Meet WyldAngelz on Etsy

This afternoon I had the pleasure of interviewing WyldAngelz from Etsy. This shop is full of delightful and unique creations!

I understand you are a self taught artist, when did you become interested in art?
I have always been interested in art. I have been drawing since I was able to pick up a crayon. When I was a small child, my grandmother told me that she felt sad that she had no pictures on her wall. So, every week when we would pick her up to take her grocery shopping, I would bring her one of my drawings and she would hang it on her wall. When she would babysit me during the summer, I would sometimes draw all day long at her house. She would always hang every new drawing on her wall. After a a few years, her dining room walls and living room walls were completely covered with my artwork. It was beginning to trickle into her bedroom. She had to take it down when she repainted her walls, but she hung on to all my drawings and saved them in a drawer. Her house was my very first art gallery. I took a few classes in high school and learned a variety of techniques with different mediums. I also took a couple classes in college before switching my major to psychology. Since then, I have just experimented with art on the side. I’ve had paintings featured in the annual regional exhibit at the art museum in my home town twice. Now my mother’s house has become my art gallery. I’m not sure how many paintings she has on display in her new home, but the number is growing. lol

What inspires your artwork? It depends on the day really. I can go months without feeling inspired and then all of a sudden something grabs me out of nowhere. It could be something as simple as a small object in a thrift store to a magnificent sunset. Nature inspires me quite a bit. I love the beauty of the outdoors and wildlife. Children and babies also inspire me. If I get a great photo of a friend’s child, there’s a good chance I will be drawing it or painting it sometime. I LOVE rich colors!

Do you have any coupon codes or specials for your Etsy shop?
I do have coupon codes for repeat customers that I give to them when they make a purchase. The next time they place an order, they get 10% off with their coupon code. Also, I have a code for Facebook friends to get 10% off as well. I am currently working on a few more coupon codes that I should have up and running soon.


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