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Its not easy being green…

‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’ by AriesArtisticJewelry

Inspired by Kermit the Frog

Bohemian Earrings~Indian Ear…


Wearable art, Original print…


Top drilled Sea glass 5 pcs …


Mystic Rainbow AB necklace, …


Knitted Headband, Ear Warmer…


Green leather backpack – Voy…


recycled bracelet metal Brac…


Succulent Photography, Botan…


Ceramic Bowl Small Green Pet…


Sea Green and Gold Bracelets…


Vibrant Green Cactus Paintin…


Toddler Beret with Bow, Gree…


Evil Cat plush. Hand Embroid…


Mint quilted pillow – modern…


Waterproof shopper bag, doub…


Knitting Pattern, Knit Cowl …


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STATTEAM Spotlight featured artists for 12/19-12/23

Tonight I would like to share with you the STATTEAM Spotlight featured artists for this week. These artists are not only FABULOUS, but some very wonderful friends as well as team mates! I hope you will enjoy the items I have chosen from their shops to feature.

My first featured artist is Rita from Birds n Blooms where you will find handmade bead magnets, stained suncatchers, and a variety of hand decoupaged birdhouses, plaques, and children’s foot stools.

Hand painted tri-color—decoupage—hand glazed indoor mini birdhouse is a cute decorative piece for any in-home décor. Morning Glories adorn all sides of the birdhouse. The affixed cork bottom on the birdhouse protects furniture. Overall dimensions: 3 1/4” X 3” X 4”h.

Hand painted—decoupage—stool is perfect to use as a child’s step stool or planter stand.
Dual Color scheme: Natural (top) and light mauve (base) with hand-painted medium pink hearts. Two coats of hand-brushed glaze seals the stool base while the top contains a glass-like, clear coat finish. Wipes clean with a damp cloth or sponge.
Overall Dimensions: 11 ½”w X 7 3/4”h.

Tuesdays featured artist is Amie from PrettyPigDesign with Unique Gift Idea Statement Jewelry.

This necklace makes a beautiful statement for Christmas entertaining, a wedding, prom dance or date night! It reminds me of a peppermint candy cane. Ruby or scarlet red satin and winter snow white organza lining fabric was cut and layered to make poppy flowers. In the center of three flowers are shiny red “holly berry” beads. The back of the necklace is snow white soft felt. The “chain” for the necklace is snow white quarter inch satin ribbon so that it can be worn at various lengths. It can be worn with a casual or dressy outfit – the choice is yours!

This bright and cheerful bib necklace is made of a mixture of old and new buttons. An olive green satin poppy is set slightly to the right to add texture. Inside the flower is a chartreuse green glass bead with teal seed beads sewn around it. The “chain” is two quarter inch teal blue strands of satin ribbon. The back is a soft snow white felt.
Measurements: At the widest point, the necklace is 6 inches wide and 5 inches tall. the flower is 2.5 inches in diameter. The ribbon is 22 inches long so the necklace can be hung at various lengths.

Wednesdays featured Spotlight artist is chasitypetersen with handmade items from 3 sisters, bears, dolls, clips, cowls, headbands, quilts and more.

Simple, classic, and sweet these Waldorf cloth dolls are made with recycled cotton scrap fabric and stuffed with 100% premium polyester fiberfill. The simple and somewhat imperfect nature of these dolls gives them the feel of antique cloth dolls loved and cherished for generations…the good ole’ days before plastics were even invented. The natural fibers of cotton and linen are warm and feel more ‘real’ than plastic.
Machine stitched for durability, they could be used as a decorative addition to a little girls room bringing warmth and ageless appeal, or for gentle play. Approx. 17 inches tall. Constructed in a clean, smoke free environment.
The face is hand embroidered and a signature heart and “M” on the back of the dress signify…
~~Made with love by Michelle~~

This Crib Quilt is completely hand quilted with high quality Gutermann thread (made in Greece). It is a lovely mix of chocolate and ivory flannels that correspond and complement each other nicely. There are also a couple pieces of soft swirly white fur added for contrast and extra softness. The back of the quilt is a solid piece of white flannel.
Each Baby Bird Quilt is made with high quality materials and takes approximately 50+ hours to meticulously hand quilt, making it a timeless addition to your new little one’s nursery.
This quilt was constructed in a clean, smoke free environment. The batting is 100% premium polyester and bonded to resist fiber migration. It is washable and non-allergenic.
*Measurement: 33 inches X 37 1/2 inches

Our Thursday featured artist is naturalflipside featuring Handcrafted natural & glass jewelry, art, & more.

