Marvelous Mondays!


Mondays are marvelous, just marvelous darlings, especially with these gorgeous finds from Team Elite!
These darling Gold plated hoops from  katerinaki1977 are a summer must have! This is a pair of gold plated hoops with crystal beads in gold brown orange and similar colors and in different sizes.The hoops are handmade so you can choose the size you want!
Brighten your summer wardrobe with this beaded crochet necklace from LeeMarina. This necklace is made of the tiniest Japanese beads of superior quality – Toho No 15. Length is 16.5 inch (42cm), thickness is 0.47 inches (1.2 cm); there are 18 beads in the crosscut.

The charming bronze colored flowers look like exquisite lace. This is a very sophisticated and elegant piece and it was made by me, specially for you. Its color and texture are extremely attractive.
The tulip findings were made of brass in the US, the dragonfly was made in Israel, and the gorgeous vintage beads were made in Czech Republic.

Embrace summer with this beautiful organza shawl from Atohumcu. You can use this beautiful shawl in spring and summer.  It’s very elegant and is amazing touch, so light and comfortable to the skin.
Lemon balm soap with olive oil is a tantalizing summer treat for your skin! It has tissue renewal feature. It gives nice scent to body. All of our products are handmade. Soaps are always made with cold process method. All Soaps are made with olive oil, Has its own unique smell of the soaps. The products are all natural, and There are natural plant extracts in these lovely soaps.
Add this beautiful Simple Natural Beauty Wire Wrapped Ring from from FiberBungalow to any summer outfit for a touch of flair.  Gorgeous Sea Glass wrapped ring, I LOVE this glass…it looks like clouds! Purple coated copper wire and made to fit size 8.
To purchase any of these marvelous finds, please click the links provided below the featured pictures.

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