My heartfelt thanks to STATTEAM

Today is the official day when I will give my wonderful friends and members on STATTEAM my most exciting news!
Many of my members know of my recent ventures, some do not, so for those of you who are wondering what is in store for 2012 get ready for my most exciting news!

2011 was a very wonderful year for me, I created STATTEAM in hopes of uniting Self Taught Artists together to learn from and help support one another. I am more than delighted with the turn this team took, in less than 8 months STATTEAM grew from 1 member to over 970! The thing that impresses me the most is that the very first members to join have stayed with the team and have become some of the most successful artists online. These artists are not just team members, they have become an important part of my life, some of my dearest and most treasured friends. With this being said I am most saddened to announce that within the next month or so I will be closing my current shop and handing STATTEAM over to my dear friend and and amazing team leader: Marge Mills.

I am sure that many of you are wondering why I would be closing my shop and leaving the team as Captain, the truth is is that I have embarked on a new and wonderful journey in which I would LOVE for each of you to join me!
I have joined with a couple of other amazing artists and have created
This is no ordinary artist venue, this venue was designed by a group of artists for artists. Our motto is much different from any other you will find online at your current venue, we believe in Self Promotion when curating Spotlight Collections; this means that when you curate a collection of 16 items you are encouraged to include one of your own shop items. We also have devised a system that will enable your Spotlight Collection to land the Home Page of by extreme fairness, unlike other venues we don’t play the “favorite” game here. Spotlight collections featured on the home page are chosen by votes from other members, views, clicks and comments. The more you promote your collection the faster you earn your right to the Spotlight!
We also will be featuring artist interviews that will feature 4 artists and some of their beautiful artwork. This will appear on the homepage as well as our blog sites, Facebook Page and shared with 5 different social networking sites. will offer you so many wonderful features you wont find anywhere else online! Our new site will premiere within the month, my programmers are working around the clock getting everything in place and ready to launch. We offer a great tool to download a CVS of your current shop into a format that can be uploaded directly into making it easy for everyone to set up a shop in a few simple steps! We will strive to be the absolute best venue online! We do not have listing fee’s or take a cut out of your profit by charging commissions. was designed to help each individual artist become successful online by providing a qualified team of administrators, site leaders and social networking promoters.

We are inviting you to join now, you will have a temporary free membership until all the new features such as the Spotlight Collections, artist interviews and CVS file are in place and come online. When the new site features are brought online the membership fee will be $12.00 per month, NO LISTING FEE’S and NO COMMISSIONS!

I am very excited to share my news with you, I hope each of you will come join for an incredible new year ahead! If you have any questions you can contact me at

I would also like to take a moment to thank each of my team leaders from STATTEAM who have devoted so much of their time and wonderful energy into making STATTEAM one of the best teams! I have never met a more wonderful group of women who would go out of their way to help others. It has been a great honor and a huge blessing to have worked along side each of you, you are not only the best team mates but also my dearest friends! Thank you for giving me one of the absolute best year of my career as an artist!

Introducing Marge Mills, Marge has been in charge of organizing and preparing the STATTEAM weekly challenge. Marge will be replacing me as Captain within the next month.
Here are some of her beautiful shop items that I am sure you will love as much as I do!

Ruby Red Crystal: I have taken a lovely oval shaped ruby colored crystal and wire wrapped it in sterling silver in a simple design with twisted silver wire accents. this piece measures 2″ in length from bail to end. The bail is large enough to wear with an omega chain. This is a one of a kind piece and I think it is one of the prettiest pieces I have designed.

Stack Bead Necklace: This necklace is made with multiple stacking beads that make a continuous pattern. They are in mauve, green and tan tones. Finished off with smaller round beads on each side that take it to the closer done in silver. Matching earrings are included.

