Shop of the day: Emergent Glassworks

Congratulations to Trevor the artist at Emergent Glassworks!
I am totally infatuated with this artists amazing skills with the flame! Take a look at some of his artwork, I am sure it will have you saying “WOW!” just as it did me!

(Emergence: the formation of a completely new system, patterns and properties by the complex interaction of lesser elements in the system.)

Finely crafted with exquisite detail! you’ve never seen anything this cool in your life! there’s a hundred different ways to display this; Hang it around your neck, dashboard mirror, your wall or put it somewhere cool like your fish tank, desktop zen garden or just in a display case.

This is a Handmade 1.25″ marble with a realistic amanita mushroom in it. Great for any mushroom enthusiast or marble collector!

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I hope you enjoyed these amazing creations as much as I did featuring them! Stay tuned for our next shop of the day!


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