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Featured artists from the STATTEAM Spotlight

Tonight I am featuring five very talented Etsy artists from STATTEAM. These 5 artists are featured this week in the STATTEAM Spotlight.

My first featured shop artist is Rhonda Wojciak from nanioriginals, here handmade purses are unique and stylish.

This hobo style bag is medium in size and has four pockets inside.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/nanioriginals/You can see more fabric choices here on flicker.
The fabric on this bag is so beautiful and fun with tattoo girls and flames. Made of all cotton. The lining is a solid light blue and the four pockets are orange and red flames with a black background. The magnetic snap has thick Pellon sewn underneath and has been double stitched for reinforcement. The pockets are double stitched and the corners have been sewn down to prevent tearing. This one includes a hand embroidered nani lable. We made this one with a short wide strap so it fits close to your body.

Surprise a loved one with this beautiful wallet.
You will love this upholstery weight fabric. It’s called “Punjab Peacock” by IMAN. The lining will be made with either teal or black Kona cotton, you choose.
We like to carry our cell phone in our wallets since they are padded enough to protect it. Send us a convo if you would like us to gift wrap with a note to your requested address at no extra charge.

My next featured Becky Helmer from BeckyHelmerDesigns, her jewelry designs are beautiful and charming with a West Texas flair.

These pretty earrings are made with black lucite trumpet flower beads, yellow lucite bell flower beads, and antique bronze bead caps, findings, and kidney earwires.

These festive earrings are made with white, red, and green lucite bell flower beads, silver colored metal bead caps, and metal findings.

Shelly from Shellyka on Etsy is my next featured artist, her shop is full of whimsical hand-painted decor for your home.

This painting of two Pink sheep is 100% handmade (Not a print) using acrylic paints on a stretched cotton canvas

A decorative and unique way to display your child’s artwork.
This colorful and fun hanger is 100% handmade and painted with acrylic paints, perfect for safely displaying your child’s artwork and helps you change the display from time to time.

I actually am the next featured artist for this week, it is truly an honor! My jewelry is handmade from clay and glass, eclectic, fun and funky!

This ring is a size 8. The rose is hand sculpted from polymer clay, has four black onyx rhinestones set in each facet corner and the zebra stripes have been hand painted making this ring its own unique work of art.

I LOVE the look of vintage inspired jewelry! I created a dark blue background that fades into a lighter blue and added a snowflake. I added Swarvoski crystals on the Vintage inspired filigree cab. This necklace would make the perfect gift for someone special or to add sparkle to your favorite holiday outfit!

My last featured artist is Noelle Argenti from potterybynoelle, her shop is full of beautiful and fun pottery items!

Heres a purple ceremic snow flake bowl

I made it from a mode and a snowflake pattern book I have It was
Glazed with non toxic glazes The color was purple It was fired in a low fired kiln. would be perfect for just home deco

Heres a ceramic bowl I made out of white clay It has a snowflake print in it the color around the snowflake is cobalt blue slip . I glaze the snowflake with non toxic glazes the color was white and the black of the bowl is blue lagoon . This bowl was fired in a low fired kiln and it is food safe.
I think this bowl would be perfect for serving those hoilday treats , would also make a perfect christmas gift .

Congratulations to each of our featured artists, I hope this week your day in the STATTEAM Spotlight and it was an honor to host each of you here on my blog!


My Treasury is 4th down on the first page of Etsy!

I am so excited, to be that close to the number one slot on Etsy is totally exciting! I would love for anyone who can to visit, comment and favorite if you wouldnt mind! Thank you so much!

‘My Chic Blue Cottage ‘ by Hippiechicjewelz

Deck the halls and your home with these wonderful finds! Created for theHGTV Treasury Challenge 2011 collections

Painted Cottage Aqua Chic Ro…


Shabby chic 13×13 pillow mad…


Upcycled blue painted Victor…


owl home decor in Mint julip


NATURAL Cotton ,Eco Friendly…


Library Table Writing Desk H…


Enchanted Nights- scented wa…


OOAK Assemblage Aunt Ann Doe…


Beach Cottage Hand Painted T…


Honey jar and dipper – Blue …


Tea cup – yunomi Green & Cle…


Personal teapot 7 – One-of-a…


Vintage Script Coasters-A Un…


Wall clock- Hand painted on …


Shabby chic coathook shelf f…


Pique Assiette Shabby Chic S…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Why Is Creative Packaging Important?

Creative packaging, how important is it anyway? If you are selling handmade goods, the answer is VERY! I have interviewed a good number of online sellers of handmade art and you will be surprised to read how very important creative packaging is!

My grandmother used to tell me “It’s what inside that counts”, however in the handmade industry nothing could be farther from the truth!

Imagine purchasing a beautiful necklace for someone special in your life, when your parcel arrives you find the beautiful necklace you ordered wrapped in newspaper and thrown inside a large envelope mailer. There is no note nor a business card from whom you placed the order.

On the flip-side, now imagine that same necklace you ordered safely packaged in tissue paper and secured in small box that has been tied with ribbon as to not come undone while mailing. When you open your parcel you find not only the carefully packaged necklace but also a handwritten note and the sellers business card in case you have any questions or would like to order again in the future. There is a huge difference in how receiving that parcel in example one would make you feel as in comparison to example number two.

There are many more reasons that you should pay attention to your packaging, your packaging not only shows off your handmade item in an attractive manner, it helps brand and differentiate you from other online sellers.