WOW! Be prepared to hear that a lot, and to answer questions, have strangers stop you, and to be stared at. Not to brag, but that is what happens when you wear a Natural Flipside creation, especially one like this.
Two fore-wings of a Urania Ripheus, aka Madagascar Sunset Moth, were positioned on this giant Petunia to look like a regular little moth; well maybe with a little extra sparkle! The color and details of both specimens are really outstanding. To add some dimension, I pierced the flower and made some simulated stamen, using Swarovski Crystal beads, plated wire and crimp bead. This also served as the wire-wrapping used to hold the fascinator in place on the headband. The headband itself is a plastic base covered with a lightweight, comfortable material that has plenty of sparkle to it. This piece would be great for anyone who loves nature, sparkles, or standing out in a crowd. It is somewhat delicate, like wedding/prom/anniversary or other special occasion wear, but sturdy enough to be worn regularly. You will NOT find another like this anywhere else in the world! This item was handcrafted with a lot of care and good thought, and will make a very special gift for yourself or someone else.

** These are having some slight discoloration issues, which is why they are marked down. They are still very lovely, as you can see, but I cannot guarantee that their color will last as long as my other items.**

Have you ever noticed the beauty and detail of a strawberry leaf? When you see them like this, it’s hard not to notice. With so much going on in the natural structure and intricacy of the leaf (right down to the little pin-holes), I just decided to keep the design simple; which also let’s me keep the price low. These leaves are kind of broad, nearly 2 inches across, and about the same in length, set on sterling silver earwires. The last photo is an example of the description we write on the back of our earring cards.
You won’t find these anywhere else in the world! These Gloriosa petals are the only ones I have and I don’t know when/if I will find more. They were made with care and lots of good thoughts and are waiting to honor someone special.
5% of the monies received from your purchase will be donated to a charity/ies of our choice at the end of every month. We support projects that do good for the Earth and her inhabitants, people too!

Last, but not least, our Friday Spotlight artist is stymiepiestudios withhandpainted gift and art prints for children of all ages.

These wonderful hand painted ceramic piggy banks come with a rubber stopper so that once you fill it, you can empty it into that college fund! I hand paint BOTH sides of these piggy banks with colorful flowers and adorable butterflies!

Childrens Art Print Peace Fish 8.5 x 11
Everyone has joined together in an effort to show you that Peace is all you need , no matter where you are.It takes some work but it’s always worthwhile.
This piece was created with colored pencils on Strathmore watercolor paper. The print is size is 8.5 x 11″ and reproduced on thick, lustre paper to retain the texture of the original art. My hope is that it will delight and inspire you and your little one. As all of my art, it is also available as an ACEO and on a blank greeting card.

I hope you enjoyed these delightful handmade items as much as I enjoyed featuring them! Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Meet Elsbet from Elsbetart on Etsy

Today on my Etsy treasury team “STATTEAM” we have Elsbetsart in the spotlight, here is her lovely interview! ENJOY!

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What is the name of your Etsy shop and link?

– I created a simple name similar to my own: elsbetsart.com. I am Elsbet (from Germany) creating art or something like that.

How long have you been an artist?
– What is an artist? -I made my works since my childhood in many different techniques, some shown in exhibitions and sold. At that time I was member of an artist-group. Always creating art was one aspect of my life.
2005 my family told me there is much time to try it again and I need time for my paintings! I took out my very good old watercolors and wonderful papers and that was the new beginning.

Who or what had the greatest influence on you as you developed as an artist?
– Some people observed my creations more than me. They told me I had to learn more about painting. I was always interested in music and art and I loved singing more than drawing.

How would you characterize your work?

– There is a lot of ideas. It’s my personal dealing with art, fine art, special styles and live!

Describe your workshops for us.

– My workshop?- For the last years I have recently an atelier at home with some easels and where my paintings also can dry.

What’s the hardest part of being an artist?

– I think it’s making art as I want it and nobody is interested in. Or for me: I have a painting well done but not ready. I have to practice special techniques before going on.

