Interview with LittleLivingLovelies

I am excited to introduce you to Kimberly Close from Etsy shop LittleLivingLovelies.

* What is your name and your Etsy shop?   My name is Kimberly Close and my Etsy shop is LittleLivingLovelies.


This little lovely has a beautiful terrarium of Magnesite, Adventurine, and Peridot, topped with a gold plated key charm!
* How did you get started in your craft?  I have been doing crafts for years, not just jewelry, but knitting, painting, anything really. Most of my family has at least one craft and we even used to own a craft store in our home town. My living jewelry just seemed like the right next step forward.  il_570xn-951220818_lknc

This is the biggest and best selling size necklace we have. The larger bottle gives the Marimo plenty of time to grow without worrying you might need a bigger container after a few years. This necklace comes with Rose Quartz, Magnesite, and Peridot gem stones.

* What made you decide to sell on Etsy?   Etsy has always seemed to be popular among crafters and I’d heard good things from everyone who talked about it.il_570xn-952244732_tu4v

I love the way this looks! The peridot looks simple, but stands out with its Marimo in this heart shaped necklace!

* Tell us about the items in your shop:  I make  living jewelry and terrariums. Soon we are hoping to incorporate some of my dad’s woodwork into the shop to go along with terrariums. The plants are a rare form of algae that is actually very hard to kill, which is partially why it makes such a good plant to carry around.il_570xn-998729801_c0jb

One of the few necklaces we have with a bead stopper. This heart has onyx with the little Marimo inside.

* What inspires you?  I think that growing up in a family where everyone was creative helped me to grow with what all I did. They’re all very supportive of what I do and that’s helped me to grow from just local shops to selling on etsy and being able to ship nation wide.


Meet Carter, the cute little Marimo who wants to go home with you! His terrarium consists of magnesite, amethyst, peridot, clasps, and a silver plated charm to top it all off!

* How long you have been crafting or selling?   I’ve been crafting literally my whole life and started doing craft sales when I was about 9. I’ve started selling the necklaces recently and done a few craft shows with them already, while also being in three shops.il_570xn-952174134_ett2

Beads instead of gems and a cute sugar skull charm! This little plant’s terrarium is just too cute

* What your plans are for the future with your work?  I would definitely like for LittleLivingLovelies to become popular and eventually I’d like to be able to ship outside the U.S. on a regular basis.il_570xn-952206784_a6l7

Simple, yet elegant. This necklace is beautiful in shades of green Adventurine with its Marimo.

Thank you Kimberly for taking time to interview with me today, what a great insight into your Etsy shop!



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