Feather Hair Extension Clips from Mojo3777creations

Feather hair extensions are a great way to achieve a fun, funky look in an instant. Feather hair extensions can make any woman resemble an ultra-glam rocker or actress. Feather hair extensions add a touch of the call of the wild to your mane, and you can take this to an extreme, or keep it sweet and simple. Whatever style or color you choose to sport in your mane, you’ll come off as both down-to-earth and a bit more cutting-edge…intriguing!

Being a flower child at heart, I must say that I am a HUGE fan of feather hair extension clips! One of my favorite shops on Etsy mojo3777creations Here is the picture of the feather hair extension clip that I chose from Mojo’s adorable shop:

Doesnt the feather extension clip look gorgeous? You can understand I am so excited. Being a jewelry designer I decided to create a pair of feather earrings to match this gorgeous feather extension clip from Mojo’s shop, the result is stunning! I love the fact that unlike feather hair extensions that you actually crimp into your hair, Moriah has designed an extension clip that can easily be inserted and removed on a whim.

Here is a sample of some of Moriah’s beautiful feather clip creations:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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