His & Hers Resale Closet Review

Local consignment shop  “His & Hers Resale Closet”  is a great place to buy some great fashion apparel for everyone in your family; handmade jewelry, vintage accessories, art pieces and home decor.  You’ll definitely be amazed by how many fashion gems are hidden inside this fantastic shop – lovely & affordable garments from renowned brands, sophisticated vintage pieces and so much more!  LIKE us on FaceBook!20160527_151625

Meet the owner of His & Hers, Concha Flores who is the owner of His & Her Resale Closet.FB_IMG_1464473075391

His & Hers Resale Closet strives to bring you quality merchandise at great prices! Located in Odessa, Texas at 1431 East 8th Street and is open from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.
We carter to men, women & children sizes ZERO to PLUS size and all items are CLEAN and READY to wear!20160527_151034

I love to shop resale, don’t be surprised at my statement here. There are just some things you are not able to find in high end clothing stores, the main reason is that they are fashion forward. Sometimes my style sense wants to go back in time, and I love mixing up vintage pieces with modern. Your clothes and accessories should make a statement about you, they should be as classic and unique as the person who is wearing them.  20160527_151055

I love the fact that it’s very affordable, another great aspect is that I can find anything from gently worn business attire, casual wear to work out clothes. There is also the thrill of finding items that have never been worn, and at a great price!20160527_151142

If it is your first time shopping at a resale shop, be open minded. I came to a thrift store after my divorce. I needed business attire and at that time raising two children on my own I could not afford department store prices.  What I found at my first resale shop was an amazing wardrobe at 75% less than what I would have paid at Dillard’s or other department stores.  The plus to this as well is that I was able to add classic pieces with a few great vintage finds making my wardrobe flexible to go from evening, work to casual. I even picked up a few designer handbags to complete my wardrobe.

His & Hers is now carrying New Freedom Clothing! How cool is that?!!!FB_IMG_1464473053643

I even love the fact that you can find home decor items as well as handmade jewelry, which starting next week His & Hers will be carrying a collection of Hippie Chic Jewelz jewelry!


If your are in the Midland, Odessa area and are looking for a great place to find beautiful, gently used clothing and accessories stop by and visit His & Hers Resale Closet!

LIKE on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/His-Hers-Resale-Closet-826470067436100/


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