What’s next in your art career?
– I want to find a group to work together and of course selling paintings!

How many hours a day do you create?
– I am working in time blocks, some days and some days not.

How does creating art make you feel?
– When I made a painting I don’t know if it is well or not. I have to wait and the egg tempera has to dry – perfectly! When I am sure its ready it get varnished.

How do you recharge when your creativity hits the wall?

– I cook some good things for me and my husband and after getting complements from him I have recharged and continue.

“What is Art?” is certainly too big of a question to ask here, but what do you hope your audience takes away from your art? What statement do you hope to make?
What gives you hope in the world?

Paul Klee said: Kunst gibt nichts Sichtbares wieder, Kunst macht sichtbar.
I try to translate: Art does not show you what you see, art makes visible.
He did not paint what you can look at, but something behind or included in.

What are your artistic goals?

– Create a good painting! I have a lot of goals but I can’t really tell you which is the most important.

What has your experience as an artist been like on Etsy?
– I am new on Etsy between very kind members of a great network.

What has been your most exciting moment as an artist here on Etsy?
The increasing interest on my paintings!

How have you handled the business side of being an artist?
– I am here only for a short time and try to build my own little network. I have large items and same prices are true so I have to wait for a sale. A great help are the shop-stats. Someone can find me if he likes.

What advice can you give new artists on Etsy?
I am new myself using all helps of the community I am finding!

Where else on the internet can we find your work besides Etsy?
I am a painter with a lot of paintings. I opened the Etsy shop to find out more about the quality of my paintings compared to others. Next will be a website with a blog.
You can find me now on Twitter and facebook.


Follow me on twitter.com/#!/elsbetsart

Thank you for inviting me to the Spotlight

Elsbet with elsbetsart

Saturday Etsy Shopping

Ahhhh…. Saturday, a great day for strolling, um, I mean clicking through the internet on Etsy for some fabulous finds!
On my fabulous shopping journey I stumbled across these beautiful must haves, so kick back, grab a cup of Joe and enjoy shopping with me!
The first item I found was from bienaimebeloved on Etsy with this Ethereal Head Piece Celestial heavens will open, as you wear this amazing piece. It features several hand rolled blooms in a sandy champagne and is set on an elastic band.( I can also attach the blooms to Natural looking vine wire if you prefer that look). Looking for a different color? I can custom make you one in your color choice.

I found this next item and fell in love with it instantly! This digital art photo is from
ImagineStudio on Etsy
La boheme…is a high quality Giclee print of a digital photo fusion collage based on illusion, imagery and on the beauty of your imagination. This artwork is meant to be symbolic of the emotions the you may feel at different times in your life. If you’re soul resonates when seeing this work…it is for you.
It measures 8 x 8 and is printed on an 8.5 x 11 premium quality, acid free, lustre archival paper, with ultra chrome pigmented inks.

The next item I found that is perfect for all you coffee and tea lovers out there is from CraftUnikat on Etsy with this beautiful Honeycomb hand painted teacupHand Painted porcelain teacup and matching saucer with optical illusion in shape of Honeycomb. Size: Cup: 0,2l (8(fl. oz.), height: 7 cm (2.73″), diameter 9 cm (3,51″)Saucer: 15 cm (5,85″) – diameter. I used porcelain paint which is dishwasher safe,but I can’t guarantee the colors remain as vivid as they are now in the long run. So just a bit of hot water and soap will keep this bowl in good shape!

Moving right along to my favorite department, bath and beauty where I found this Juna Perfume Oil from KuhlWhip on Etsy
Juna” Perfume Oil – .33 fl. oz Roll On Glass Bottle. A mysteriously unfamiliar blend of the elusive sweet Moon Flower, green woodsy Oak Moss and deep magikal resons create the perfect Moon Goddess worshiping perfume. Goddess worshipiingly FABULOUS!!

No Saturday shopping spree is complete without Johnny Depp! I found him at BlackFridaysStudios on Etsy!Johnny Depp in black and white. Art cards are a great and affordable way to start collecting original art. This art card measure 2.5×3.5 inches Artist retains all rights to the art work.

