#HASHTAG hell, not anymore!

When somebody clicks on a hashtag that is posted on a social networks they’ll mechanically be shown all different public posts that embody a similar hashtag. Hashtags are unbelievably valuable for your Etsy business, why? It can expose your content to a wider and more diverse audience, and facilitate your business being found. If somebody searches on a social network, or Google, for a hashtag you used, what you have posted and even your profile  will be found.  Without the use of  such hashtag the likelihood of the person searching would not have been directed to your post.  There are so many people who are unaware of how hashtags work that they are left in the dark, and thus not promoting their business as well as they could.   Hashtags are an excellent way to explore for content inside social networks and search engines, which suggests hashtags provide you with a good way to promote your shop ahead of potential customers while not paying a dime for advertising.

#HASHTAGS! Use hashtags on all of your social networks, but be sure to not go overboard! Too many hashtags wont help you reach more people, in fact too many will hurt your engagement and might get you un-followed. In fact, after you use 2 hashtags, your engagement drops by a median of seventeen p.c.  Remember the old saying “less is more.” this is true with hashtags.  Be sure that you choose hashtags that relate to your item.  For example if you have a gold sapphire ring use a hashtag like this #ring #Sapphire, remember that it’s best to hashtag the keywords that area unit associated with your business and trade.

When you optimize conversations, content, and updates with hashtags, they become abundantly more visible to others on social media platforms and search engines. A straightforward click or rummage around for a hashtag can show that hashtag in your post to an audience with common interests.

PROMOTING: When promoting yourself keep in mind that when you support your fellow artists, shops and team members to comment with something genuine.  Instead of commenting LOVE or AWESOME try using something like “What a gorgeous color! Such a great gift idea!”  This not only shows that you took the time to actually look at this persons shop item, it shows you are a genuine person and will get you more followers and return comments in the future.

COMMENTING with Hashtags,#JUST DO IT!  Do remember to use hash tags in your comments as well, for example “What a gorgeous color! What a great gift idea!” #Fashionblog #Eveningdress   This redirects the post to a whole other audience, that means more views, more sales and new followers.  When you do this for someone else more often than not they will return the favor.  The added bonus, it feels really amazing to do something to help another person out, it only takes a minute of your time and would be appreciated more than you could imagine.

POPULAR #Hashtags to try:

#love #TagsForLikes #TagsForLikesApp #TFLers #tweegram #photooftheday #20likes 
 #instago #all_shots #follow #webstagram #colorful #style #swag #amazing #smile
 #follow4follow #like4like #look #instalike #igers #picoftheday #food #instadaily 
#instafollow #followme #girl #iphoneonly #instagood #bestoftheday #instacool
#Handmade #EtsySeller #Fashionblog #HandmadeNation 

Now check the stats out on these #Hashtags:

#instagood – 97,570,915 photos  #me – 80,693,198 photos   #tbt – 75,411,509 photos
#cute – 75,047,873 photos  #photooftheday – 70,995,806 photos  #beautiful – 54,570,181 photos   #picoftheday – 53,776,027 photos  #instadaily – 51,313,415 photos
#follow – 46,372,281 photos  #happy – 43,360,681 photos  #summer – 42,718,347 photos
#bestoftheday – 40,202,550 photos  #picstitch – 34,965,202 photos  #nofilter – 34,196,209 photos   Followme – 33,865,057 photos   Fun – 33,069,338 photos   #smile – 30,236,252 photos   #like – 29,636,123 photos  #pretty – 27,687,567 photos   #food – 27,409,451 photos
#instagramers – 26,197,524 photos  #friends – 26,182,561 photos   #christmas – 19,542,006 photos  #blue – 18,489,451 photos   #pink – 17,953,933 photos  #art – 17,538,396 photos
#hot – 17,384,494 photos   #tagsforlikes – 17,089,894 photos  #amazing – 15,979,281 photos   #repost – 15,893,445 photos  awesome – 15,292,933 photos
#red – 15,223,775 photos   #followback – 13,602,164 photos    #white – 12,911,807 photos
#style – 11,470,768 photos  beauty – 11,016,473 photos   #best – 10,271,100 photos

Now that you know about #HASHTAGS and how to use them what are you waiting for?

Peace, Love and Hippie Chic Jewelz



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