Interview with shelikesthis on Etsy

Interview with SHELIKESTHIS on Etsy

What made you decide to open a shop on Etsy?
I just loved making ‘stuff’ and I have always wanted a store so when I left work it seemed like a lovely thing to do. I love the hands on approach It also helps to pay for my creative streak:)
Why do you think it is important to support handmade?
Totally support handmade, items are lovingly designed, created and produced by true artisans rather than mass produced items that just cannot ever compete with unique qualities of true handmade arts and crafts

What inspires your creations?
Ooooo that’s a hard one! My husband says my head just never stops but I do love colour and fun so maybe that’s my inspiration that and playing with lovely materials.

How would you describe the creations in your shop?
Describe my creations boy you pick hard questions!! Different Unique Fun and lovingly made
What projects are you working on now?
New book designs in fabric maybe quilted maybe applique or patchwork maybe all
Whats the most indispensable item in your studio?
Light! That’s easy, I love a light airy space but also a big bag as I always carry my journal around with me with pencils and pens…
What one artist living or deceased would you like to hang out with for a day, who would it be?
Only one… gosh maybe Giacometti or Rotho can I have a day with each??? Please that would be fun..
What are your thoughts about being an Etsy shop owner in this day and age?
Different than before the recent etsy changes but I have made friends across the world swap ideas and thoughts so I love the community of it and the help that I have received from others has been amazing
What do you think about social networking, do you think its vital for selling your artwork and why?
Vital in this day and age the world has shrunk and we have to embrace a worldwide social network it allows our work to be seen by much wider audience. Of course it has problems like ideas being abused by others but its part of being out there.. il_570xn-909936793_jzog

What is one important piece of advice you could give a new Etsy shop owner?
Ask for help! Great photographs, great descriptions and on etsy join some great teams and don’t be afraid to share your hearts!! il_570xn-1043780215_qd6g

Where else can we find you on the web?


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