Tuesdays Promise: Accountability

Tuesdays promise

True accountability is making a conscience decision to fully own everything that happens to you in your life. It means you comprehend that you and only you, are responsible for your attitude, actions, communication, reactions and relationships. This also means you are able to hold others accountable for the commitments and effort they give forth.

I believe that there is nothing more important than accountability. Accountability depicts authenticity, commitment, compassion, honesty, integrity, and it builds deeper, more meaningful relationships.

There is nothing more powerful than solving your own problems and fixing your mistakes. Owning your attitude and making a choice to be positive helps you see challenges as opportunities.


•Only make promises you intend to or know you can keep.

•Ask for clarification where instructions, duties or expectations aren’t clear.

•Respect other people’s time by showing up for appointments a few minutes early, or at least on time.

•Set reminders on your smartphone to remind you of planned tasks or events.

•Be sure you have a deep, internal commitment to following through on your obligations.

•Solicit feedback from peers, coworkers, friends, and family regarding your strengths and weaknesses in regards to personal accountability. Don’t argue with them, but really listen to what they have to say and suggest.

Choices + Behaviors + Actions = Accountability

I am accountable means you are able to count on me: if it is to be, it’s up to me.

Great leaders who are bound by their word are liberated by their accountability.
Lead From Within: You are the leader of your life. Consider the importance of accountability and work to incorporate it in every area you influence.


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