With fall approaching shopping can get a wee bit chilly, so I found this beautiful November Blue hand knit scarf by Tylerja AKA Jat*Art on Etsy Hand knit infinity scarf. Approx 34″ around. Beautiful icy blues, aqua and turquoise with a hint of teal. Super soft. Made of 98% Acrylic, 2% polyester yarn. Accented by crochet flowers and leaves.

I am a HUGE fan of Halloween, so when I saw this Autumn/Halloween Ring from LittleLadyIrish on Etsy I knew I had to share it with you! he Crow’s Nest
This is an original, unique piece of jewelry. Designed and handmade by me. Want to stand out this autumn? This ring is a beautiful conversation piece. Perfect for an amazing, autumn accessory or as halloween costume jewelry. It is very light weight and approx. 1 1/2 inches from the ring base to the top of the crows head. Ring base is a brass plated, filigree, size adjustable band.

I am always on the hunt for a conversation starter, this Caged Mini Disco Ball Pendant from JemsBySandi on Etsy fits the bill! With my newfound wire wrapping this cute little OOAK piece is silver wire wrap swirl free form with a floating rhinestone crystal bead inside! This piece is an inch and a half in length This piece can be purchased with or without the necklace silver plated or sterling – convo me and let me know.

Because I know you want to stay in fashion with this years feather trend, I found this gorgeous Hippie Headband by Mojo3777creations on Etsy
This line of hippie style headbands have been created with braided and beaded hemp rope. It is my most loved creation. I adore them so much, I think I will create one to sell and one to keep.
One end has been adorned with feathers and beads, while the other end has an alligator clip attached. You can wear it in many different ways, as a regular headband or hippie style. You can choose to have the feathers drape down the side or the back.
The headband stays in place, because you can adjust how tight you wear it. Just attach the alligator clip anywhere on the hemp rope. If you are like me, and have trouble wearing headbands because they slip off, you will love this. It is so comfortable and doesn’t slide out of your hair.
This particular listing is for a headband in harvest fall colors. The feathers are yellow, orange/red, and striped grizzlies. The hemp rope has been braided in a spiral braid and adorned with colorful beads all along the 24″ length.

I dont know about you, but shopping always makes me want chocolate, I found these scrumptious Rumpelstiltskins cookies from StoryBookArtifact on Etsy (Yes, I have actually had these delectable cookies and they are soooo good!)

I also stumbled upon this retro Mod Orange Stunning All Acetate Scarf from EcoFriendlyFreckles on Etsy. I love the bohemian feel this scarf has, its just stunning!!!A captivating accessory with breathtakingly intricate patterns of orange, green, gold, and blue; this vintage mod scarf is sure to complement your wardrobe and free-spirited personality! In the photos featured, the scarf is shown as a head scarf and as a lovely summer blouse!
This vintage scarf is in excellent condition considering it’s age; with only the slightest bit of wear in tiny spots near the edge of the scarf…these small spots are nearly unnoticeable. In the photos featured the scarf shows some wrinkles in the fabric…I assure you that when it arrives to you it will be wrinkle free!

I love jewelry that is different, and this next piece is just that! I fell in love with these initial pendant necklaces from FiredUpLadiesHammerInitial L Pendant Necklace made out of high fire paper clay. Handmade Ceramic Jewelry. The paper clay is made using old recycled egg cartons creating a bead that is light and sturdy. (Not nearly as heavy as you think!) Not a lot of breakage with this ceramic piece.

I LOVE purses, so when I saw this delightfully different tote from elektradesign I just had to share! This tote bag is made of tapestry/decor fabric with wonderful vintage ladies motives! It has black cotton lining with three interior pockets to hold your cell phone, keys, pencils and other daily essentials.

Today I am interviewing Jessica of Jat*Art aka Tylerja on Etsy. Jessica is not only a fabulous artist, but also one of my top team leaders on STATTEAM, she initiated starting the STATTEAM spotlight and is a wonderful person who will go out of her way to help others. Thank you Jessica, you totally ROCK!!!

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How long have you been an artist?
I’ve been creating since I was little…still not sure if I would consider myself an “artist” but I definitely enjoy embracing my creative side and exploring new creative techniques.

Tell us about your first attempts to be creative.
My mom still has fingerpaintings from when I was little. Since she was always painting and creating herself; I guess I followed in her footsteps and created my own little pieces of “art” at a very young age. Luckily there were always paints, crayons, pastels, fabrics, and trinkets around for me to express my creative side.