You have to remember as well that you are competing with not only other producers of handmade lovelies, but also with the thousands of mass produced items offered in department stores. Yes, your handmade products are more expensive than those manufactured by a machine, but don’t think your shoppers aren’t aware of the quality they will receive when purchasing a handmade item. The extra time, effort, and expertise and the Love and passion that goes into your handmade item is what makes them worth the extra price to your buyers which is why your packaging needs to reflect this to your customer.

Your packaging doesn’t have to be “over-the-top” to impress your customers, sometimes even the simplest packaging is the most effective.

General Tips:

1. I have found that including a photo of my packaging has prompted my “window shoppers” into “buyers” , it’s a good way to let your customers know what separates you from the other thousands of shops online; presentation is important.

2. I like to have all my packaging materials such as tissue paper, ribbon, raffia, gift tags, tape, scissors, boxes and envelope mailers all in one place. This saves me time from having to hunt down each individual item and saves me time. A gift tag is a nice additional touch. I like to create my own gift tags from card stock and beautifully designed scrapbook paper. Once I create the gift tag, I wrap the item in corresponding paper and use tulle or ribbon and attach the tag. It only takes a few minutes to add this special touch to the items I sell and my clients always comment on my packaging!

3. When packaging, keep things looking consistent such as the style and theme of your packaging.

4. Your product and packaging should correlate with each other, you don’t want to package your leopard print hair bow in a Victorian style wrapping paper topped with a delicate ribbon and bow. Use the same care in packaging that you would coordinating your fashion wardrobe.

5. Make sure that you inspect your packaging before mailing, is everything in tact and tidy? Is the name and shipping address spelled correctly?

6. I always include how to care for the item, this is vital information that your customers will thank you for. Not all online sellers take the time to include how to care for their items which is a shame, this is part of exceptional customer service.

I gift wrap every item that leaves my studio, even when I sell jewelry to a woman who is just buying it for herself. Your packaging can make a long lasting and beautiful impression, and gives the customer a feeling that she just treated herself to something special.

Here is a photo of one of my items and one of my packaging, my customers have come to expect my bright and fun packaging which is awesome because that is part of “BRANDING you SHOP”.

KBlossoms from KBlossoms says:
I totally agree that beautiful packaging that protects the item during shipping is necessary. Most of my buyers buy my jewelry items as gifts for others and they want the packaging in a box. I wrap mines with beautiful wrapping paper and ribbon and place my necklaces on a necklace card in a plastic bag that sits in a chiffon bag that goes into the box, so when the receiver opens it, it’s like opening a special hand made gift! They love it! Here is a picture of KBlossoms wonderful shop items and her beautiful packaging.

HuntingDragons from HuntingDragons says
Packaging is important, because it’s a first impression. Just as if you met someone for the first time, you look at their face, their hair, their clothing. In the etsy world, you look at the envelope, the wrapping, the box, the card/ribbon or note inside. It creates an impression, and one that lasts. If packaged well, a purchaser will actually remember the experience of opening the package and the thrill of the first meeting.

Rhonda Cooley from LilBitSassy:
I think packaging is a very important part of selling handmade items. People are looking for unique items and I think buyer’s love when their items come nicely packaged–it’s like an added bonus to buying handmade. I also believe it shows off your personality and lets the buyer know that you truly appreciate their business.

I package my items “plainly” in tissue paper with my tag tied onto it and a sticker that says, “Thank You for Buying Handmade”. I also put all items in a plastic bag to protect them–especially this time of year! Another thing I like to do is enclose a little “thank you” gift with every package. This can be one of my cupcake toppers, a matchbook notepad, or any other small item I’ve made myself. Buyers really do love a little extra something that they weren’t expecting.
Here is a picture of Rhonda’s apron and a picture of her ADORABLE packaging, all wrapped up and ready to be sent to a lucky little girl!

Devora from devorajewellery says
I’m doing exotic things with washi tape, baker’s twine (just don’t tell the baker) and plain brown Kraft tuck-in boxes … looks cute when I’m done!

Sandy from TesoroDelSol says:
Packaging makes a huge difference and impact and first impression. I have received packages that were just the item and nothing else. Yes it got to me safe and sound but the presentation left much to be desired and it didn’t make me feel special.

It depends what you sell though. I don’t expect to receive my supplies with pretty packaging and thank you cards etc. However, if you are selling a handmade product, I believe that you should have some sort of branding going on. At least make it look like you care and put in the effort to make that buyer remember who you are….it also shows passion in your work.

I keep it simple but I show off my brand. I will be redoing my biz cards soon because I had a new logo and branding done. Generally, I place all my jewellery in a black gloss jewellery box with a satin ribbon and my business card with the Thank you message hand written on the back and I put the buyers name on it. I also include a little free gift with every purchase. I value each order I receive, not so much because they paid me for my jewellery, but because they chose MINE over everyone else’s here on Etsy. It means a lot to me.

Ashley from KeepsakeKrochets says:
I think a nice packaging is great! I do agree to keep it minimal. In my packaging I use a nice tissue paper, since it brings out my crochet products and then I top it with a handwritten letter. People seem to like it so far.

Sharon from Dollybirdblythe says
My packaging is very simple and practical, but I would be happy to send you a photo later today (if the damn sun comes out from behind the clouds!). I have to keep a few things in mind with mine:

1. My items are very inexpensive so my packaging must be too! Otherwise I end up with no profit.
2. Being an international seller, I have to keep in mind that few people like to spend more on shipping than the cost of the item. The only way that I can do this is to send my item flat.
3. As my items have such a long way to travel, they have to be protected from the elements so that they arrive in perfect condition.