My next leader has been with me since I started STATTEAM, she has done an amazing job with the STATTEAM Spotlight, it is my pleasure to introduce Becky Helmer! Her wonderful weekly features of STATTEAM members has been one of the best promotions for our team members and something we all have looked forward to each week! Becky has some beautiful jewelry designs in her shop, I know you will love these items!
Blue Resin Flower & Magnesite Necklace: Necklace is made with 3 large blue resin flower beads, metal coated lucite beads, blue magnesite chunk beads, and silver colored metal findings. Big and bold but still lightweight. Necklace is 19.5 inches long with an extra half inch of chain. Pendant hangs down an additional 1.75 inches.

Blue Lucite Calla Lily Earrings: These delightful earrings are made with blue calla lily flower lucite beads, coordinating blue accent beads, antique bronze findings, and kidney earwires. Earrings are 2.75 inches long.

My next leader is Penny, she is a delight to work with and has been a wonderful help by checking the STATTEAM treasury threads for member compliance. Her artwork is beautiful and fun, I think you will enjoy my favorite two items she created!

Red Heart and Crystal Beaded Bracelet: This bracelet reminds me of extra large red hot heart candies! The Shiny red hearts dangle from a gunmetal finish chain. There are also beautiful sparkling crystals, hematite loop beads and red and black spacer beads which alternate with the red hearts. This is a playful bracelet and is sure to be noticed! This is a bracelet which is perfect for everyday wear or an evening of partying.

Elegant Jewelry Box: This Elegant Jewelry Box would be perfect in any woman or teen girls room. It has three drawers with flowers, black beads and “diamond” rhinestone pulls and additional rhinestones added to the top along with glitter paint for that extra “Bling”. The box has a beautiful scrapbook paper adhered to it in a creamy off white with “velvet” floral and the rest of the box has been painted a beautiful creamy off white with a black sides and distressed with a black ink. It has a white “precious” rub-on on one side and a lovely floral rub-on on the opposite side. Perfect to hold jewelry, trinkets, small collectibles or any small treasury she may have.

My next leader is Rita Sullivan who writes articles for the STATTEAM blog, her writing is not only informative but also most inspiring. Rita’s shop is full of creative and art that just makes you feel good! Here are two of my favorite items she has created:
Birdhouse-Morning Glory Pattern: Hand painted tri-color—decoupage—hand glazed indoor mini birdhouse is a cute decorative piece for any in-home décor. Morning Glories adorn all sides of the birdhouse. The affixed cork bottom on the birdhouse protects furniture. Overall dimensions: 3 1/4” X 3” X 4”h.

Tulips Red & Orange Handpainted Suncatcher: Keep summer with you throughout year with this tulips suncatcher or give as a gift. I hand-painted the lightweight manufactured sun-catcher using nontoxic glass stain. Suction cup (s) included. Overall dimensions are 3 1/4” X 4 1/4”.

My next team leader is Janeane from RenaissanceDays, she writes topics for the team discussion board and is in charge of team holiday games such as “Secret Santa”, her joyful personality shines through her incredible artwork! I am in love with these two creations of hers:

Art Print – The Healer: 8 x 10 Art Print – from an Original Oil Painting. Titled: “The Healer” Comes unframed, with a small white edge on the paper just outside of the 8 x 10 artwork. If you would like yours trimmed to the very edge of the 8 x 10 art, please leave a note at checkout. Print is printed on an exhibition quality Epson printer with archival inks and fine art paper.

Art Print – Girl with the Rose and Birds: 8 x 10 Art Print – Girl with the Rose and Birds – from an Original Oil Painting.
Print is printed on an exhibition quality Epson printer with archival inks and fine art paper. Comes unframed, with a small white edge on the paper just outside of the 8 x 10 artwork. If you would like yours trimmed to the very edge of the 8 x 10 art, please leave a note at checkout.

Janet from fluffstuffandpuff is another of STATTEAMS wonderful leaders, she is in charge of of the Pay it Forward Treasury Challenges and does an amazing job! Her shop is full of beautifully fun items, here are two of my all time favorites:

Ring Girly Girl Statement: Feminine and pink with silvertone hearts. Adjustable ring. 1 1/2 ” diameter.

