Ever Changing Style

I have always been infatuated with “STYLE”, not actually following trends but setting them. My teen years were spent in the 80’s with “Big Hair” and more “Swatches” (most of which I added rhinestone’s and my own artwork drawings to) on my wrist than the department store could host in a glass case. Though I did submit to some of the trending styles I was the one in school who went above and beyond to bring that trend to a whole new level. I took Madonna’s signature style black bracelets and added beads and charms to mine, I liked to stand out and I liked being “different”. I have always felt if your going to make an entrance somewhere, make sure everyone looks and remembers who you are.

In many ways that trait has carried on with me throughout my years as a jewelry design artist. I have always paid great attention to detail in my designs, and of course creating a signature style that stands out. I knew I had my brand when my clients would tell me they knew my jewelry at a glance, without doubt a piece was created by yours truly. My jewelry creations have always centered around vivid colors and patterns with using shapes that I have a love for, being mainly crosses, hearts and roses. Throughout my career I have dabbled in many mediums, polymer clay being my main medium of choice. I loved the versatility of polymer clay, the blending of colors, the texture and of course the ability to leave a project out without fear of it drying out and crumbling.

In 2011 I decided to put my kiln to good use, I used it occasionally for fusing glass or annealing glass lamp-work beads and rings, however I felt it was time to do more. With this I decided to embark on a new journey with ceramic and porcelain. Having worked with polymer clay for over 15 years has given me an edge on creating with these two mediums, many techniques I used for PC I incorporated into my ceramic and porcelain design. My designs are still the same, however now I am creating more unique pieces that are distinct to my brand.

These porcelain pieces still have vivid color, and my designs are unique and focused on things I love. I think that when an artist has been creating for few years their style doesn’t really change, it only evolves. Many times that new-found evolution comes from the artist having experienced a “creative rut” or many times the introduction of a new medium. To be honest, I hit a huge “creative rut” while working with PC, it wasn’t the medium itself rather it was years of experience creating with it. What I love about ceramic and porcelain is you really can’t bank on what you will get out of the kiln, you can change a glaze dramatically by firing temps and times, and this is where my interest peaked. I love the beautiful uncertainty of ceramic and porcelain, I also love the new spark it ignited in my career as an artist.

I hope that when you read this, if you are a new artist or a seasoned creator, take the time to learn new things, experiment with different mediums and enjoy whatever beautiful uncertainty it may hold for you!


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