Marianella Contreras from DelectableDecadence says
Pretty packaging and hand written thank you notes in the handicrafts business is an integral part of why we sell.
When people buy from an artisan, they’re dealing with the individual– not some mass producing manufacturer.
It’s a huge part of the charm when buying hand made; because it has a personal touch which large corporations cannot compete with.
While it may not be viable for some, such as suppliers on Etsy, for a person selling a finished product, it should be made as much a priority as taking care of the photographic presentation.
I feel that presentation is 9/10ths of the law. I feel better buying from someone who took as much care packaging an item, as they did making it– I don’t feel like just another customer when I receive those little hand written thank you notes.

Kate from BirdsBeadsTX says:
I think packaging is like the front cover of a book – it sets the tone for what’s to come. I love opening a package that’s been wrapped up nicely. Pretty packaging gets you excited for what’s inside. Its nice to know that the seller took that extra time and effort to make every aspect of the product pretty. It’s also reassuring to see sellers who package their products not only to look nice but to also ensure that the product remains intact. Being able to make “safe” packaging also look pretty is very impressive!

Clara Lambert from MarigoldandSage says
I want my customers to feel like they are opening a pretty little gift when they receive their orders. I always appreciate a nicely packaged item when I make purchases, and am a little disappointed if something I purchase comes crinkled up in a boring box. I use sustainable and recycled packaging, but take the time and extra little effort to add some pretty touches that I know my customers appreciate.

KoutureCrochet from KoutureCrochet says
The thing about good packaging is that it’s not a matter of do you or don’t you agree.
It is a FACT that packaging does impact how customers view a company. Apple is the master of this. The packaging of its products serve as ads. So much so that some ads for apple products are just a picture of the product in its packaging.
Now of course not every customer will love any packaging, but well thought out and effective packaging is not a matter of do you or don’t you agree, it’s a matter of do you or don’t you have to time, money and energy that it takes to find and create stunning and impressive packaging.

Elizabeth from mimiandlucy says
As a buyer, I do find that a little extra care in the packaging is a nice touch. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, I got a thank you tag with a supply order that was made out of corrugated cardboard and I loved the rustic handmade quality to it. Yes, it just got tossed but I felt like the seller wanted to show her appreciation of my business with that little extra.
I’ve ordered things from ebay that arrived in used cereal boxes. Not quite the same and yes, a little disappointing.
I have this shop and a supply shop and like to package my orders in either little store bought paper bags for the supplies and in hand folded gift envelopes for the handmades. It doesn’t cost much for the wrapping, I use scrapbook papers that I get on sale and it doesn’t add any more to the shipping costs than the copious amounts of bubble wrap that I use to protect the handmades. I’ve had many many buyers comment upon the packaging and how much they liked it.
It is up to each seller how they like to package, but something about Etsy makes buyers want a package that’s just a little bit more special than buying from a big box online retailer. It just feels more personal when you are buying on Etsy.

Valerie from discerningchichi says:
At heart I’m a girly girl and so I’m a sucker for nice packaging (AND it does not have to be expensive – for example plain tissue and a bit of ribbon, yarn or raffia tied around it and packaged securely so it arrives in one piece. If I’m spending my hard earned money to treat myself to something nice – it enhances the experience when I can see some thought has gone into the packaging. PLUS – I recycle/reuse lots of my packaging (e.g. have never had to buy bubble wrap and if the padded envelopes are presentable they get reused).
Supplies – I don’t mind – so long as they are packaged securely. Having said that there are a couple of suppliers I’ve bought beads from on Etsy and their packaging is a delight and so feminine.
At the end of the day – each to their own. Do what is best for you, what you sell and how you wish your brand to be perceived and experienced.

Julie from ziggystoocooltags says:
I agree packaging is important. I hate when I order a beautiful handmade item and it arrives tossed in a plain box or envelope with no packaging whatsoever. I don’t go crazy with packaging, but I do wrap my items nicely in colorful tissue paper and include a handwritten “thank you” to at least make them feel a little bit special.

In closing I have to share with you thoughts on packaging from a man’s point of view, this may surprise you!

My husband actually wrote:

“If I am buying a some nails or screws from a hardware store, a paper bag is fine. When I buy some toilet paper from Wal-Mart, a plastic bag if fine, if I buy a MASS PRODUCED item from a department store a bag is suffice, but when I bought my wife’s engagement ring packaging was everything! I sure Wasn’t going to give her a ring in a paper sack or plastic bag!”

I think he makes a great point here, when you are purchasing HANDMADE items online, you are buying from an individual artist, not a mass corporation. People expect that extra touch of individuality which is why they chose to shop handmade in the first place.

I would love to read your thoughts on this, please leave your comments!

This weeks STATTEAM Spotlight Featured Artists

What a better way to start off your Monday than with a wonderful feature from our STATTEAM SPOTLIGHT featured artists for this week!

First is Lindsay Maree from Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/LindsayMareeJewelry Her shop is featured in the STATTEAM SPOTLIGHT today.

