A love of porcelain

The last few weeks has been very busy for me yet I still found time to create some really beautiful pieces of porcelain jewelry. Having been a polymer clay artist for fifteen years I can tell you that there were times when I got bored working with that amazing medium. Don’t get me wrong, polymer clay is truly a wonderfully genius medium to work with but I wanted something more, something more solid. With this I ventured into glass lamp-working, and although I LOVED the results, I couldn’t use my hands to create designs in which I had grown so accustomed to with polymer clay. Lets face it, you don’t want to get your hands anywhere near or on molten glass!
Since I had bought a kiln during my glass adventure it dawned on me that I could create “Glass Like pieces” from ceramic clay, and so I planned a trip to the craft store and bought enough supplies to host an art retreat. My philosophy is if I’m gonna do it I better do it well, and I can shop for craft supplies very, very well!
I fell in love with the ceramic, I was able to produce an item that I felt had substance. So here are some of my first creations from ceramic, I think they turned out beautifully and they were a joy to create!
I love these earrings in which I stamped a french postal imprint and wrapped with sterling silver wire.

This next piece is a large white heart with a beautiful purple fleur di lys, I finished this necklace with purple ribbon and a gorgeous floral toggle clasp.

This next piece is simplistic yet has a feeling of elegance. The color is what I was most pleased with, the depth and difference in the coloration of this piece is what makes it so alluring I feel.

This heart is so beautiful, simple in design it has a red rose and “ALWAYS” in black script. This piece is oneof my favorites.

I really love creating rings, and this ceramic piece totally thrilled me when I pulled it from the kiln. The color is simply gorgeous! What I really love about ceramic is that unlike polymer clay the colors have depth and character, you really dont know what you will get in the end result of a firing. I love the mysterious beauty that I feel ceramic jewelry possesses.

I was initially so enthralled with ceramic that I decided to order some porcelain clay, and after the results I achieved with it I am so not turning back! Porcelain and ceramic are my new best friends, my medium of choice. I cant believe I have been creating for over 15 years and though I puttered with ceramic in the past I am amazed at how quickly I fell in love with it.

Here are some of my newest porcelain creations, they are stunning, beautiful with glaze colorant or by itself. The texture cool and silky smooth.
This porcelain cuff has “Live, Laugh, Love” imprinted on the cuff and I created a rose to sit to the side of the cuff. What I love about this bracelet is that it is so light in weight, and the smoothness of the porcelain is remarkable.

I had so much fun creating cuffs that I made another with a FRAGILE stamp and handmade ceramic beads that I created at the same time.

I love stars, so it was only right that I create a pair of earrings. My cousin actually bought these as soon as she saw I posted them online.

This last porcelain piece is a small dove on a circular disc. I attached it to a beautiful bronze ball chain. I love how beautifully simple this necklace is.

Working with ceramic and porcelain has inspired my creativity in so many new ways, I think the change was good for me and am happy with my creations. I will be posting more of my adventures with you, until then, Peace, Love & Hippie Chic Jewelz



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