An act of kindness

Today I would like to take a moment and thank someone who took the time to show me some kindness…. A big thank you to Amelias Bath and Body Products on Etsy:

I had created a treasury on Etsy that I wanted to promote, I was totally proud of this creation. It seems that being the blond I am I had posted the URL link in the promoters thread for a team I belong to and amongst my cute banner of stars before the link I forgot to insert a space…. well, as you can guess the link would not take you anywhere because my attempt of being creative with the URL link backfired. This wonderful woman was kind enough to convo (that means message in Etsy language) me and let me know that my treasury link was not working. This act of kindness is so few and far between these days, I cant tell you the wonderful feeling I had when I read her kind convo. It makes the world a better place when we can take a moment out of our busy days to help someone else without the expectation of personal gain. Thank you again, Janet, for your thoughtfulness!

Here is Amelias Etsy shop, not only is she kind and thoughtful, but extremely talented at creating some totally awesome handmade bath and beauty products!

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