Shop of the day…. PokeyPotamus

Our next shop of the day is Pokeypotamus, this glass lamp-work artist creates the most adorable “PUG” sculpture and pendants! Here are some of her adorable creations:

The pug measures approximately 2.5 inches from his squished, puggy nose to his curly, little tail! A lot of time and effort go into each piece! Every pug has it’s own unique expression, personality and posture. I try to capture the character of a pug and bring it out in the form of glass by adding all the wrinkles, fat rolls, head-tilts and pouty eyes that we all know and love about our precious fur-babies.
Each pug is sculpted using a torch, colored glass rods and various hand tools. Because of this, no two sculpture are alike! Every sculpture is signed by me, dated and numbered!

Each pendant is hand sculpted with borosilicate glass and kiln annealed for added strength and durability!

I use high quality chalk pastel pencils on white sketch paper. I’ve experimented around with different types, textures and brands to find one that works for the quality of portrait I strive to create.

I hope you enjoyed these adorable creations, you can like PokeyPotamus on FaceBook:


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