My interview with SanchoyDina

Today I got the pleasure of interviewing SanchoyDina from Etsy, they have a great shop full of awesome handmade items!!!

Tell me about your work, what are you currently working on? and how is this different from past projects?

Hi, We are Toni and Laura and we are leather artisans. Our comertial brand is Sancho y Dina (These are the name of our greyhound dogs). We design belts inspired in the 40’s western. These belts are dyed and studded by hand.


Now, we are working in guitar straps, biker wallets and kidney belts.

We are leather artisans since 3 years ago, we are autodidacts and we have improved a lot in these 3 years but we are always learning. Now, our projects are designed taking advantage of our graphic designer skills.

When and why did you decide to become a artist and designer?

We love the 40’s and the 50’s in the EEUU, its music, its clothes.
We are graphic designers.
One day we began to see people wearing western belts and we decided to learn how to make these lovely belts.


What was the best advice given to you as a designer?

We haven’t had anybody to tell us the secret to design. :))
Etsy is a pretty vast marketplace, how do you advertise your designs? How do you market yourself?

We are working in this at the moment, making good descriptions and trying to explain the process of our work.


Who are some artists you enjoy on Etsy and local?

We like anyone who makes a good product and have a good presentation.


If You were to visit any Museum or place in the world where would you go to for inspiration?

Obviously, museums or places in the United States, unfortunately they are too far to visit them. We trying to get all the information by internet.


In addition to Etsy, where do you go online for good art resources, whether to find a new fashion trends, or to see what is going on in the world locally and otherwise?

We go to rockabilly festivals to see in first hand how the people wears.

Do you have any exhibits to promote your accessory line in the near future?

We have our etsy shop and an own online shop in internet.

Where all can we find your designs online?


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