Everyone loves the traditional red & green of Christmas! Like these very festive earrings! Perfect to wear with any outfit this holiday season, or buy to place under the tree for someone else to open Christmas morning. Red and green glass beads hanging from nickle-free silver colored studs. Lightweight and measure approximately 2.5cm from the bottom of stud. If you would like to see this design in another color, just send me a message and I will do my best to accommodate! *Holiday gift wrapping is free!

Feathers are the “in” item right now! Surprise your best friend with a pair or buy them for yourself to complete that boho-chic outfit.Brown, tan, and orange pheasant feathers hanging from surgical stainless steel hooks (hypoallergenic). Measures approximately 3in from the top eye-hook. Ships in a jewelry box, wrapped with ribbon, and nestled in tissue paper.

My next shop is featured in the STATTEAM SPOTLIGHT on 12/06/11 is Barb D from quiltedhugsbibs , her adorable children’s item’s are perfect for baby’s first Christmas!

This adorable Zebra print burp cloth is made using 100% cotton DSQ (Diaper Service Quality) pre-folded diapers and are super absorbent to keep Mom’s clothing dry. They have been PRESHRUNK before embellishments are added in my smoke-free home studio. Free gift wrapping available.

Dress your baby girl in this adorable pink ballerina baby set trimmed with white lace. Imagine how cute she’ll look in this bib set for a birthday, Christmas or any time of year!

Free gift wrapping available. Just leave a note to me when you check out!

Every baby should have a girly bib with matching pacifier clip and burp cloth! They’re perfect for new mothers, baby shower gifts or anyone who wants to shower a special baby or toddler with love.

This set includes:
– An bib that’s 9” wide and 6-1/2” from neck front to bottom edge.
– One individually carded pacifier clip
– One burp cloth with coordinating fabric strip and lace trim embellishment
– Each set is wrapped together with a coordinating grosgrain ribbon bow.

The bib and burp cloth feature and white lace to look like a ballerina’s tutu.
BIB: made from high quality, 100% cotton fabric washed to remove any sizing and excess dye, have a NO PVC waterproof liner to protect clothing and a Velcro closure for easy on- easy off that is sewn down with a satin stitch to prevent the edges from poking your little one.
Pacifier Clip: measure approximately 10” from end to end including the CERTIFIED LEAD-FREE color coordinated clip with plastic grips to hold the paci clip securely but will not damage the edge of the bib, your child’s clothes or edge of the stroller. The pacifier is held with heavy duty snaps so you can easily change the pacifier.
BURP CLOTH: Made using 100% cotton DSQ (Diaper Service Quality) pre-folded diapers, have been washed & PRESHRUNK – they’re super absorbent to keep Mom’s clothing dry. The cotton ballerina-themed fabric accented with two rows of lace above the 6” wide fabric strip across the bottom that finishes to measure approximately 14” wide by 18” long.
Bibs are individually quilted in my smoke-free studio on my home sewing machine to accent the fabric design and create the look of a traditional quilt.

Feature STATTEAM SPOTLIGHT artist for 12/07/11 is 1treeyoga on Etsy, her shop has the perfect items for the yoga enthusiast on your holiday list!

This simple breast cancer mala bracelet represents courage, strength and the will to over come all things. It has 20 10mm pink cats eye beads and one 10mm white with black resin bead. They are strung on clear stretchy cord. The bracelet measures 8″ around but will stretch to fit any size.

The yoga mat bag is made from Joel Dewberry fabric “Spade damask in mulberry. The bag is fully lined with a burgundy cotton fabric. There is an ivory twisted cord to cinch the bag closed. Dimensions: Bag: 26″tall x 9 1/2” across the opening Shoulder strap: 26″long x 2″wide.

If your looking for holiday decorations my next STATTEAM SPOTLIGHT featured artist for Thursday 12/08/11 Cerra Haybecker from Cerra on Etsy has exactly what you need to deck the halls, or any other room in your home!
This set of 5 handmade ornaments are too lovely! These ornaments are lovingly made by hand, with shapes that I have cut myself from eco-fi material. They have been put together using my own special heat set method and will last you many years to come. They would make a great hostess gift or a great gift for any special person in your life. They can be directly shipped to a recipient of your choice with a gift card featuring your message. They would also work well as an addition to any gift that you give this holiday season, just put them alongside your regular gift tag on a package or sneak them in and your recipient will have a regular hanging reminder of you.

This banner has been lovingly made by hand, with shapes that I have cut myself from eco-fi material. It has been put together using my own special heat set method and will last you many years to come. The banner would make a great hostess gift or a great gift for any special person in your life, including yourself! The banner can be directly shipped to a recipient of your choice with a gift card featuring your message. This would look great strung across your fireplace with stockings hanging underneath. Each letter has been backed with a solid colour so that if it happens to flip it will still look tidy, although there won’t be a letter.

Friday’s featured STATTEAM SPOTLIGHT featured artist is Martha Preble from ArtfulHummingbird her shop is full of delightful jewelry sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face this holiday!

I’ve used lovely moonstone and Swarovski crystals to bring these simple sterling silver chandeliers to life. Flashes of color from the natural iridescence of the stones, plus the “auorora borealis” crystals, brighten these earrings. You can toss these on with jeans or wear them out to an evening event – these earrings are great.
2 1/2″ from top of earwire to bottom of earring.

