Some of my favorite things

As an artist, I love unique handmade items. For me, its the love of creating, the detail and time that an artist puts into creating a work of art that makes owning the item so desirable and treasured.

I’ve worked a lot of trade shows and have sold my jewelry on Etsy, Artfire and other various internet shops only to receive replies asking if I would come down in price for my items, in reality it is that consumers are used to paying very little money for machine mass produced items. When you take into consideration the time, money and soul that is put into an artist creating a handmade item you must realize what all the artist has put into the piece. I love knowing that when I buy handmade I am supporting someone who is making their passion their JOB, their source of income and essentially their life.  I would buy handmade items over mass produced any day.  I love knowing that the item I am buying was created with passion and love of an art, its something that a manufactured machine cant produce.

Today I want to share with you some amazing handmade items that I have found, items that are unique and a must have for those of you who love art as much as I do!

This first item is truly magnificent and is from GothChicAccessories.  I absolutely love the amazing detail and originality of this Skull Shaving  brush. Have you ever seen a shaving brush like this? It’s made entirely by hand using synthetic ivory and precious high quality finest badger hair.
The precious and elegant wooden box is included and makes it a great gift idea
and would delight anyone who receives it!  il_570xn-609153483_60xv

My next find is from NVCustomBarrelArt who has a shop full of gorgeous items created from wine barrels!  I fell in love with these Napa Valley Wine Barrel Candle Holders!  These individually handcrafted barrel stave candle holders are made using world renown Napa Valley red wine oak barrels. The underside of each one is stained in one of the red varietals that the barrel was used for. You can still smell the scent of the wine on most of them. We remove the metal barrel hoops and re cut them to fit each stave so they resemble the original barrel. You can specify whether you would like your stave to be in it’s original color, Natural or if you would like your stave in a Walnut or Cabernet stain (from left to right). Included in the cost are the glass holders and votive candles. Each holder is approximately 23 inches long by 2 1/2 to 3 inches wide. You will not find a finer product at a better price that is truly a Napa Valley original. What a wonderful gift for your favorite wine connoisseur. il_570xn-674318906_p552

If you fancy beer, have I found a treat for you from sugarplusspice.  Can you say “YUM!” to these cookies?!!! Chocolate and Guinness….there doesn’t seem to be a need to say anything more.  But I will….this chocolaty cookie is studded with chunks of semi sweet chocolate and has a nice hoppy taste that will remind you of your favorite frothy Irish beverage. I add a little sugar and turn the Guinness into a thick syrup that is concentrated with the stout’s distinctive flavor, which is added to the delicious chocolate cookie dough.



I am an avid fan of organic and natural hair products, for years I had blond tresses yet wanted something different. I found this amazing Henna from NightBlooming the Bright Copper Fire Genasi Herbal Hair Color, and I was truly amazed with the color! GORGEOUS! They offer a variety of shades and I can honestly tell you that my hair is in the best condition after using this than it has in years! This herbal hair color hearkens to these fiery creatures, imparting vivid orange and copper tones to lighter colored hair, and giving warmth as well as amazing natural conditioning properties to darker colored hair. Fire Genasi Herbal Hair Color is made entirely from powdered herbs, ground so fine that it’s an earthy dust one might find it in a færie market with other beautifying sundries.
You’ll find it leaves your hair with amazing shine and volume. il_570xn-388070146_h9t0


I am a huge fan of reclaimed art, I found this beautiful set of 2 natural reclaimed hickory wood soap dishes from  HowellsProductsHickory is an exceptionally hard and durable wood, ideal for a wood product that will be subject to water and moisture. Hickory also has beautiful colors that are typically light in color, but an vary from nearly white to dark chocolaty brown. The wood used to make this soap dish comes from scraps retrieved from a local lumber mill. These soap dishes measure 3 inches by 4.125 inches by .75 inches thick… plenty large enough for specialty soaps and store bought bar soap. il_570xn-497655938_kgwz

Whats better than finding that perfect shade of lipstick that becomes your go to? One that is handmade and organic like this one that I found from JenniferLynnNaturals. Pro Makeup Artist approved all natural lipstick color in Brownie Beige is infused with organic ingredients. This shade is warm with brown undertones. It is a beautiful medium neutral that goes with everything and is one of our top sellers. Say goodbye to peeling, chapped lips!


I hope that you will visit these wonderful shops and check out their amazing handmade items!  Links to their shops are highlighted and underscored in blue, just click to visit the link.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please leave it in the comment box below.

Peace, Love and Hippie Chic Jewelz


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