How many hours a day do you create?

I don’t always have the time to create daily…although I wish I did….I do a lot of my work in “cram sessions” where I’ll spend a good 5 – 8 hours working on several different pieces and then come back and add finishing details over the next few days until they are finished.

How does creating art make you feel?

Making something from nothing is one of the best feelings out there! I love when I can put what’s in my mind on a canvas and share it with others. It’s also great when someone else appreciates my creation and purchases the piece so that they can enjoy it in their home.

How did you pick your creative medium?
When I first started out I used acrylic paint because it was the cheapest 🙂 but I’ve just really enjoyed working with it ever since. Acrylic paint comes in so many colors and I really love watering it down to where it looks almost like watercolor. It’s very versatile. I also love adding little “found objects” or trinkets to my works to add a little funky flavor. And Sharpies are definitely my favorite ink pen…just love the bold black line they create!

What are your inspirations?

Music, nature, photography, flowers…pretty much anything! Sometimes I get inspired by a color combination or even a certain trinket and build a piece around it.

How do you recharge when your creativity hits the wall?
I love looking on etsy when I hit a roadblock. Seeing other people’s creations really gets my gears going…or sometimes I’ll go out and take pictures during a walk and get inspired that way….good music usually does the trick too 🙂

“What is Art?” is certainly too big of a question to ask here, but what do you hope your audience takes away from your art? What statement do you hope to make?
What gives you hope in the world?

Art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder…so I’m THRILLED when someone else enjoys a piece that I’ve created. I know my art won’t always appeal to everyone and that’s totally fine…I know that some pieces will speak to certain individuals and that connects us! I just like to have fun with my work and I hope that others see that and can make the work their own.

What are your artistic goals?
I want to be able to create on a daily basis and really pump out some quality work. Etsy has been a great forum for me to display what I can do and I hope to grow from here!

What has been your most exciting moment as an artist?

My first big commissioned piece was very exciting for me! Since I’m usually just playing around and having fun; it’s so nice to get noticed for my work and have someone want a piece of original art in my personal style.

How have you handled the business side of being an artist?
It’s definitely been a bit of a challenge. Etsy is flooded with talented artists so getting noticed isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Most of my “business” in the past came from doing little art festivals and holiday bazaars or from commissioned work….basically people reaching out to me and not the opposite. It took a while for me to realize that I really had to promote my shop for it to get noticed.

What has your experience as an artist been like on Etsy?
I’ve definitely been able to reach a lot more people on etsy than I ever could have by doing small art shows. I love that about etsy! It’s full of like-minded people from all over the world. It’s nice to know there is a place that is supporting the arts and artists alike!

What advice can you give new artists on Etsy?

Get involved with teams! There’s a whole different side of etsy that I never knew as a “buyer”. Teams can really give you that extra boost that you need when first getting started. Great way to make friends, build a support group, and learn the ins and outs of the etsy world!

Where else on the internet can we find your work besides Etsy?

Meet Shelly from Shellyka on Etsy

Todays interview is with Shelly from Shellyka on Etsy, Shelly not only has some adorable items in her shop but has been the winner of the STATTEAM Saturday Treasury Challenge. Grab a cup of Java or tea and enjoy this delightful interview!

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How long have you been an artist?
I loved drawing and painting since I can remember myself but after my first son was born I really decided to concentrate in my love for art and after receiving good feedbacks from friends and family the idea of opening a business was born.

Tell us about your first attempts to be creative.
I started to decorate my son’s nursery when I was pregnant with him. This was the first real attempt to be creative and the first time I exposed my art to people and got really good feedbacks.

How many hours a day do you create? At the beginning I spent most of my day time creating and developing new ideas for children’s rooms. Lately I think it is around 4-5 hours a day and in the rest of it I’m looking for promotion places and other websites that can help increase the exposure of my shop and products.

How does creating art make you feel? Oh, that’s easy!! This is my most favorite part and it takes me to my safety place where I feel good and I can use my imagination and creativity using colors and textures that I love.

How did you pick your creative medium?
Usually I work with the same medium that I feel comfortable with, but sometimes in my craft’s shop stroll, I love to explore some more materials. Basically I chose what I like the most, which is painting on canvas and wood.