This bracelet is full of moonstone with bright blue flash. I use the highest-quality best stones I can find! I’ve blended several different shapes and cuts of moonstone with pearls, Swarovski crystals, and a few glass beads. The handmade box clasp – absolutely unique – is amazing. It showpieces a large abstract piece of moonstone set in gold vermeil (high-karat pure gold over sterling silver). This beautiful bracelet is bound to become an heirloom. Unique, beautiful, handmade, high quality.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks featured artists from STATTEAM on Etsy. If you are a self taught artist and would like to join a great team that offers massive amounts of support and promotion, visit us on Etsy:

You can even follow the STATTEAM blog here:

Saturday Salute to Etsy Texas Artisans

Tonight I wanted to do something special for all my Texas neighbors on Etsy.com
I was not born in Texas, but spent my early childhood growing up in Midland until I married and relocated to Rankin, Texas. If you look Rankin up on Google, you will see that its a TEENY, TINY desolate area that is home to around 500 people, including yours truly. So, to all my Etsy friends who live in Texas, this wonderful Christmas Salute for Saturday night is for you!

I am going to start of this Christmas feature with a well known saying: “Everything is BIGGER in Texas” and I can tell you that when it comes to Texas Artisans, the enduring charm of cowboy culture goes above and beyond!

My first featured artist is from Killeen, Texas; KayzKreationz. This shop is full of Stained Glass Mosaics, Art Glass, Fused Glass, Beaded Bookmarks, Wire Jewelry and more. One item I fell in love with this Mosaic Stained Glass Bird-feeder! Featured in Birds and Bloom magazine, her bird feeders have TEXAS size style! Looking for a unique birdfeeder for your garden or as a gift for a gardening friend? This is it. It is a mosaic birdfeeder with stained glass, set in grout. It is 8 1/2″ across the top from rim to rim. It has a yellow star, blue and white bluebonnet and mosaic Texas as it’s design. Sure to attract lots of birds to your yard and lots of looks from all your envious neighbors. Have a unique Birdfeeder for your garden that’s not like every other feeder in the stores and people’s yards. This birdfeeder could also be used as a small birdbath in your yard, if you like. The grout has been sealed, but is safe for the birds.

Corpus Christi is home to my next featured shop GirlieGals who offers you sparkle and shine Texas style! What would make a better gift for someone special than this Gold Pandora Christmas Bracelet with Poinsettia Charms, to tempt you even more, this bracelet is on sale! Price reduced by over 20% Dec. 3rd only. Free gift with this purchase!
Extremely beautiful – these pandora style gold plated crystal studded beads and clear crystal faceted beads will dazzle all on their own. Then add the lovely poinsettia and gold plated fluted round bead charms and you have a bracelet that’s not only stunning but is also very sparkly and brilliant. It’s a Bling Thing! Each charm hangs from an antique gold tube bead and has a dangling silver lined red seed bead for extra shine.

My next featured artist quidditydesigns is in Georgetown, TX. Her shop is full of beautiful Texas style flair like this Copper Flower Pendant Necklace with White Freshwater Pearls and Silver. Five softly burnished copper petals surround three pistil/stamens made of white freshwater pearls on fine silver headpins. The copper flower is about 1.75 inches, so it makes a statement. I made the necklace long so that it would fit over a turtleneck sweater.

I think Killeen Texas must be a popular place to reside, another resident from there is jdfootloose. It doesnt usually get too cold in Texas so her items are perfect for the winter months, like this Autumn Patchwork Scarf! A great Autumn statement piece. Crocheted in multi colored & Golden yellow yarn in various size squares to give it a patchworl look.

Houston, Texas is home to my next featured artist BirdsBeadsTX, her shop is full of delightfully fun jewelry! Check out this great necklace made up of matte, faceted black beads and printed shell tiles in orange, blue and silver with a toggle clasp closure. It measures approx. 34 inches in length.

My next featured artist is from Dallas, Texas. Her shop is full of TEXAS style home decor that will warm up your home or that special someones heart! This Personalized Family Name Sign, Last Name Sign, Wall Art with Photo would make a perfect gift for that hard to buy for person! Beautiful personalized wood sign includes photo, first and last name, and optional established date. Medium and dark brown in color, sign is painted front and back in satin brown. Made of solid pine with decorative routed edge, Sanded edge adds detail and a vintage look and Sealed with a textured coating to protect and preserve the print. Saw-tooth hanger included, no vinyl used!

Here is a town I have never heard of! Bastrop, Texas; home of my next featured artist NMCJewelryDesign. Feather earrings are all the rage this season, surprise your BFF or that special someone in your life with these beautiful Wild Turkey Feather earrings! We don’t usually see turkeys this way, especially during this time of year..and especially wild unadulterated ones…for their beauty. These are feathers from a wild turkey and have been cleaned and assembled into an amazing set of earrings. The pattern looks near that of a tiger with the black and orangey brown stripes. They are topped off with a tigers eye gemstone and black crystal just waiting for you to show your wild side. Due to the natural materials (and the fact that the feathers were discovered on a walk) these are truly one of a kind.

Victoria, Texas, a town I have actually been to is home to RomanticThoughts. Dazzling Texas style jewels to dazzle your special someone with this Christmas! The glass Blue and Green Pendant is the centerpiece of this unique creation. The necklace is comprised of Blue and Green Swarovski crystal beads. This striking piece is designed to be noticed.

