My interview with Back to Natural Gifts

* What is your name and your shop name?
My name is Nikki and my shop is Back to Natural Gifts

* How did you get started in your craft?
I have been crafting for a long time but only recently got the courage and motivation to start selling my items. I started with my current product line when I began working on a small local farm and the farmer needed to have surgery so we had nothing to do with the Goat’s milk. Making a new natural item was a learning and inspiring process.

* What made you decide to sell on Etsy?                                                                                            I decided to sell on etsy when my goat’s milk soap and spa products were a hit with the people I knew locally. I decided to look for a better outlet and etsy just fit.

* Tell us about the items in your shop:
The items in my shop are all handmade by me, my daughter and sister. We make items geared toward helping someone relax and get away from the busy stress of life and try to focus as much as we can on natural ingredients without dyes and preservatives.

* What inspires you?
Trying to make products that help people step away from stress and anxiety as well as finding safe affordable products that are not massed produced.

* How long you have been crafting or selling?
I have been crafting for years but working on the goat’s milk soap and spa products for a little over a year.

* What your plans are for the future with your work?
I would eventually like to be able to purchase my own farm that would be big enough for my children and their spouses so we can all work together and “get back to nature”


Thank you Nikki for taking a moment to tell us about you and your shop, it was a pleasure!  We look forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations!


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