Meet DreamsByMachine on Etsy

If you love costumes and are looking for a fun shopping experience, look no further! DreamsByMachine on Etsy is one shop that will intrigue you and have you coming back for more!

1)I understand you are a self taught artist, when did you become interested in art?
I have costume training, but a lot of what I’ve learned I’ve done by doing. I skipped over all the simple steps (like proper pattern making) and went directly to what interested me most- draping, tailoring, re-using and making the most out of left over materials. Training will only take you so far. The rest of it is just plain old practice!
I was lucky in that my dad is an artist, and that was always part of my early life. I started making things early on, and tearing old things apart to make new things. I loved (and still love) to experiment. I don’t know how I managed to not destroy the house growing up- I used to mix my science kit experiments and bake them over the Easy Bake oven.

2)What inspires your artwork?
I’m inspired by nature, by other art, by the people around me, by the books and music and dance that I love. I have to write down ideas all the time- they just come out of nowhere and I’ll forget them if I don’t take note. There’s inspiration everywhere if you just look!

3) Do you have any coupon codes or specials for your Etsy shop?
If you convo me and ask for the Wizard? You get free shipping- and we can really start personalizing your new piece! I love to collaborate with my clients. And if you have old material you want to be reborn- that’s worth a solid discount!


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