Texas is actually wine country, a great many wonderful wines are produced in Texas, who knew?! This brings me to a great Etsy shop CorkyCrafts from Fort Worth Texas. This shop has some very unique Texas style gifts that will delight even the hard to please! This wreath makes a nice gift for the wine connoisseur in your life! It is like a wine lover’s scrapbook of happy memories. It is very versatile, add a pillar candle or a vase of flowers for a lovely centerpiece. It is a great way to extend a warm friendly welcome for visitors and neighbors in a entry way, dining area, bar, Tuscany themed kitchen, and makes a great gift idea for those who love wine! Compare prices and save by purchasing it here!

Next is my very own leadeer from my Etsy team “STATTEAM”, she is responsible for the huge success of “The STATTEAM Spotlight” which runs Monday-Friday, she does an amazing job! Lubbock, Texas is home to BeckyHelmerDesigns. Her shop is full of Texas style beauty, like this Red Flower Ring! It is adjustable so it would make the perfect gift for practically anyone on your holiday shopping list!

Last but not least brings me to little ol’ me, based here in Rankin, Texas is this hot pink bangle with zebra print crosses. A TEXAS style statement piece that is sure to get some “Yee Haw’s” when you give this as a gift!
This gorgeous bracelet is a OOAK, you wont ever bump into anyone else wearing a bracelet exactly like this one! I started with a wooden bangle an applied 4 coats of Hot Pink paint, applied crosses that I created from polymer clay and then hand detailed the zebra print. For a finishing touch I added brilliant and dazzling rhinestones and a clear coat gloss to waterproof this lovely creation. This would make a wonderful gift to give someone special or to keep for yourself!

I would like to send a big ol’ Texas hug to all of ya’ll out there!

Peace, Love & Hippie Chic Jewelz

Friday Night Finds

Tonight it is too cold for me to go out with my family and do anything, plus the fact that I live an hour away from civilization doesn’t help, either! So tonight I have browsed some new shops on Etsy.com and found some sweet Christmas gift giving ideas, I think you will like them as much as I did!

My first fantastic feature find is from Etsy shop ageratum with these delicately sweet Angels of the Rain Forest natural amazonite lily bead earrings. These very unique and lovely dangling Angels were created with hand carved natural amazonite (lily shaped) beads and I have added 6mm swarovsky light peach glass pearls, antiqued silver wings, and sp jumprings. They dangle about 1 3/4 inches from the top of the platinum plated silver french hooks. Be so Merry and the talk of the party wearing these loveliest of Holiday earrings! Enjoy and Always Be Beautiful wherever you are!

I visited next a great shop SQResources, and happened upon this lovely OOAK Knit Cowl (Lime and Turquoise Art Yarn)OOAK cowl knit with a beautiful functional art yarn from kittygrrlz.etsy.com. This highly textured yarn is a combination of hand spun / hand dyed yarns combined with novelty eyelash and ribbon yarns. The yarn is squishy with lots of nubs and is spun to be thick and thin. The colors include shades of lime green and turquoise. The cowl is a 10 inch by 18 inch rectangle whichis designed to be worn many ways by adjusting how and where you close the ends with the stick pin (which is included)

My next featured item is from beautifulswagstore with a beautiful Yellow Rose Headband. This is a handwrapped plastic headband in yellow satin ribbon with a large yellow rose headband attached along inset in the middle is a yellow aylric gem inset in the middle. This large yellow rose handwrapped satin ribbon in matching yellow is perfect for all occassions, formal, informal, and semi-formal. I have seen similar items worn as hair accessories, hair decorations, for homecoming events, school dances, coordinating with cheer squad events, wedding or engagement needs. Perfect for that sweet sixteen or an teen mega birthday celebrations. Don’t forget those sorority meetings, parties, and ceremonies.

If you love Cameos, you will love this beautiful butterfly cameo necklace from sydemcgus! This cameo is vintage inspired. A lovely butterfly cameo style pendant ( 1 5/8″ long not including the bail) dangles from an antique brass tone chain. The chain is 19 1/2″ long and ends with a lobster claw clasp. A great new piece for your Fall/Winter wardrobe!

I love trinket boxes, so when I saw this handmade metal box from vintagenowandthen I knew I had to feature it! I LOVE this old metal rustic box with a beautiful sculpted flower on the top! Handmade in Mexico of tin & brass that has developed an awesome patina that only time can create! In very good vintage condition, there is an embossed pattern around all four sides of the box. Approx. 4″ square & 2″ tall, increasing to approx. 3″ tall including the flower. Some rust in interior corners.

I am really into fused glass, and I love this next item from KanYoFuse. Fantastic Snow Fused Glass Pendant with ribbon necklace is truly stunning! Fa La La La Fantastic and absolutely gorgeous! This wonderful piece of snow flake dichroic glass is absolutely brilliant. Step out this holiday season in style with this wonderful pendant. This pendant measures approximately 1.25″ w by 2″ l (3.2 cm x 5.2 cm). It features silver and blue fusion snow flake Profusion Studio dichroic glass over true blue glass nestled in a silver-plated round lipped pendant plate and a 18 inch blue ribbon necklace with 2 inch extender.

Since I have little ones at home, I always have to stop and check out fun things that I think my kids would love like this Green Space Alien created by wigglysee. Crocheted Alien is 14 inches tall, about 6 inches wide.
He is looking for a home on earth with a great little kid. He loves to cuddle and take long naps He makes a great friend for kids of all ages. He crocheted with acrylic yarn, has safety eyes and stuffed with polyfil.

