A little bit about Mad Gardener Apiaries on Etsy

I was recently delighted to learn a bit about one of my favorite shops on Etsy, Mad Gardener Apiaries. grab a cup of tea, sit down, relax and enjoy!

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I have been crafting pure beeswax candles for almost 7 years. Immediately after I began beekeeping I started researching the use of ingredients harvested from my beehives to make my own health products. I bought two candle moulds, some wicking and a block of beeswax. I was so thrilled when I made my first candles…but the thrill quickly faded. My candles did not burn properly and almost every one of them ‘blew up’. It became immediately apparent that there was alot more to chandling than pouring wax into a mould. I spent the next 4 years playing and learning both on my own and from every reputable source I could find.

I have dedicated my life to the search for truth. This began with my gardens and transferred to my bees and then to my candles. I have learned that we are chemicalizing and killing our bees and in doing so we have contaminated the world’s supply of beeswax. I researched the history of chemical use in food production and in beekeeping. I found numerous studies, as far back as 1980, that prove the chemical saturation of certain sources of beeswax.

This is what drives me…I must find the truth..in my bees and in life. I put the highest value on the change that is necessary on our planet in order to insure the survival of all species. Whenever I hit a wall or find difficulty in fitting into the system I turn to learning. When I learn I see new things and open new doors. This refreshes my views of the world and allows me to carry on.

I have always had difficulty accepting our capitalist system of cheques and balances. This has been the major reason it has taken me almost 7 years to get this far. I do not believe our central banking/fractional reserve policy system is of any benefit to mankind..as the founding fathers of the American constitution have repeatedly warned. I have decided to use this opportunity to share my information and in turn search for those like-minded individuals in our society who hope to restore our true freedom.

It is my hope that I am able to reach potential customers and let them know what is really going on in our gardens, fields and beehives. Once we start to learn of the truth..it begins to run like a faucet…maybe a few of these individuals will take up the interest in searching out the truth as it pertains to their own life and eventually as it pertains to the planet and all of us.

I love what I do. My bees and my gardens are the foundation of my life. If I am to become successful, I will have been able to teach the truth of our world while making enough money to enjoy my simple country life.

I decided a couple years ago that I wanted to sell directly to the consumer and avoid the middleman. I do not drive and only wholesale to two carefully chosen businesses that I have worked with for a few years. Etsy has been the jumping off point for me…because Etsy is a green and round-up movement..it fits nicely with my goals. Etsy has allowed me to open a shop selling directly to potentially like-minded individuals. I do not know how else I could have accomplished this. I have a website that is to house my information regarding bees, beekeeping, chemicals in beeswax, comparison of different so-called green candle waxes and whatever other informations that I have time to devulge. Most of my info is in my head and is slowly being transferred to the website as I plan on filling madgardenerapiaries.ca with the best information that I can find.

It is our job to make the improvements necessary to ensure the survival of all species and to create a world that we can be proud to leave to the next generation and all generations that follow. It is very apparent that our governments are not interested in improving our existance…they only prey on and decieve the public.


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