Creating Bohemian Chic Style

Through the years my jewelry has always been ever changing; even so,  I have had clients tell me they know my jewelry creations when they see them.  My style of creating has never changed, my wanting to offer a wide variety of jewelry to appeal to everyone has. Looking at my jewelry you know that I love fun, bright colors with intricate designs ranging from southwestern style, rockabilly to Victorian with a modern edge.

Recently my creativity sparked and I have been tinkering around with new designs and more Earth Tone colors offering my clientele a Bohemian Chic style. I love to know what my clients are wanting to see, and following a few requests from such I would like to introduce a few of my latest designs.

These are my Bohemian Tassel Earrings in Bronze and Turquoise, you can click this link to see multiple angles here: Bohemian Tassel Earrings


I love flowers and was inspired to create these turquoise and black earrings with black tassels, you can see more photos here: Turquoise Flower Earrings


I find nature so inspiring, and as you know I dare to be different in my designs. This is not just any leaf earring, these earrings make a statement! Light tan leaves are adorned with beautiful ebony Czech Glass Crystals. You know what they say in Texas, go big or go home… These earrings are a larger version of my fall leaf earrings I created in the past. You can see different angles and actual size here: Leaf Earrings


Not your typical Boho style, but like I said I am creating a new trend BOHEMIAN CHIC. These Turquoise Square Earrings are just that, Bohemian Chic! You can see more photos of these here:  Turquoise Square Earrings


I would love to know what else you would like to see me offer in my collections.  Its your requests that keep me creating and offering you unique, one of a kind creations.  Dare to be different!



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