I hope you enjoyed my Friday Night Window Shopping, I know I sure did! I really love handmade items, this year I have pledged to buy only handmade. Buying handmade items has never been so important particularly given the current economic climate. I want my hard earned money to support a person, not a massive corporate company who buys machine produced goods by the thousands at a very low cost and then raises the price by huge leaps and bounds. I want to know I am helping a stay at home, a man who has been laid off due to economic crisis and is relying on his craft to support his family, or the college student who is struggling to make ends meet. To me, pledging to buy handmade is the right choice for myself and my family. I hope that you will consider buying handmade, too!

Fabulous Friday Finds for your FA LA LA LA LA Holiday Shopping

I love December, especially when shopping on Etsy.com! Etsy is the most wonderful place to buy a special gift of handmade love for that special someone in your life! If you have never shopped on Etsy You probably don’t know that you can find practically anything on their site, think of Etsy as a shopping mall that specializes in handmade quality items from fabulously talented artists, if your really into going “GREEN”, Etsy has many Eco-Friendly shops, and for all you “Vintage” Lovers out there, Etsy has that too! Gifts for everyone from the Stunning Fashionista to the Geek at heart, I guarantee you Etsy has something for everyone on your holiday shopping list!

On Etsy I have made some marvelous friends, today I want to share with you items I have found at their very wonderful Etsy shops.

My first gorgeous item is from a friend I made on the Etsy forums, This Limited edition stunning crystal and pewter toned bead chainmaille necklace is simply EXQUISITE! This beautiful Necklace was created by devorajewellery.
The way this necklace catches the light is just beautiful. Essentially it’s a chainmaille necklace which has had the snake chain added to the neck area to soften the look close to the face. The beads are crystals and delicious pewter toned metallic faceted beads wired wrapped onto the rings of the necklace.

From another friends fabulous shop you will find something to keep the man in your life not only warm, but stylish too! This Black & Purple Men’s Scarf that has been Personalized in Design would make a great gift!
This Men’s Scarf features a square pattern, made from a soft tissue fabric and is a very cool design for the winter.

For that special “ANGEL” in your life, this “YOUR MY ANGEL” ring from my friend at Michaelangelas would earn you a halo this Christmas! Set with all real genuine gemstones, let your angel feel like a queen in this beautifully designed cocktail ring. Featuring untreated Peridot, very blue Tanzanite, and real Diamonds…all at a very affordable price!

Don’t forget to add some new decorations to your Christmas Tree this year! This beautiful hand-painted peacock ornament was made by my friend at starflycreations. Hand painted textural peacock feather ceramic disk ornament suspended by a black satin ribbon. Each painted feather barb is dimensionally raised off the surface creating a very tactile piece. Every piece is a unique work of art and as such I have photographed each ornament individually. You will receive the specific ornament shown.

For that special someone in your life who LOVES the color blue, this London Blue Topaz Stardust Sterling Silver Necklace is sure to please! Created by my friend from ExoticTreasuresJewel A Beautiful deep blue London Blue Topaz, hand faceted, and stardust sterling silver focals create a dream necklace. The faceted gemstones sparkle and twinkle like the deep blue sea – throwing color, light and vitality in all directions. These are vibrant, vivid stones making this necklace alive with a rich, exciting feel.
The focal points are sterling silver, with a stardust finish, adding a little more shine and shimmer. All together, it is a gorgeous necklace.

Warm your BFF or any ladies heart with this beautiful Autumn Entrelac Hand Knit Scarf created by my friend from ScarfAceKnits. Inspired by the changing leaves of the season, this beautiful entrelac scarf is the perfect accessory for the Fall. With colors ranging from golden yellows, bright oranges, deep reds and warm browns, this scarf will not only keep you warm and toasty as the weather cools, it’s also sure to be the envy of your friends and neighbors.
Along with being a range of colors, this scarf is also knit with a wide variety of yarns, including wool, acrylic, cotton, linen, modal, rayon, bamboo and cashmere. This Autumn Entrelac Scarf measures about 8.5 inches wide and 64 inches long

A dazzling Vintage Repurposed Victorian Hearts of Gold Charm Cha Cha Bracelet created by my friend at recreated1. Vintage hearts, a cameo, a teddy bear and a filigree butterfly adorn this victorian-themed bracelet. It stirs the yearning for times gone by, of elegant women in long dresses trimmed with frills and ribbons and parasols– a time of modesty and propriety, when artistic styles flourished. Vintage faux pearls, cats-eye beads surrounding crystal rondelles, brass findings, charms and pieces of vintage repurposed jewelry representative of the period to the were added to a faux brass chain. This bracelet is 8″ long and has a toggle clasp. It can be altered free of charge to fit a smaller wrist.

Pearl beaded Hoop wire Earrings with multi bright colors would make a fabulous gift for the trend setter in your life! These earrings were created by my friend at Obsidianrain. Hand bent wire hoops, add a very classy and elegance to these earrings! Can be worn out, dressed up or dressed down.

For the person on your list who loves Victorian Medieval Gothic inspired jewlery, this next feature from my friend at LeBoudoirNoir would make a stunning gift! A mesmerizing oversized green gemstone emerges from the sophisticated brass floral frame stamping captivating all your senses. This is a truly extraordinary cuff bracelet exclusively for women with an intense sense of style.

A Glittering and Elegant Swarovski Crystal Beaded Necklace created by my friend at DevikaBox will put a sparkle in your special someones eyes! Elegant, glamorous and eye-catching. Wonderfully glittering in the light, changing its colors from bluish to greenish metallic silver. This necklace is absolutely perfect for special occasions for low cut dresses or blouses.

