Put some FUN in your Friday with Little Lady Irish on Etsy

Fridays are all about FUN, so I found it only fitting to interview one of my favorite and fun filled shops on Etsy, meet LittleLadyIrish.
Her shop is full of wonderfully fun and charming items that is sure to bring out the inner child in you!

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1. What made you decide to sell you art on Etsy?
My husband has always been my personal cheerleader, and he actually heard about Etsy on the Today Show and encouraged me to open a shop!

2. How has your experience as on artist been since joining Etsy?
I still consider myself a newbie, while I did open my shop last August it sat ignored until this past April. So I’m still learning, but loving it!

3. How did you decide on using the medium you work with?
Polymer clay is still new for me. It wasn’t until I saw a girl at a make and take table in a craft store showing custmers how to create a polymer clay turtle that I knew I wanted to create things from clay. The fact that she wasn’t putting “life” into it bothered me and I wanted to give things life and personality.

4. I understand y ou are self-taught, how has not having a formal art education affected you as an artist?
I don’t think it does affect me. There are no rules in my studio. We live in a world where blending your play-doh colors is OK! I don’t feel limited.

5. What challenges have you found in your work on Etsy?
Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with all the information and networking on etsy. Just when I think I’ve caught up on reading rules they change things! Creating my art is the easy part!

6. How have you found the popularity of the internet and Etsy to affect your work?
Social networking is a big help in promoting. Facebook and blogger is like free advertisement. I try to use them both often.

7. Do you think the internet plays a negative or postitive role in art today?
That’s tough…I think it has both a negative and positive. Promotion and advertisement is a plus, but mass producing clip art is not art (in my opinion) also there is a lot of plagiarism and copying which is heartbreaking.

8. Are there any artists on Etsy who have inspired you?
There are many artists who inspire me! We toss around ideas to eachother and laugh about new ideas! But I owe much gratitude to BlackFriday and MoJo for keeping me grounded and sane when facing challenges or feeling UNinspired!

9. You are a leader on STATTEAM, how has this role affected your art career?
It has actually been wonderful being a team leader! (I was on the road to becoming a Psychologist before “life” happened) so helping others succeed is what I love! And feedback and encouragement from fellow leaders is a blessing!

10. What are the three most improtant things you rely on when creating one of your beautifully curated Etsy treasuries?
I, of course rely on having the materials to do so. But I also rely on my family who support my goofy ideas and I rely on my ability to have the freedom to do so (preferably with music at volume 20 in the room!).

11. Tell us a key frustration when first opnening your Etsy shop and how you overcame it.
I knew nothing! haha I quite literally opened a shop, added a few things and waited for it to sell! A few family members and friends (bless um) bought some stuff. But after having my second son in Janurary and then finding my passion for polymer clay, I did some more learning about etsy and things fell into place.

12. What advice would you give a young artist thinking about openeing an Etsy shop?
.You must first love your creations before others will love them! If you love what you do and you open your shop with no expectations other than hopefully finding others that will love it too than you’ll be ok. It’s tough but you have to want it. Growing up I always heard “Good things come to those who wait.” But I believe good things come to those who work for it!


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