Ring Upcycled Vintage Necklace Part: Adjustable ring, silvertone vintage jewelry part with stones. 1 1/2″ wide x 1 1/8 ” high. Partially will overlap any finger to the left of it. Fun and sassy.

HopeLoveandFaith is a mother and daughters team who are our next leader, they provide articles for the STATTEAM blog. They have a totally groovy shop full of handmade and natural items, here are two of my favorites: homemade Lip scrub balm exfoliating: This is luscious very hydrating lip scrub… filled with flavor, and made from organic oils and ingredients to help keep dead skin away… this is a awesome exfoliating for the lips.. just what you need to make your lips plush and sexy. This is a little gritty, but feels wonderful. I add colored sugar in it and flavoring. Contains natural beeswax,coco butter, olive oil, coconut oil, sugars and flavors.

Eucalyptus and Mint Bath Salts: This is a lovely combination. Smells heavenly; eucalyptus and mint dead sea salts bath salts. In a ocean blue color, add 2 tbsp per bath and soap. This is great to soak your feet in as well. Use in the tub when you have a cold. Please understand I am not responsible for misuse of my products, and not responsible for accidents while using my products. Do not consume for any reason, only to be used for bath purposes.

Jessica, Jim and Kaia are another group team that have been wonderful leaders on the team, they also write articles for the team blog. Their shop is one I love to visit! Here two items I have had my eye on for some time!
SALE Real Strawberry Leaf and Sterling Silver Simple Earrings EAWT Upcyclers: These are having some slight discoloration issues, which is why they are marked down. They are still very lovely, as you can see, but I cannot guarantee that their color will last as long as my other items.** Have you ever noticed the beauty and detail of a strawberry leaf? When you see them like this, it’s hard not to notice. With so much going on in the natural structure and intricacy of the leaf (right down to the little pin-holes), I just decided to keep the design simple; which also let’s me keep the price low. These leaves are kind of broad, nearly 2 inches across, and about the same in length, set on sterling silver earwires. The last photo is an example of the description we write on the back of our earring cards. You won’t find these anywhere else in the world! These Gloriosa petals are the only ones I have and I don’t know when/if I will find more. They were made with care and lots of good thoughts and are waiting to honor someone special.
5% of the monies received from your purchase will be donated to a charity/ies of our choice at the end of every month. We support projects that do good for the Earth and her inhabitants, people too!

Hair Accessories Real Wire-Wrapped Sunset Moth and Purple Petunia Moon with Swarovski Crystals Sparkly Violet Headband Statement Fascinator: WOW! Be prepared to hear that a lot, and to answer questions, have strangers stop you, and to be stared at. Not to brag, but that is what happens when you wear a Natural Flipside creation, especially one like this.
Two fore-wings of a Urania Ripheus, aka Madagascar Sunset Moth, were positioned on this giant Petunia to look like a regular little moth; well maybe with a little extra sparkle! The color and details of both specimens are really outstanding. To add some dimension, I pierced the flower and made some simulated stamen, using Swarovski Crystal beads, plated wire and crimp bead. This also served as the wire-wrapping used to hold the fascinator in place on the headband. The headband itself is a plastic base covered with a lightweight, comfortable material that has plenty of sparkle to it. This piece would be great for anyone who loves nature, sparkles, or standing out in a crowd. It is somewhat delicate, like wedding/prom/anniversary or other special occasion wear, but sturdy enough to be worn regularly. You will NOT find another like this anywhere else in the world! This item was handcrafted with a lot of care and good thought, and will make a very special gift for yourself or someone else. * NOTE* due to the awkward shape of this item, shipping will be expensive, so this item has a small shipping cost. 5% of the monies received from your purchase will be donated to a charity/ies of our choice at the end of every month. We support projects that do good for the Earth and her inhabitants, people too!

