Meet Sanja this weeks winner for the Saturday STATTEAM Challenge!

Sanja was this week’s winner of the Statteam Treasury Challenge with her entry, “It’s Time for Love.” Currently she is on vacation, and gave away her feature in this coming challenge to the two finalists who were right behind her, JemsbySandi and IntotheLight. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy this wonderful interview.

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Tell us your personal name, business name, website and location?

My name is Sanja Lukić and my shop is Craft Unikat. Name of the shop just stayed because I didn’t really know what I was doing when I was opening my shop..and only later I saw I can’t change it. First word is Craft – because I love to be creative and make things, and Unikat – means unique in Croatian. I live in Zagreb, capital of Croatia.

What is your studio or workspace like, and how do you work in your studio?

Currently I have no studio or better to stay my studio is everywhere. We move a lot and this summer is one crazy “moving” summer. But when I paint at dining table, terase, on the floor I imagine my future cool studio full of paint, ceramic, clay, my works and works of my artist friend. Also I imagine further, me dressed so bohemian and probably with red or orange hair.

How would you describe and think of your style, what kind of handmade items do you make and what type of materials do you prefer?

My style depends of time of the day. If I am working at day time I usually work with my two daughters and they are very hard critiques for anything wich is not pastel, pink, green, purple, blue. Working with them we create happy fairy world full of cute things. At night my dark side takes over and vampires, full moon, dark forest, skulls, passion and sadness show their faces in my work. I love to paint. That is the fact. So I paint on everything I can, ceramic, wood, paper, glass…And if you shop from me you can have situation like this: you drink your morning coffee from one of my painted mugs and rest your eyes on lovely OOAK magnetic paintings, while wearing one of my bracelets.

What new directions do you hope to move in the future?

Oh I would so love to make my own pottery and then paint it – from the scratch. I would love to make some crazy extraordinary shapes and designs.

Do you have big plans, new ideas or designs you will be exploring soon?

As we are going on a vacation in Croatia wilderness I am forced to explore painting on wood, stones on everything that nature will give me 🙂 . My paint and brushes are with me and we will see what will happened.
Pottery will wait for me until we join civilization again.

What is your typical day like?

At the moment I am on my maternity leave. I have two girls and a baby boy who is just started to walk. In the morning he is the first one to crawl out the bed and starts to call me and the girls. He loves to eat and he is fighting to wake us up to get his meal. It’s alert situation and I first make them breakfast and then when they are full and happy they watch cartoons while I make myself coffee and check Etsy. Later we go outside for a swim or for a walk. When we come back we paint if girls are into it or we just play with baby. He is so funny with his new skill of walking. We are on holidays, school is out so all day is dedicated to kids. In the evening I love to take a walk by the river and there we make up stories, our own fairytales. I got so many inspiration from my talk with kids. Later when they are sleeping I cook for the next day, paint or just do BNR and chat with my amazing supportive friends from Etsy.

How do you work during the day in your studio, and what keeps you inspired and motivated?

As I said if I work during day I work with my creative team. Then we all do one theme and see what we get. They are my inspiration . They are so pure, creative and they show me how world looks like to them. World like we all used to see before. That is so powerfull inspiration.

Who are and are your mentors and inspirations?

Since I was a child drawing was my favorite game. Then my cool aunt showed me how to make dolls and theater, dollhouse, jewelry, painting. She gave wings to my imagination and she is still my number one artist 🙂

I noticed you work with many medias, do you create one piece from start to finish, or do you create various components and then the piece grows to completion separately?

Usually it’s one piece from start to finish, or few pieces at once.

Are there things that you enjoy and do often without putting it off, and other things that aren’t your favorite and you delay doing them?

There is so little time for painting, so every free moment I grab a brush or a pen. If I have more time to paint, probably it will be phases of emptiness, but now I miss it so much and just grab the opportunity.

What sort of things do you prefer making and creating, what comes easily to you?

I find making magnets more easily then painting pottery. For magnets I use acrylic paint and it gives me opportunity to mix paints in wonderful combination. Acrylics are more easier and natural then ceramic paint to work with. I just love to have my hands all covered with color – so do the kids.

What are the things you consider most important to do for your business and your creativity?

First when I joined Etsy I was so pleasantly suprised with community on it. Everyone is so friendly and supportive. Joining teams, sharing ideas, getting connections and making friends is just so important on Etsy. It makes you feel good and you also have a chance to help and make someone else feel good. I love all the positive energy shining from this virtual Etsy world. Making treasury is just such a burst for my creativity. I love them.

What would you recommend for others Etsians who may just be getting started?

DON’T PANIC! Everything will fit in it’s place just be creative, list your items regulary, fill your shop, work on your photos, share, enjoy in what you do and just be a good friend.



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