What are your inspirations?
My biggest Inspiration is my children and I have to admit that they inspire me so much!! They tell me what they love best, we are creating new stories together and I always get surprised with their wonderful imagination that gives me many fantastic ideas\that will take me years to create.

How do you recharge when your creativity hits the wall?
I do something else; there are plenty of other things that need to be done such as Marketing my stuff or ordering from the suppliers. Because I’m working from my home, I can also do something useful like cleaning. It is defiantly helps recharge my creativity.

“What is Art?” is certainly too big of a question to ask here, but what do you hope your audience takes away from your art? What statement do you hope to make?
What gives you hope in the world?

As you said this is a really “big” question but in my opinion Art is most wonderful and joyful way to express love, creativity and feelings.
I think that creativity is the only thing that comes out from people without even wanting it (you can’t control it….). It can connect people in so many levels that you didn’t realize that it will. I find it so beautiful that people can understand and get emotional without using any words.

What are your artistic goals?
I want to develop my skills and to learn more about other mediums, I want to open a craft class and teach art and of course that I want to make a good living from my art.

What has been your most exciting moment as an artist?

I can’t pick one moment, but every time I get a lovely feedback from my clients I get really happy.

How have you handled the business side of being an artist?
Marketing my products is very hard for me but I keep learning all the time and I try my best to get to meet as many people, websites and other places that can help me with this task. I’m learning to enjoy it and I dedicate at least 3 hours a day to help my shop reach to the next level (I hope that more exposure will mean more sales!!).
What has your experience as an artist been like on Etsy?
I’m addicted to my shop, I love the “Etsy experience” and I learn a lot from it. Running a business on Etsy isn’t easy but there are many great advantages like meeting amazing people and artists and being a part of supporting groups/teams. I think that opening a shop was a great decision for me as this medium really suits me and I enjoy doing it very much.

What advice can you give new artists on Etsy?
I’m sure they heard it before but there are no short cuts so: work hard, don’t despair, meet other Etsy sellers and learn from their experience, read a lot and love what you’re doing!

Where else on the internet can we find your work besides Etsy?
I have a face book fan page: http://www.facebook.com/kishkushelly
And you can follow me on twitter:

Why buy handmade?

Why buy handmade? I have asked some of Etsy’s most talented artists on why as consumers we should buy “HANDMADE”, what you read will not only make sense, but put into practice can make a huge difference not only in the economy, but also for the enviorment.

The main reason that I choose to buy handmade is simple, Buying handmade is better for the environment, plain and simple. The accumulating environmental effects of mass production being a major cause of global warming and the poisoning of our air, water and soil. Every item you make or purchase from a small-scale independent artist or crafter strikes a small blow to the forces of mass production. To me, its just an enviromentaly sound choice.

Here is what KelliWorthDesigns from Etsy said about buying handmade:

I made a conscious decision a couple years ago to only shop and eat local. I am a locavore!!! In turn I also believe that anything handmade by a fellow artisan is still…local! We are all a community in and of ourselves. Buy local and handmade….hormone free, free range….lolol

tarnishedandtrue on Etsy had this to say about buying handmade:

Because Handmade is the most unique and beautiful! I am so sick and tired of commercial product. Blah, Target, etc…blah! And….thrifting is not what it used to be with everyone and their dog combing through the stores! So…the only way to find truly unique items is to buy handmade these days.

When I asked Junkitlove from Etsy why she chooses handmade:

Because I refuse to believe the whole population of the world is a sheep, we all need something that ‘talks’ to us and us alone, buying handmade makes that possible. Because as much as possible and when we can afford to, handmade is an ethical choice, often (not always) when wer’e buying mass produced we are funding sweatshops.
I want people to buy MY handmade because I want to buy my family a house, because I want to always be able to work doing what I love, because I would go horribly mad in a bad way if I wasn’t able to create and know someone somewhere is getting pleasure or joy out of something I have made, just for them.

Kearl on Etsy had this to say:

Because it reminds you that EVERYTHING from supplies to finished products is there because of real human beings with lives and families who deserve fair pay for their work. Think globally, act locally and you will see the difference your dollars can make. Because a unique, handmade gift is incredibly meaningful. The giver had to look carefully through thousands of items for that special item that said “I must belong to the person you love, please bring us together!”