My next team leader is Vanessa from WhisperingOaks, she also does article write ups for the blog. Her shop is always a delight to visit, her items unique and whimsical, I know you will enjoy these next two items as much as I do! Hearts and Kisses – Hanging Ornament – valentine art dolls and miniatures- Valentine Decoration: Bertha has followed Boris messenger to deliver her heart. Will he be her valentine? Bertha wears a purple hat decorated with beads. Her purple dress matches and is decorated with a pink skirt hand embroidered in red. She carries her red hrart in her hands. Her heart is decorated with sequins and beads. Our Piksees are handcrafted with the finest materials. Each one of the faces is handpainted, so no two Piksees are alike. Our Piksees are handmade and take approximately three hours each to make. Our Piksees are around 5″ tall. We pour our love and creativity into each pair of Piksee Twins. They arrive in a clear box. This listing is for Bertha only.

Felt Art Doll – Hanging Ornament – Pietro The Dwarf On A Quest: Peter and Piper left their home in the woods in search for the shamrock fields. Pietro and Papa have been waiting by the door ever since. Until one day Peter and Piper come back with the shamrocks and everybody is happy. Pietro is handcrafted with the finest materials. His face is handpainted; and the artist has given him a tender grin. He wears a peasant style shirt with intricate embroidery in green to match his green pants. Our Piksees are handmade; they are around 5″ tall. We pour our love and creativity into each pair of Piksee Twins. They arrive in a clear box…and for this holiday we have included a green ribbon tied in a bow. This way your Piksee is ready to be offered as a present. This listing is for Pietro only. We have two available.

Our next team leader is a mother daughter team, Tara and Tori have wrote some great blog article how-to’s on the team blog. I love their beautifully fun designs, here are some of my favorites:
Diaper Bag set X Large wipes case changing pad matching gift set New Baby Gift Green Brown mint white Boys unisex: X Large Diaper Bag – 3 piece Set with Wipes Case and Changing Pad. One of a kind design in unisex colors. 100% cotton with plastic encased removable bottom. Changing pad is cotton bottom and cotton terry cloth top. Professionally done. All seems are double stitched and top-stitched. Plenty of pockets! Pockets all around outside and both sides of inside. Machine wash delicate and tumble dry low.

Tote Handbag Purse brown floral shabby chic Mixed Style Medium crochet flower: Handbag Tote in Browns is 100% cotton and 3 interior pockets with 2 separated sections. It has a matching button closure and removable crochet rose/flower shabby chic embellishment. Knotted handle embellishments are also removable. Measurements:
Total height of bag is 13 inches Height to closure is 10.75 inches Width at base is 11 inches Depth at base is 5 inches Handle straps are 17″ Bag is machine washable, but as always, handwashing or drycleaning will be best for this item. Remove embellishments prior to washing. Embellishments can be hand washed as well. Never bleach. Mild detergents only.
For best results, line dry only.

Shelly from Shellyka is my next team leader, she helps members on the discussion boards and checks treasuries when needed. Her shop is full of whimsical hand-painted home decor items, that are too cute! Here are two of my favorites:
Personalized kids Door sign- Purple cupcake door sign for children’s room, children decor, kids sign, girls sign: This Door sign, of purple cupcake is hand painted on MDF wood with acrylic paints. Item measurements are: 12 cm X 18 cm (4.5″x 7″).
colors:Pink lemonade, lilac, bright purple, red. Door sign Suitable to children’s room and sure to be a great gift. The door sign include letter stickers for choosing any caption you wish. It has dual side tape attached to catch up easily and safe with the door.

Children’s Artwork display hanger- Owls- Blue, orange and brown- kids wall art, owl wall art: A decorative and unique way to display your child’s artwork.
This colorful and fun hanger is 100% handmade and painted with acrylic paints, perfect for safely displaying your child’s artwork and helps you change the display from time to time.
Ideal for any room or playing area and can also be a great gift.

Jessi from DreamofaDream is my next team leader, she also writes for the team blog and helps out whenever and wherever I need her. Her jewelry creations are amazing, here are two of my favorite items she has created: Gnome fairy house tree stump pendant, whimsical and one of a kind: This is the third in my recent copper fairy house series. I’d like to think that the little house is ready for a fairy to move right in and make themselves at home! The pendant measures 1 1/4″ tall, and 3/4″ wide at it’s widest point. It is the largest of the three houses I have currently listed. The door has been left open, no doubt by the last tenant, probably out collecting mushrooms or daisy petals. From a hidden point inside the house dangles two small skeleton keys, and a small tag with the simple word “Dream” pressed into it. On the back of the stump is a “D” carved into the tree bark to show that it is a “Dream of a dream” exclusive.

