Find of the day on Etsy

I am always on Etsy, looking for great items to share with you and always find the most unique and beautiful handmade items!  Check out this lovely bracelet by  JAN from StoneworksByJan!

Looking through her shop I had a hard time deciding which was my favorite item, she has so many lovely creations of beautiful jewelry!  My favorite item in her shop is this Boho Chic Amethyst Bracelet. It is a  4-Strand Garnet & Cloisonne bracelet made w/garnets, amber beads, crystal bead, brass, copper, amethyst beads, a black cloisonne focal bead and copper clasp. Beautiful. Amethyst and amber compliment each other beautifully. il_570xn-769901962_nkpc

If you have the time go and visit Jans Etsy shop, you will find a great selection of Mothers Day gifts and items you just might have to buy for yourself!


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