Confessions of an Etsy addict…

Confessions of an Etsy addict
I imagine after reading the title of my post a few of you are giggling… not a funny “Haha” giggle, but a nervous “OMG! I know what she means” giggle. You know who you are, you are the one reading this right now clicking between internet pages to see if your curated treasury is on the “Hot List”, if you have any convo’s or are listed in any treasuries. I know this because as I sit here and type, I too am doing that very thing.

“Hi! My name is Julianne and I am an Etsy addict.”

I can honestly say that the longest I have stayed away from Etsy is, well, a day at most…. and that was when I went to Six Flags Over Texas. This was simply because my droid could not access internet connection at the theme park, it wasn’t for lack of trying, either… A word of advice, never try to check your Etsy account via your cell while waiting for a roller coaster ride to begin.

Many of you know how this Etsy addiction can spawn, for you “Newbies” out there, beware, what you are about to learn in this article could happen to you!

My Etsy addiction began when I was featured in a treasury, being new I had no idea what a treasury even was. Then one day I see one of my necklaces amongst the company of some very beautiful handmade items. I received a convo informing me I was featured in a treasury… I immediately convo’d the curator and asked her what a treasury was, how it works and how did she find me. It so happened she stumbled upon my necklace in a search, I had just listed this item earlier that day. (Note: New listings can be your best friend!)

She told me what a treasury is, how it works and invited me to join her team! As you can guess, I was elated. I joined her team and learned the in’s and out’s of Etsy very quickly, the team mates on her team were more than helpful and taught me the basics of working a treasury. I had questions though that couldn’t be answered, and so I began to research on my own what it takes to be a success on Etsy. I can tell you after reading hundreds (LITERALLY!) of ETSY blog articles, Etsy posts it still didn’t give me the answer I was seeking. I decided it was time to try a new tactic: Join some of the hottest teams on Etsy. I applied to many teams, only to be turned down because I was “Too New to Etsy”, didn’t have enough sales or didn’t belong to any “YAHOO Groups”. It was one convo I received from a team application that prompted me to found STATTEAM. The convo I had received from the Team Captain of that I had applied had wrote me nothing short of a rude and insulting rejection of my application; my photos were “Crappy”, my sales too few and my treasuries “SUCKED”. Yes, this team captain actually used that terminology in her rejection convo to me. I will tell you the truth, I cried, and then I got mad! How dare ANYONE treat another person with such negative disrespect, besides, I didn’t see anything spectacular about her shop item photographs. It made me want to start a team that accepted everyone, even “Newbies” who may not have sales, great photo’s or even treasury curating skills. Isn’t that what a team should focus on? Helping others learn how to make the most of their Etsy shop and experience?

And that is where it all began… my Etsy addiction. Now that I had a team I had to gather information to help team members, to offer support and get them to that coveted Front Page. Ahhh… The Front Page, a beautiful word and a bad word all at the same time… moving right along, these members became good friends, I looked forward to daily convo’s, reading replies on the team discussion board, seeing comment and views on team treasuries. It isn’t the amount of interaction, it is the thoughtfulness, friendship and a common interest in it that addicted me. Seeing my team mates making treasuries that I KNOW are Front Page worthy, seeing the views and comments make a treasury soar to the first page, to receiving a convo from a team meat excited that their shop item sold after a treasury feature is nothing short of totally elating!

This is where and how it begins, the determination to get more team mates to that point, on the first page of treasury lists in not on the coveted Front Page itself, making sales and getting them excited and promoting others in the same way I am striving to promote them. It’s a “win win” situation. For me its a sheer feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when I see a team mate succeed, it makes every single minute I spend on Etsy worth it. I can honestly tell you I spend HOURS on Etsy, my family can tell you that in our home Etsy is more like an invisible friend, constantly talked about but never seen except by anyone other than me.

In closing, I have yet to confront this “Etsy Addiction”. Etsy is a part of my life, my team mates are my “on-line family” and you cant put a price on the joy it brings to me daily. One thing I will be doing is taking out time in the evening to spend with my family at home. I have learned that even though Etsy is enjoyable, there is nothing like the love and support of your family, so those of you who were like me and on Etsy 16 hours or more a day, take some time for yourself and your loved ones. Trust me, Etsy will be there waiting for you with open arms. =D
Peace, Love & Hippie Chic Jewelz


6 thoughts on “Confessions of an Etsy addict…

  1. Yes, I too am an Etsy addict. There, I have admitted it! It is so easy to get lost in Etsy, but it is also very wonderful to have those Etsy friends and team mates to share your days with. I am part of several teams and I realize that I spend maybe too much time making treasuries specifically for each team, but I enjoy it so very much and I love to promote my fellow team mates in hopes that we can make it to that coveted spot on the Front Page. I also enjoy Treasury Challenges and the different ways to “get to know you” activities, such as “What Would You Buy in the Shop Above”. My husband and I are going to a Houston Texans game next weekend, so I will be away from my Shop for two whole days and I’m already having pre-anxiety attacks (LOL!) since this will be the longest that I will be away from Etsy. I’ll probably just put my Shop on vacation mode for those two days so I won’t worry as much about convos, sales and such. I will probably have treasury withdrawals 🙂

    I really enjoyed reading your article…thank you so much for sharing!

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