Owl made from fine silver with natural peridot gemstone, handmade, one of a kind: I’ve carefully built this wise old owl piece by piece from fine silver, with a peridot gemstone hidden away inside. I am constantly inspired by worlds or ideas that are within our grasp, yet we can never touch. That is my inspiration behind many of my 3 dimensional “box” pendants….inside this owl is a pattern carefully stamped to accent the peridot gemstone. The patten stretches up past where we cannot see it….what is there? It’s hard to say.

Sheila from SiriusFun is my next team leader, she also writes for the team blog and helps out new members when needed. Her shop is truly delightful, I can spend hours looking through all of her wonderful designs!
Vintage Look Bird Gift Tags Set of 6 Different Images Birds Flowers Nest Garden Chair: This is a lovely set of 6 gift tags featuring beautiful birds from the past with flowers, gardens, nests and a garden chair. The background is French Ephemera and the birds are blue, aqua, red, black, and brown. Flowers are pink, coral, red and purple, These images are so Springy but can be used for any occasion or season! The tags are shown without ribbons but will be finished off with ivory satin ribbon hangers.The tags measure approximately 3 3/4 by 2 5/8 inches and are very sturdy!

Queen Of Hearts Valentine Tags Set of 8 Chess Pieces Barbed Wire Heart Crowns And More: This is a set of larger gift tags for Valentine’s Day (or anytime) featuring the Queen of Hearts, King of Hearts, Chess pieces, a barbed wire wrapped heart, crowns and more! These tags are bold and beautiful and very detailed. The dominant colors are red, black, white and the background is grungy! The tags will be finished off with red satin ribbon hangers. The tags measure approximately 4 1/2 by 3 inches and are very sturdy!

My next team leader is Catherine from JanJat, she helps members on the team and submits ideas for the team. Her shop is lovely, her jewelry creations are beautiful! Here are two of my favorites:
Stretchy Ring – Swarovski Crystal Purple and Green “Celeste”:
Fabulously funky ring! I have created this ring from two, specially selected, gorgeous Swarovski crystals; a lovely soft square in pale green and a beautiful circle in ‘crystal vitrail light’ which is predominantly purple however, in different light it reflects a range of colors (please see pictures). The band is created from small fluted silver beads and high quality elastic cord.
This ring is brilliant for those who suffer from swollen knuckles (from arthritis, pregnancy, heat etc..) because it is super easy to roll on and off. As well, because this ring stretches it makes the perfect gift especially if you are unsure of someone’s ring size.

Green Heart Necklace Gold, Lampwork Glass Heart Necklace, Gold Chain: “Green Love” Stunning and simple! I created this gorgeous necklace to show off the lovely green silver foil-lined lampwork glass heart. Adorning the heart is a tiny gold hat at the bottom and a sparkly Swarovski crystal ball with clear crystals on top. The necklace is completed with a gold chain and lobster clasp.

Julie from MoonlightShimmer is my next team leader, she is responsible for checking treasury threads for member compliance and submits articles for the team blog. Her shop is full of diverse jewelry creations, always a delight to browse her items!
Here are two of my favorites:
Magnesite Statement Necklace, Double Strand Choker, Light Blue Turquoise: Make a statement with this dramatic gemstone necklace. It features two strands of large round magnesite beads that have been dyed a light blue turquoise shade. The double strand necklace features both 12mm and 15mm sized beads. This necklace is choker length, with the strands measuring approximately 15 and 16 inches long, not including the clasp.

Green & White Wire Crochet Necklace: This wire crochet necklace would make a fun and unique addition to your wardrobe. This necklace features lime green and white glass faux pearls beads as well as tiny green and orange Czech glass beads for this necklace. The glass beads were woven into five strands of metallic green colored 26 gauge Zebra wire using a crochet method. The necklace is 19 inches long and finishes with a silver plated toggle clasp.

