’s shop of the day…CreativeXpressions

Congratulations to our shop of the day, CreativeXpressions! In her shop you will find a treasure trove of items for hearth and home that includes her inspirational book, inspirational pin back buttons and magnets, a variety of decoupaged wood crafts, handmade bead magnets, nature photography, photo button magnets, pin back buttons, custom pin back/photo buttons, and sun-catchers. Her crafts are one-of-a-kind originals; no two are identical.

A Good Pill To Swallow Is Pride 2.2.5 Pinback Button and reminds us that pride is symbolic of a pill that is indeed good to swallow, but not very easy to do!

Lordship Through Friendship is a 192-page inspirational book that can be used in a small group study or as a personal devotional.

Written in a conversational format, the book contains 25 chapters along with a chapter-by-chapter study guide. Chapters can be read in succession or randomly since each chapter has its own beginning, middle, and ending.
One of the backcover endorsements…
“[W]hile Rita’s targeted audience is Christian, her themes have wide appeal; her metaphors are fresh and clear, and her provocative prose is inspiring.” Joan W., Professor Emerita
Two of the inside reader endorsements…
“One of the things I loved most about Lordship through Friendship was how the author presented Bible verses that I grew up with in a new light. Rita Sullivan’s conversational visits with the Lord and His modern-day parables enabled me to see these verses afresh. All of us need to pause at times and reexamine our faith and beliefs. The book’s chapter–by-chapter study questions will assist you in that reflective process.” –Rosalind E.
“This book was very enlightening–a big eye opener. I found much wisdom in these pages. The book has rekindled my desire to grow spiritually closer to the Lord.” –Gayle P.

This listing is for a photo print anniversary card, which I designed and gave to my husband for our anniversary this year. Photos inserted on the card were taken by me while vacationing in North Carolina in 2005.
You may choose to change the card from an “anniversary” to a “birthday” card. If you prefer to insert photos from your own collection, email the photos to me in a jpeg, pdf, or png format with a pixel resolution of 300.
The anniversary card is printed on heavy cardstock. The card along with its envelope will be shipped in a sturdy mailer to protect it during transit.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of the items from our shop of the day as much as I enjoyed featuring her wonderful work! You can find CreativeXpressions on
LIKE her on FaceBook:


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