Tagging Terms

Tagging Terms  

A great compilation of tagging terms.

RED – rouge, wine, burgundy, ruby, maroon, terra cotta, rust, fire, blaze, flame, auburn, bay, bronze, chestnut, cinnamon, copper, hazel, henna, mahogany, russet , sorrel, rust, jasper, brick, cabernet, blood, pomegranate, apple, cherry, tomato, garnet, raspberry, strawberry, paprika, rojo

PINK – rose, cerise, fuschia, magenta, blush, flush, mauve, cotton candy, bubble gum, ballet, petunia, carnation, shell

ORANGE – peach, apricot, mango, tangerine, coral, salmon, pumpkin, squash, rust, mandarin, cantaloupe, paprika, carrot, copper, melon, bronze, flesh

YELLOW – jaune, gold, oro, lemon, sulfur, citrus, topaz, canary, sun, mustard, amber, ochre, tawny, saffron, citron, citrine, jasper, butter, daffodil, popcorn, champagne, sunshine, lemonade, sunflower

GREEN – vert, emerald, jade, moss, peridote, olive, lime, mint, apple, grass, Kelly, loden, avocado, fern, leaf, chartreuse, lichen, honeydew, forest, evergreen, bottle, seafoam, kiwi, pea, sage,

TEAL – sarcelle d’hiver, aqua, turquoise, robin’s egg blue, blue-green 

BLUE – bleu, beryl, cobalt, eggshell, marine, indigo, midnight, azure, navy, royal, sapphire, sky, denim, cornflower, periwinkle, coastal, ocean, pool, lapis, cyan, peacock

PURPLE – pourpre, violet, lilac, amethyst, plum, orchid, grape, wisteria, periwinkle, lavender, eggplant, mauve

BLACK – noir, ebony, coal, ash, cinder, carbon, onyx, jet, midnight, raven

GRAY – gris, grey, silver, dove, ash, mist, fog, taupe, titanium, charcoal, granite, smoke, slate, dusk, steel, haze, platinum, gunmetal, pewter

WHITE – blanc, cloud, vanilla, pearl, sugar, powder, snow, chalk, milk, opal

CREAM – ivory, ecru, pearl, opal, natural, parchment, bone

BROWN – amber, cafe au lait, chocolate, cocoa, coffee, fawn, tawny, topaz, umber, ochre, brass, bronze, copper, espresso

TAN – beige, khaki, ecru, taupe, oatmeal, natural, parchment, sand, camel

CLEAR – crystal, transparent

MULTICOLORED – rainbow, iridescent, chromatic, variegated, aurora borealis

Other Tagging Terms

OOAK – unique, artisan, exclusive, original, novel, atypical, exceptional, handmade

MATERIALS – names of stones, type(s) of fiber or fabric, weave or fabric, types of wood

GENERAL – Punk, steampunk, nerd, geek, science, modern, midcentury, funky, dramatic, romantic, whimsical, artisan, edgy, bohemian, boho chic, shabby chic, fantasy, Victorian, prom, contemporary, mystical, mythical, magical, witchcraft, Christian, earthy, antique (over 100 years), vintage (over 20 years), retro (made to look old), heirloom, southwest, old world, Americana, rustic, ethnic, primitive, folk art

OLD – olde, vintage, antique, fossil, patina, old world, primitive, old-world

ECO FRIENDLY – recycle, reuse, up-cycle, refashion, earthy, vegan, environmental, organic, repurposed, natural, earth friendly, earth-friendly, earthfriendly, slow food,

TEXTURE – smooth, rough, pebbled, matte, shiny, sandy, loose weave, tight weave, braided, laced, plaited, lattice, webbed, patina, gossamer, delicate, pointy, sharp, hard, spiny, puffy, patterned, bold, ruffled, frilly, velvet, silky, gnarly, old world

ELEGANT – simple, refined, aesthetic, tasteful, graceful, luxurious, classic, polished, chic, sophisticated

ROMANTIC – erotic, fanciful, amorous, love, flirtatious, dreamy, passionate, darling, precious, bewitching, alluring, seductive, enchanting, kissable, huggable, feminine, flirty

COZY – cuddly, snug, comfortable, snuggly, huggable, warm

SHAPES – geometric, structure, block, symmetric, square, triangular, angular, round, spherical, ovoid, egg-like, irregular, cubic, cuboid, bold, concentric, free form

CIRCLE – loop, hoop, round, ring, spheroid, pouf, halo, bulls eye, doughnut, donut, disc, link

SPIRAL – twist, double helix, swirl, whirl, whorl,

LIGHT – sun, beam, streak, shine, radiation, luminescent, glare, glow, halo, aura, corona, bright, luminous, radiant, luxe, bright, cheerful, breezy

SPARKLE – glow, prismatic, shimmer, prismatic, sheen, gloss, flash, brilliant, iridescence, luminous, glint, glitter, glisten, gleam, starry, faceted, bright, cheerful

HOT – zesty, pungent, racy, peppery, passionate, fiery, torrid, steamy, thermal, blazing, flaming

COLD – frigid, icy, chilly, cool, frozen, bleak, wintry, frosty, arctic, glacial,

NIGHT – shadows, scary, evening, darkness, twilight, dusk, (see black),

CLOUDY – foggy, wispy, vaporous, vapor, smoky, filmy, hazy, murky, shadowy, dusky

FLOWER – bloom, bud, blossom, bouquet, boutonniere, buttonhole, corsage, festoon, garland, lei, nosegay, posy, spray, vase, wreath, stem, floral, flora, weed, garden, nature, vine, wildflower

OCEAN – sea, beach, tidal pool, coast, lagoon, tide pool

BIRD – avian, sparrow, robin, songbird, warbler, nestling, flying

JEWELRY – jewellery


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