the time to finish my Graphic/Web Design degree (graduate next year!!). In addition, I started this company in October 2010 so I am still in the trial and error stage. I really feel by the time I graduate I will have a killer product line, solid organization and processes and an amazing website (that I created)! My all time love is photography so I am currently rounding up all my friends children (yes, at 9 months pregnant – I am hardcore :)) and building up a portfolio. Photoshop Elements 9 is an amazing software program for aspiring photographers, but it takes a LONG time to learn (especially when you have a Monkey running around) 🙂

Do you have big plans, new ideas or designs you will be exploring soon?

My long-term goal is to have a shop that offers hair accessories (everyday and bridal), canvas art, photography (nature) and offers my photography, graphic design and web design services. I would eventually like to be a full-service store where you can come in, purchase a beautiful big lace flower headband for your newborn, book a photography shoot for your new addition and pick out a birth announcement design (one example, I would also do graduation pics with grad announcements or bridal with wedding invites or wedding slideshows). I would be able to bundle these services and in the long-run save people money and time!

What is your typical day like?

Pure chaos! 🙂 My 2 year old daughter stays home with me (and soon to be newborn), so we hang out in the morning and when it is nap time (like right now) I hop on the computer and start working on the never ending “to do” list. We pick up Tooty Fruity from school around 3pm – hang out (or soccer practice, or doctors appointments, or…) until 7/8pmish and then I am back on the computer or in my kitchen creating new items. Oh yeah, and completing my homework…

How do you work during the day in your studio, and what keeps you inspired and motivated?

My children obviously inspired me every day – I want to create a magical childhood for them. I don’t feel that means they need to live in a mansion or have closets full of clothes, but I want it to be carefree and fun! They obviously love the fact that mommy makes hair accessories, being major fashionista’s, but the extra money helps us do some fun family activities and take small trips together (and pay our bills… sometimes JK).

Who are and are your mentors and inspirations?

My parents are my mentors, hands down. They have guided me through life teaching me that I CAN do anything I put my heart to (and I truly believe that!). They have been very supportive even when I haven’t made the right choices which, in the long run, taught me forgiveness and understanding. They would give their shirts off their backs to almost anyone and introduced me to God at a very young age! They have helped us tremendously and by starting this business and finishing my degree I hope to make them even more proud…

I noticed you work with many medias, do you create one piece from start to finish, or do you create various components and then the piece grows to completion separately?

Lately, I have been so busy with custom orders and with school finals that I have been just creating items that are popular or I find beautiful. I try and come up with mini-lines (like “Blue Cosmos on a Sunday Morning”) when I have time because they keep me sane and on top of my game and showcase my range. I usually create about 6 to 10 items that are similar in colors/textures and list them together or create a Facebook album to showcase the new creations. My “hippie” headband and brooches are very popular right now; therefore that is what I am primarily working on. It really changes with the seasons as well.

Are there things that you enjoy and do often without putting it off, and other things that aren’t your favorite and you delay doing them?

I gravitate towards Marketing/Advertising and love coming up with Sales Promotions. I love to create items, but I have to literally tear myself away from the computer (my husband loves this – NOT!) and walk away haha. In addition, I thoroughly enjoy photography so I usually love booking and taking photos of nature, people or my products. Then I get overwhelmed by the large amount of images that need to be sorted through and edited. You know the saying, “you bit off more than you could chew”? Yep, that is me, in a nutshell. I have so many ideas floating around in my head, it is a wonder I can sleep at all. I really want to showcase a primarily fabric flower hair accessory line and expand on my bib necklaces, but my ideas or “favorites” typically take the back burner.

What sort of things do you prefer making and creating, what comes easily to you?

Well, actually making the flower hair accessories take time. I am very quality control focused; therefore I pay special attention to my products being securely attached and durable. I take a lot of time in securing each layer, hand beading with double thread and ensuring each embellishment is going to stay (for good!). I know this isn’t possible 100% of the time and things happen, but I would rather it would be someone else’s product it happens to:). I really enjoy coming up with new ideas and enjoy creating all my products! Bridal for me is very special because they trust me to create a custom piece to go along with their carefully planned out (ad expensive) dress and hairdo. I typically have them send me pictures of their hairdo (or attend their hairstyle trial) and wedding dress. I try and match color, style, beading, etc. And typically, this will be in their hair for photographs and with them for life!

What are the things you consider most important to do for your business and your creativity?

I think that the most important thing to do for your business is enjoy what you are doing. When you start to dread things such as creating your products or marketing/advertising you need to switch things up and find motivation in something (whatever gets YOU going). I find that when I am in the middle of a “creating session” I start to get worn down by the end (usually hours later). I am ALWAYS happy, motivated and inspired again after I see the final product, so I keep reminding myself about this during the process (I tend to talk to myself too). If you feel overwhelmed – get out of the house, log off for a day or two (if you can – you will probably come home to sales- that is what happens to me!) and get re-inspired by nature, music or just life!

What would you recommend for others who may just be getting started?

I was extremely disappointed when I first started. I had people telling me, “oh, you are going to sell a ton” or “yeah, I would definitely buy that”, but the beginning is not that pretty. You spend hours on creating enough items to fill your “store”, you come up with banners/logos/avatars/taglines/shop announcements, you take hundreds of photos and take time editing them. Then what happens? Nothing. You wait and wait until you get that first sale (which can take weeks or even months). But trust me, it will happen, once you get a sale and start building up a customer base you will feel great! It does take time to get “discovered, but by creating a Facebook page, posting on free ad sites (Craigslist, Kijiji), joining wonderful teams (such as Statteam ) you will succeed and your hard work will start to pay off. And remember, customer service is the most important aspect of any successful business… word of mouth is crucial! 🙂

You can LIKE tootyfruitymonkeyluv on Facebook: facebook.com/tfmluvhair

What a wonderful interview Ashley, thank you so much for this delightful chance to take an in depth look into your artwork and your shop!