Etsy find of the day…

I love Etsy shops that carry a variety of intriguing items, much like the items I found at DECORwithSTACIA! If you haven’t visited her Etsy shop you need to, she not only has beautiful paintings but also a great selection of vintage items!


“Wet Spring” is an Original Acrylic Painting set on a 12×16 canvas. This comes with a finished back ready to hang.
Mix and match the art in your home to tell your personal story. No two people or families are alike, so pick out items that reflect the people inside of it!
My name is Stacia and I’m an artist from New Hampshire. I love painting and inviting people to participate in my art process. Please don’t hesitate reaching out if you have a certain color scheme in mind for your own custom piece.
It’s my opinion art should be fun and affordable for everyone. I paint often, I paint frequently and I find my inspiration in the people around me.

You can visit Stacia’s shop here:


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