With all these fabulous gifts for ladies and gentleman dont go thinking that I forgot about gifts for your special little one! My friend from Canadiancraftcritter created this adorable Patriotic child’s pullover. This is a size 4, it is also available in sizes 2,6 and 8 and can be done in other colors upon request and yarn availability. This sweater is soft to the touch and will keep your child warm during these colder months.

For the Fine Art lover in your life is this 10 x 8 Giclee printed from a detail of a original oil painting titled: “In the Night Spirit” created by my friend from RenaissanceDays. Angels guard a town on a hill with trees. Set in nature at night with a loving mother fox curled up with her baby fox. Rich in color, this is a beautiful work of art!

During the holiday season dont forget about treating yourself to a special gift, too! Who wouldn’t benefit from my friend hopelovefaiths Breakfast for your skin scrub! This is a totally awesome body scrub! Exfoliates and is very moisturizing, doesn’t leave a greasy feel. Before you turn off your shower just scoop a small handful of scrub into your hand and rub gently onto your skin. Rinse. Made with all natural ingredients.

What about for the hard to buy for person? I have the perfect gift found at my friends shop: SFBeads. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a gorgeous beaded ornament cover this Christmas? Dress your tree or mantel to impress, showcase this luxurious ornament! This piece is so beautiful that it begs to be displayed year-round :-))). Whether you are
hanging it on a tree, from an ornament stand, from chandeliers or in a window, it will make a great addition to your holiday decorations. The great thing about ornament covers is that if your ornament breaks you can easily place the cover on another ornament! Excellent gift for teachers, colleagues, or your boss %)

This Green and Brown T Rex dinosaur Original Inkblot Art Illustration 5 x 7 would thrill any Dinosaur enthusiast on your holiday list! My friend from francesclements says she has such fun making drawings from ink blots. What starts as a drop of ink is blown into an interesting shape. The shape usually calls out to her. she add lines to create what she hears. In this case, she heard “dinosaur”. In this case, the ink “jumped” and made a little splat above and to the left of his back. What can I say. You can’t control ink. You can see the splat in the picture. I think it gives this little guy some character.

A pair of earrings for those who love Native American Art, check out my friend myladyofgourds Native American Inspired Gourd Shell Earrings with Spotted Alaskan Salmon Beads. This would make an original gift that is sure to delight the recipient! Add some fun to your outfit with these Native American inspired gourd shell earrings. Handmade in my home studio I have wood burned and decorated the wood like surface of the gourd shells with an adorable spotted fish painted to look like an Alaskan Salmon. Dangling from the gourd shells are matching red wooden beads and polished sea shell chips. These OOAK earrings from tip to tip and not including the earring finding is approx. 1 1/2 inches long.

My last item is for the person who loves the ocean! These sea shell ceramic earrings created by my friend potterybynoelle are simply beautiful! The colors used are deep sea blue,on the back of the earrings the color used is blue lagoon.

I really enjoyed sharing these FABULOUS items from my friends on Etsy.com with you! There is nothing that says “YOUR SPECIAL TO ME” like a gift handmade with love!

Check back later this afternoon for another special holiday feature!

Peace, Love & Hippie Chic Jewelz

My interview with Carolyn from ForPawsAndHome

Here is my interview with another one of my favorite shops on Etsy, ForPawsandHome, Carolyn has a delightful array of pet products and cool stuff for your home!

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How long have you been an artist? As far back as I can remember I was always cutting,pasting,coloring with anything I could get my hands on.

Tell us about your first attempts to be creative: Loom pot holders is the first thing that comes to my mind. I had so many of them that my Grandmother and I made rugs for the house out of them.

How many hours a day do you create? In my mind 24 hrs at night I lay in bed thinking about making something. But physically depends on my schedule sometimes only an hour or two a day.

How does creating art make you feel?
Great! I feel like I accomplished something. I can look at what I have finished and know that I can do what I put my mind to.

How did you pick your creative medium? I try to use what I have and just go with it.

What are your inspirations? As you can tell I am an animal lover. My dogs and cats are very important to me.

How do you recharge when your creativity hits the wall? I have found for me it’s best if I just take a break from crafting for a while. Of course telling my mind to go along with that is a different story.

“What is Art?” is certainly too big of a question to ask here, but what do you hope your audience takes away from your art? What statement do you hope to make?
What gives you hope in the world? Art to me is using your hand,mind and heart to create what others and yourself can enjoy. I hope that when people look at all artist work they take time to really take it in and see and feel the love that was put into it. Again my animals give me hope they forgive and go on and on no matter what they have been through or how they feel.

What are your artistic goals? Honestly I would love to be a I quit my day job story.
To be able to do what I love as a living is one of my dreams.

What has been your most exciting moment as an artist? Being in the spotlight is pretty exciting! When I have gotten special orders too.

How have you handled the business side of being an artist? I do like anyone else get a little down with low sales. But that is with any business so I keep trying to come up with new ideas. It is difficult to try to fit it all in at times.

What has your experience as an artist been like on Etsy?
It’s great, I love interacting with others,getting ideas and looking at all the creative items.

What advice can you give new artists on Etsy?
Don’t give up! If you love what you do that’s all that matters. Do as much networking as possible, join circles and teams and help each other.
Where else on the internet can we find your work besides Etsy? Right now forpawsandhome.blogspot.com and facebook.comforpawandhome