Product Review for NaturallyBeautiful69

I love natural products, I was more than thrilled with the results of the super glow mask from Etsy shop NaturallyBeautiful69 ! After the first use my face looked brighter, felt smoother and knowing that I’m not using harsh chemicals on my face is a huge plus. My fiancee noticed a difference in the appearance of my face after I used the super glow mask stating that my skin looked radiant! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to improve the overall health and look of their skin. The packaging was absolutely beautiful, not to mention that the shipping was extremely fast. Excellent communication was a huge factor for me, the shop owner answered all my questions and helped me choose products based on my skin care needs. I absolutely love this shop, I just can’t say enough wonderful things about it!   FIVE STARS!!!!!



I also decided that my lips needed some TLC, so I opted for  her organic lip scrub which is amazing! After using the lip scrub my lips were smoother and my lipstick looked flawless! It has a beautiful note of honey which smelled absolutely wonderful, the scrub was extremely gentle and now one of my “I can’t live without it” must haves! Super sweet packaging and a delightful surprise made me feel most valued as a new patron of this shop.


I am a huge lover of lip-gloss, it is one thing that I can not live without! I received this wonderful Organic Lip Balm in Honey Rose, I am LOVING it!  My lips feel moisturized yet not greasy, and the scent is heavenly!


There are so many products that I cant wait to try, after trying these products i’m hooked!



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