Nal is one of my next team leaders, she submits articles for the team blog and is currently revamping her shop. She has been a delight to work with!

Di Dial from SassyPark is my next team leader, she submits blog articles and helps me whenever I need someone to fill in checking treasury threads. I love her shop, she also has a diverse array of handmade items and I always enjoy checking out her newly listed items!
Here are two of my favorites:
Gift Basket Wine Enthusiast Melted Bottle Slumped Bottle Flattened bottle Wine Party in A Basket: It’s a party in basket… just add the wine! I am thrilled with all of the goodies in the basket! It’s PACKED (see picture 3)! I’m still a little amazed I squeezed everything in the basket. I packed it so it was just as pretty from the front as it is in the back… the hardest part was deciding which side deserved the bow!

Chunky charm bracelet mint green, purple, lampwork, ocean charms Cha Cha Bracelet Sterling Silver: Shady Lagoon This bracelet measures 7 to 8 inches depending on where it is hooked (adjustable). I first thought this was going to have a garden feel, but once I had it assembled the bubble look of the textured lampwork, the glass pearls and shells and the copper color that comes out in the green lampwork because of a chemical reaction made me think of a shady lagoon.

Johannah from JolynnsHobbyShop is my next team leader, she writes “In your own words” for the team blog. Her shop is full of sweet and whimsical items that makes you smile! Here are two of my favorites: Fleece Monster-Tied- Pillow: Fleece monster pillow is absolute cute an silly addition to your child bedroom. Is perfect for both Boys and Girls 17″ fleece tied pillow w/ felt facial features

Home › JolynnsHobbyShop › Hair Acesssories/Tutus Rosette Headband- Raspberry Yarn an Felt Flower Rosette w/ Rhinstones Elastic Headband: This Rosette Headband is so cute an has sparkle!
Raspberry Yarn and Pink Felt Flower Rosette is on a Thick Green elastic headband w/ Rhinstones that is {one size fits most} and will fit most Toddlers through adults. I can make it on a newborn sized elastic headband or a alligator clip with a “no slip grip.”

My next team leader is Andrea from AndraLynn Creative Designs, she helps with the team discussion boards and submits articles for the team blog. Her artwork is delightful, her whimsical style is one that I love! Here are two of my favorite items: Owl Bookends, Whimsical & Fun, Childrens Decor, Book Ends: Everyone knows owls like to read. So, who is better qualified to sit on your shelf and hold up your books? Of course, these little guys might read everything you have and then ask you to go to the library to get more, but they’re worth the trouble. Honest. These particular owls are three dimensional versions of the whimsical guys you can find in a lot of my paintings. They measure approximately 7 inches x 6 inches each. They’re made of wood, hand painted with acrylics, and sealed with polyurethane. The bottom is covered with felt to protect surfaces.

Clearance Sale, Wedding Bunny Rabbit Painting, Original Childrens Art by Andrea Doss, 12 x 9, Gift for Kids: Was $55 — Now $20! The bunny bride in her beautiful dress has dreamed of this day all her life. All her hopes and dreams are wrapped up in this moment.

Melanie from GirlBurkeStudios is my next leader, she also submits blog articles and helps members on the team, she also helps me out when I need extra help on treasury threads. I love Mels shop, she has the coolest collection of beautiful jewelry! Here are two of my favorites:
Black Lips on Red Canvas, Pop Art, Graffiti Kiss Painting:
First in my new pop art series, just in time for Valentine’s day. A black kiss spray painted on a bright red canvas. Painting measures 5x5x3/4″. Sides painted red, no need to frame. Hardware not included, given the painting size, can be hung onto a single nail. Signed and dated in corner. UV protected with gloss varnish.

Valentines Day Sale Red Heart Earrings: Valentine Red Swarovski crystal heart earrings. 18mm Red Swarovski crystal hearts dangle softly from sterling silver bails and secured onto sterling silver earwires. Hearts measure approx. 3/4″ with a total earring length of 1 5/8″.