Here is what mojo3777creations on Etsy has to say about supporting handmade:

I love to buy handmade because it is more personal. I like the connection I feel with the artist who actually made the item I am purchasing. I know my item has been made with love and it gives me the opportunity to connect with an individual through their art. You can learn a lot about a person through their art.

Keeping it Weird

Have any of you ever read the Etsy pages of KEEP IT WEIRD? Well, this month I have created a challenge for my Etsy team “STAT TEAM”

****************August Snakeskin/Reptile Skin Challenge**************

My team members were challenged to create an item for their Etsy shop that includes either snakeskin or another reptile skin.
My first contestant entry came from DragonPop:
Rainbow Serpent Poppyrock Ring
My inspiration for this simple yet classy little ring was one of my favorite flowers, the poppy. This is one of my favorite looks I’ve created. I was trying to simulatehe reflective quality of snakeskin done my way 🙂 I used striking jewel tones in the flower and in the crystal I chose for the center. It is set on a lead-free, silver-plated, adjustable ring base. The diameter of the face is 1 1/2″.
*This ring base, though adjustable, is a more comfortable fit for a slender ring size. I would not try to wear it larger than a 7 1/2 or 8.

Rainbow Serpent Poppyrock Ring
My inspiration for this simple yet classy little ring was one of my favorite flowers, the poppy. This is one of my favorite looks I’ve created. I was trying to simulate the reflective quality of snakeskin done my way 🙂 I used striking jewel tones in the flower and in the crystal I chose for the center. It is set on a lead-free, silver-plated, adjustable ring base. The diameter of the face is 1 1/2″.

The next entry was submitted by yours truly…. me… HippieChicJewelz:

Chinese Dragon and Hot Pink Snakeskin Bracelet
I created this wooden bangle bracelet first with multiple layers of hot pink snakeskin textured paper, I sculpted a dragon from black polymer clay and added green and gold mica powder for depth, the dragons eye is a small, glass handmade chevron bead.

As a finishing touch I added Jet Black and Clear rhinestones. Inner diameter is 2 5/8″. Medium Size

This particular piece is unique and unusual, bright and gorgeous a conversation starter!
This is a one of a kind creation, if you like this bracelet I can custom create one similar for you. This would make a fantastic gift, or as a special gift to oneself!

The next entry was submitted by JohnnieBelinda:
Unique snake shed no 2 pendant
2 1/4 dia. mixed media pendant OOAK handmade unique one of a kind. Naturally shed snake skin mounted on a wood base. Hand formed casing . Has been coated in a protected sealant, is water resistant not 100 percent water proof.
Makes a perfect unisex gift, for women and who love tribal,animal print,snakes and being unique in there style
I have been collecting sheds for several years, some found and some purchased thru etsyshops. My friends and family think it’s weird, but i a nuture girl spending hours roaming in nearby woods and fields. Finding bones turtle shells, teeth and arrow heads.
I am a bit squimish when it comes to snakes, but i love the beauty of the sheds, diamonds and texture .

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Cobra Indiana Jones Snake Skin for the STATTEAM Keep it Weird Reptile Skin Challenge

Print measures 8×10 inches and was created using Kodak Gloss Photo Paper.
All 8×10 prints are matted and in a cello sleeve.

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Paper mache skull painted with snakeskin pattern. Sealed with matte finish.
Skull is slightly larger than a softball.

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“Slithering my way into your heart.”

This all occasion, blank white greeting card is embellished with hand crocheted motifs. The motif is crocheted with fine gauge cotton thread, size 10 and affixed to a reptilian design card stock.
The card measures 5 x7 and could easily fit into a standard frame. A great idea, give the empty frame as a gift with the greeting card as a gift tag!
The card includes the TableTopJewel shop information on the back and hand signed and dated.
The card ships in a clear archival photo sleeve.

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“Mermaid Cove” alcohol free moisturizing hair and body spray 2 oz in a cobalt blue glass spray bottle.

Sometimes Mermaids discretely come up from the deep to lounge on warm, soft, moss covered rocks, and bathe in the sun in a gorgeous floral vine covered cove.
They sing their special songs, and watch Sailors pass on their great wooden ships, and giggle as the Sailors wonder where the songs are coming from. Never seen, nor discovered, no one will ever know…Their secret forever safe in the Cove. Mermaid Cove fragrance has been made with a heady blend of Wisteria, Lilac, & Frangipani, followed by lush green Oakmoss, and Ocean aquatic notes.
The Body Sprays are made with an Alcohol free, moisturizing base and can be sprayed on both the body and the hair but, are not meant to be sprayed on clothing.

