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My Earl Grey Tea addiction…

Hello, my name is Hippie Chic Jewelz and I am addicted to Earl Grey tea….. in mass quantities…. I can’t tell you how this happened or why, but I can tell you when it happened and what I have learned from my 13 cups a day habit. Most everyone who knows me will tell you I used to be a “Water Only” drinker, occasionally indulging in a glass of milk from time to time or an occasional “Peach Tea” while dining out. It all began when I was feeling a bit under the weather, my throat was sore and I headed to the kitchen to raid my sons stash of herbal teas his grandparents gave him.
I was actually hunting for some “Oolong tea”, it is my hot tea of choice, however I was totally bummed when I found that there was not a single packet of Oolong to be found. Drats, so I found a few packets of Earl Grey, you must understand that I will only drink super stout tea, if the spoons stands up by itself when I place it in my tea-cup, then its perfect! I put my mug of water in the microwave for 2 minutes, burn my hand from the hot water sloshing around, say a few choice words and decide to add three Earl Grey tea bags…. all I can smell is a floral note that reminds me much of Lavender… I happen to love lavender so I am thinking to myself this Earl Grey tea can’t be all that bad. Five minutes of steeping, a dash of Splenda and a teaspoon of lavender infused honey and I am head to my studio desk to contemplate being creative. The cup of tea is staring at me, the lovely floral notes are calling my name…. I wonder to myself if this tea is going to compare to my occasional treat of hot Oolong tea, by far it surpasses my expectations…. I am immediately addicted!
I am intrigued by the many flavors of this tea, it is so different and fascinating. I grab the lap top and immediately head to Etsy, and find some Earl Grey tea that I just have to have! I find an Earl Grey Creme tea from Teasandtapestries An absolutely delectable tea! Imagine, the sour flavor of bergamot oil in Earl Grey tea softened by a background hint of cream. This mellow tea tastes great hot, with a pinch of sugar. The cup delivers profound depth, making the balance of bergamot and cream completely lovely.
I decided I wanted to know more about Earl Grey Tea and its many health benefits, I was amazed at what I had learned!

Earl Grey Tea as an Antidepressant
Bergamot, the key ingredient in Earl Grey tea, is often used to treat depression. The Crystal Garden in Florida reports on the aromatherapy benefits of bergamot. It is used to treat depression, stress, tension, and fear, and consuming it in tea form may offer some soothing and relaxation during troubled times.

Earl Grey Tea as an Antioxidant
Black tea has long been consumed for its antioxidant properties, and Earl Grey is just one of black tea that works well in complementary medicine. Antioxidants are important for reducing the amount of damaging free radicals in the body, so consuming just one cup per day could ward off infection, disease, and illness.

Earl Grey Tea as a Fever Reducer
The American Botanical Council reports on the history of bergamot in Italian folk medicine, and the plant itself is grown exclusively along the coast of Calabria, Italy. (Source: American Botanical Council ) Bergamot is widely used to reduce fever and intestinal problems, and may even improve digestion for a weak immune system. If you’re suffering from a fever, a cup of Earl Grey tea can provide instant relief with its soothing, fever-reducing properties.

Earl Grey Tea as a Relaxant
Many types of Earl Grey tea contain hints of lavender with bergamot, which can be especially relaxing and soothing. When you need to de-stress in the middle of the day without falling asleep, a cup of Earl Grey can be the perfect choice. The caffeine in Earl Grey is minimal, so it won’t create the heart-racing effect of coffee or espresso but will provide clarity and focus instead.

Earl Grey Tea to Improve Oral Health
Bergamot is also famous for its antiseptic properties, and may reduce the risk of oral infections to improve overall oral health. Although black tea can stain your teeth, the antibacterial and antiseptic properties can promote a clean and healthy mouth. The Tea Palace of the U.K. explains that bergamot can help fight halitosis and oral infection (Source: Tea Palace).

Earl Grey Tea for a Caffeine Kick
Perhaps the most obvious reason to enjoy a cup of tea is for the caffeine; Earl Grey contains a about half the amount of caffeine as a standard cup of coffee, and this can be enhanced by brewing a cup with multiple tea bags. You can further amplify the effects with sugar or honey.

From reducing stress to boosting your mood, Earl Grey tea is a valuable choice anytime you need some soothing and comfort. When you need just a hint of caffeine to get through a slow afternoon, a cup of tea may be just what you need to get through your day in a healthy way.

I can only tell you that I feel much better having started drinking Earl Grey tea, my overall mood has lifted and I feel ready to take on the world! If you are searching for a tea, I highly recommend Earl Grey!