Meet Crystal from Crystaldtadlock on Etsy

Good morning everyone! This beautiful A.M. I have a treat for you, STATTEAM leader Tara from Happy Capatiller had the pleasure of interviewing one of our teams members; Crystal form CrystaldTadlock on Etsy.
Grab your morning cup of java, get comfy and enjoy this delightful interview!

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My name is Crystal Tadlock, I am going to be 31 in December, and I have a very eclectic shop! I make jewelry, refurbish and restore vintage pieces, I make feather earrings, and also dabble in digital arts!

I went to a Premier Designs jewelry party and saw that I could make most of those things so I went on a rant and rave learning how to make jewelry! Then, I found vintage and fell in love. The rest came to meet the needs of others who shopped in my shop.

I live in Wichita, KS. It is the Air Capitol of the world! We have all of the major jet, and airliner manufacturers in Wichita.

This is my full time job right now. Other than this, I read, watch movies, and curate a lot of BNR’s! My influence for my designs come from: Everywhere! If I see something I like I will try it! About a year ago, I discovered I wanted to become an artist.

I write lists of what I think I will need to make an item, then I draw a picture of what I think it should look like and begin building it!

My Best Advice to New Etsians and new shops: Pictures, Pictures, Pictures! No fuzzies, blurries, or anything in between! You must have clear, concise photos of your items!

By this time next year: I want to begin earning enough from my shop to pay some bills at home and continue buying my supplies.

My Favorite piece of work in my shop is :
I love my white repurposed vintage bead necklace best. It took me 7 hours to finish and I just think it is a very lovely piece! I consider my style to be Modern Fun.

A challenging aspect of Etsy to me is: SHIPPING QUICKLY!!!! AND not being able to print off first class international labels online! Grrr! My advice to aspiring Artists: Just have fun and let your personality come out in your work!

My ideas for This team are: I think it would be fun to promote, say supplies one week, then earrings, then necklaces etc…. to find out what items are best sold and needed!
One thing I really like about Statteam:Very fun group to be involved with!

Where else can we find you on the internet besides Etsy?
and twitter: VintageLove1221 and A Special I am running now is BNRS30 for 30% off!!

Please Come meet Crystal and Introduce yourself, leave comments and be friendly.

THANK YOU CRYSTAL FOR YOUR TIME! We look forward to you being an active member of our team and getting to know you better!!


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