The top TEN things I want to post on Facebook but dont….

The ten real comments I would love to post on FB but dont….

1. 1. Are you for real??? (This comes to mind A LOT!)

2. PLEASE, stop posting pictures of yourself taken in the bathroom. I totally get the need for an occasional picture when are looking fabulous, but we really don’t need to see 30 additional shots of you a day, taken in your bathroom. (Really, its gross…. go outside for heavens sake or have a friend take your pic, leave the bathroom out of it!)

3. WOW…Are you really THAT angry at life? Is your life really that terrible? Do you live on the edge of a cliff EVERY day? Suck it up buttercup; it could be much, much worse.

4. Life sucks? Well, so do mosquitos, quit complaining and change it! 

5. Are you 13? Are you really “Calling Out” our current girlfriend/boyfriends on Facebook? REALLY???? Think about it; are they even on your friends list? Face it, if they aren’t…they can’t see you calling them out! Really, people, really. 

6. Again, are you 13? Are you really posting your relationship/family drama on Facebook??? Here is a bit of the truth for you, most everyone who reads your drama is rolling their eyes and thinking to themselves you deserve it…. Seriously. 

7. That half nude picture you selected as your profile picture, really? This is Facebook, not Slutsville. Have some morals, young kids are on here you know. If you want to pose nude, email Hugh Heffner and pray he doesn’t laugh you off the internet! 

8. Please, quit posting things like “OMG! THIS IS WORST THING EVER!!!”…and of course people ask you “What happened?” Then you comment “I can’t post it on Facebook!” THEN WHY DID YOU POST IT IN THE FIRST PLACE? MORON.

9. The “WAIF” look is out, quit tilting your head and sucking your cheeks in in every picture, you aren’t a fish. 

10. If you really are my friend and you really “KNOW” me, then you know I say what I think and I can be blunt. That’s just me, so if you don’t like what I have to say, don’t read my posts. No one is forcing you to read all my status updates so quit attacking me like I am signaling you out, chances are Im not, but someone else is! =D


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