My next and final leader on the team is Pam from Recreated1, she helps check the treasury threads for member compliance and helps me with odds and ends when needed. Her shop is full of recreated handmade lovelies, I love browsing her shop!
Here are two of my favorite items:
Western Coyote Charm Cha Cha Bracelet: Unique charms, both vintage and new, cats-eye beads, glass and lucite beads, stone icons, a really cute old teepee and a cut out coyote dangle on this light weight silver toned link bracelet with mixed metal findings. I’ve had a few of these charms for ages, just waiting for somewhere to use them, and I’m glad I could add them here.

Victorian Style Baroque Pearl Pendant Necklace Upcycled Art Vintage Crystals Amber Earrings: An antiqued metal pendant refashioned with new amber Swarovski crystals, teardrops, and vintage glass crystal adorning the fringe. The delicate antiqued brass chain was reworked adding vintage baroque faux pearls, amber beads and vintage findings to create this one of a kind victorian style necklace with barrel clasp.

Last but not least I want to thank each and every STATTEAM member, each of you have touched my life in a very special way, each of your talents have inspired me as well as making me very proud to have had the pleasure and honor of being a team captain. I have never met such a wonderful group of artists, each of you have gone above and beyond to help support each member on the team, you are a wonderful group of caring individuals who made STATTEAM one of the best teams!

I hope each of you will come and join me in my new adventure, I know you will be most impressed and excited when we unveil the new features this month!

Many hugs to everyone!
Peace, Love & Hippie Chic Jewelz


11 thoughts on “My heartfelt thanks to STATTEAM

  1. I can’t tell you how simultaneously sad and thrilled I am to see you leave Etsy. I know that sounds awful, but I only mean to say that I’ll miss seeing you all over my activity feed, treasuries, and of course, the team. On the contrary, I couldn’t be more pleased to see you follow your heart with your new site. I know Marge will carry on your kindness and wonderful leadership and unless I’m asked to do otherwise, I will do everything I can to carry on the amazing “family” you started with STATTEAM. You are an amazing woman I wish you all of the success and joy you so greatly deserve!

    1. Di, I certainly know exactly what you mean, as I am saddened to leave yet excited all at the same time! STATTEAM would not be what it is today without each of you leaders and each member! I couldnt have asked for a better group of friends who are more like family to me than team members! I know you will love working with Marge, she is a phenomenal woman with a huge heart! I will sure miss everyone, each of you became my family online, everyone brightened my day with convo’s and treasuries, I am blessed to have each of you in my life!!! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, you just put a huge smile in my heart!!! I loved every minute of being Captain of such a wonderful team of artists, I know that will far surpass what any of us can imagine! Our team on the new site were leaders on STATTEAM, so they know how to make the site phenomenal! I cant wait for you to come aboard, I know you will love it! We plan on implementing the new features very shortly, once they are in place you will be excited beyond words what my programmers have accomplished and created! 🙂

    1. Hi Lynn! We wont charge a monthly fee until the new site features come completely online! Our estimated date of completion from my programmers is March 10th. You can set up your shop with no fee’s, just go in and select Free Temp. Membership when signing up. I think when you see what our new features will be, you will fall in LOVE with the site! We are so excited and its been really hard for me not to tell everyone what exactly the new features will include, but I know you will be amazed!!! 🙂
      Thank you so much, I am sad about leaving STATTEAM as well, but I knew in my heart I HAD to design a site for ARTISTS where I could help them attain their dreams. I think we have a great team aboard the new site and I am excited for what 2012 will bring and what we will all achieve together!

  2. I went ahead and signed up the other day! I listed a few things before I ran out of time… I did get confused about how we list shipping prices and whether it is linked to my paypal for payment, but I know stuff is still getting tweaked behind the scenes.

    But I love some of the stuff you guys already have, like the item number spot!. It is so silly that other places don’t have that, like we can keep track of tons of stock without a code system, lol !
    I also loved that when I swung by later, one of my items was on the front page 😀

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