Meet Tylerja AKA JAT ART on Etsy

Meet Jessica aka Tylerja from JAT*ART

Saturday’s Treasury Challenge featured some very lovely treasuries, but one stood out above all the rest. It was curated by the very talented Jessica from JAT*ART. Grab a cup of Java or tea and indulge in a fascinating interview!

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What is the first thing that usually comes to your mind first thing in the morning?
“THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL DAY” and I try to think something positive about my life and my many blessings before I put my feet on the ground and start my day 🙂

What are some fun facts about you that may or may not be directly related to your art?
I’m planning to write a children’s book and illustrate it myself. I wrote it over a year ago but haven’t created my “art” for it yet 🙂

What is the strangest or funniest comment or question you’ve ever gotten about your work?
I made my little cousin a “cowl scarf” for Christmas and when I spoke to her mom after the holidays she said “Emilie loves the hat you knit her” She had apparently been wearing it as a turban…all I could say was “Hell yeah! Rock it!” I love that about creating things…people make them their own 🙂

What term would you use to describe your creative talent:

Why is it you see yourself in this way?
I’m so very thankful to have art as a way to express myself and thankful for my God-given talents. My creations come from the happiness that comes from being blessed and thankful!

How did you begin with this creative process and how does it add to your life?
I’ve been creating all my life in one way or another…it’s a part of me and it’s definitely enriched my life. I’m so thankful that I can express myself in creative ways and that others can relate to me through my work!

Were you creative before this time? If so, what other creative arts do/did you dabble in?

I’ve been an “artsy fartsy” kid my entire life; Theatre, Art, Music, Writing…the works.

Can you remember the first creation that you made?

Thanks to my mom I can…I don’t remember creating it but luckily my mom kept ALL of my art and I have my very first finger painting 🙂 Thankful for a mother who appreciates creativity even at its simplest form.

Is there something else that you made that you are particularly proud of?
I did a mixed media piece back in high school that I’m rather proud of. The piece earned me a scholarship to SCAD and the 2nd Congressional Art Award. It was on display in the Capitol Building in DC for a year and now it hangs in my mother’s dining room…she’s pretty proud of it too.

Do you have a particular customer (on or off the internet) that you remember particularly well for good reasons?
Katt from Black Friday Studios has been so supportive of my work! She has purchased a few items and continually helps me out in BNRs and with exposure. She rocks!

Have you ever created an online tutorial or video? Would you share it with us and has it helped your Etsy business?
I haven’t created a tutorial video yet…actually, the only video I have on my comp. is of my dog spinning in cirlces…doubt that you guys would benefit from that 🙂 even if it is hilarious!

What are the three websites you couldn’t live without?
This is a TOUGH one! I would be able to live without them all but these are my favorites for sure!
http://www.etsy.com… of course
http://www.postsecret.com ….if you’re not already addicted to this site like me…check it out every Sunday and you will be 🙂

When you have a quiet moment to indulge yourself and there’s no one around to bother you, what is it you like to do best?

Drink tea and read or if I’m in a creative mood I’ll paint!

What question is constantly asked about your work?

“Do you make prints?” I’m currently exploring that idea…I’ve started with my first prints on my postcards and greeting cards…I think I’ll build from there 🙂

Where else can you be found on the web?


Name 5 of your favorite ETSY shops.

Here are my NON- STATTEAM FAVORITES (Because I have way more than 5 faves in the STATTEAM)






Meet Black Friday Studios

Tonight I am going to introduce you to one of my FAVORITE artists, she creates the most intriguing drawings and paintings of Johnny Depp. I know you will find her work as fascinating as I do!

I understand you are a self taught artist, when did you become interested in art?
My dad was really talented and artistic so art was something we always did growing up.

What inspires your artwork?
Everything inspires me! I love to paint faces with a lot of character and animals are a big part of my life so I draw a lot of inspiration from animals.

Do you have any coupon codes or specials for your Etsy shop?
Coupon code REMUS10 for 10% off store wide.

You can find BlackFridayStudios on Etsy here: