Meet Peggy from Etsy shop IntoTheLight

Meet glass jewelry artist Peggy from Into the Light on Esty, her glass work is simply stunning!

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1. Tell us your personal name, business name, website and location?

My name is Peggy Meiske and my Shop is Into The Light Creations. You can visit my Shop at My husband and I live in the Texas Hill Country in the little bitty town of Pipe Creek.

2. What is your studio or workspace like, and how do you work in your studio?

At this time, our workshop is in the process of being built (by my husband and myself), so I have confiscated our dinner table in the kitchen area as my workspace. I have tons of glass that is stored in bins and my area is usually a little messy because I snip and cut glass like crazy and it has a tendency to fly off in all directions. I set out all of my glass within reach, turn on my two bell lamps and start creating.

3. How would you describe and think of your style, what kind of handmade items do you make and what type of materials do you prefer?

My style is definitely tuned towards bright colors and I love detailed work. I adore color, so you’ll find lots of it in my Shop. I don’t have one particular style because I love to create anything that comes to my mind on any given day. However, when I create something in a style or design I really like, I will create several pieces in that same style/design. I specialize in fused glass jewelry and accessories, including pendants, earrings, bracelets and French hair barrettes. I love working with dichroic glass because it has such amazing properties and is just so beautiful.

4. What new directions do you hope to move in the future?

I would love to build up my inventory to over 500 pieces, so Buyers would have a more diversified selection to choose from. My husband has also started helping me make barrettes and pendants and I would love for his involvement to increase because it’s such a joy to work side by side with him and to be able to create beautiful things together.

5. Do you have big plans, new ideas or designs you will be exploring soon?

Well besides building my inventory, I would like to add a few more accessories to my Shop such as Keychains, Bookmarks, Bobby Pins and a few other things that I’m looking into right now. I would love to start a men’s line of fused glass jewelry and have my husband help me get that off the ground.

6. What is your typical day like?

My days are filled with such a haphazard list of things to do and I always find myself multi-tasking like crazy. A typical day usually starts with filling all the bird feeders and birdbaths on our property. My husband and I are avid bird watchers, so we like to keep them happy so they’ll stick around. If it’s a watering day, I will water the plants on the decks and porches. Then I’ll check my Shop and email accounts and answer any convos or emails that need answering. In between washing clothes and other household chores, I will work on my jewelry and visit with my Etsy friends via Team posts, treasuries and chats in BNR’s. After creating for a few hours, every day at 3:30 it’s off to my mother-in-law’s for a couple of hours. When I return home, I fix dinner for my husband and myself and then work again on my jewelry for a few hours while watching TV or listening to music.

7. How do you work during the day in your studio, and what keeps you inspired and motivated?

As I mentioned before, I am always multi-tasking, so I work on my jewelry every possible free minute of the day. When I am working, I like to listen to music; I never turn on the TV until after 6:00pm. I just sit down and start working and don’t stop until I need to perform a certain task or leave for my mother in laws for the day. No day is ever the same…so I never get bored or feel like I’m in a rut. I find myself motivated by the joy that I get from life on a daily basis. I am so happy with how things are at this stage of my life.

8. Who are and are your mentors and inspirations?

My biggest inspiration comes from God and nature; I enjoy beautiful sunsets and sunrises and plants and animals. I love the outdoors and this has a big influence on my work. Also, I have to give my husband lots of credit for always encouraging me and for being my biggest fan and my best friend.

9. I noticed you work with many medias, do you create one piece from start to finish, or do you create various components and then the piece grows to completion separately?

When I start on a piece, I work on it until it is complete up to a certain point and then put it aside with other pieces that are at the same stage and then take them all to the next stage together. For example, I will cut glass for several pieces and arrange them in the design that I want and then all of them will be fired in the kiln together. Afterwards, the group of fused pieces move on to the grinding stage together, and then to the fire-polishing stage together and so on.

10. Are there things that you enjoy and do often without putting it off, and other things that aren’t your favorite and you delay doing them?

I must say that I enjoy most aspects of my creative process, but for some reason beyond my understanding, I really enjoy grinding my glass pieces after they have come out of the kiln. I feel more connected to my pieces during the grinding process than at any other stage.

11. What sort of things do you prefer making and creating, what comes easily to you?

I love making jewelry and especially barrettes with lots of smaller pieces of glass which involves lots of detail. It’s very painstaking and meticulous work, but the results are so awesome. I love making everything, I just feel blessed that I have the ability and the patience to work with glass and create wearable works of art. I know that glass fusing is truly my passion because from day one, every aspect of creating a fused glass piece has come very easily to me and given me so much satisfaction.

12. What are the things you consider most important to do for your business and your creativity?

To me, quality customer service and a friendly attitude goes a long way in gaining loyal customers. I always do my best to accommodate special requests or orders and I love communicating with my customers. In return, I receive their gratitude and the compliments that I get from them go a long way towards inspiring me to keep creating; there is nothing more encouraging then a happy customer!

13. What would you recommend for others Etsians who may just be getting started?

First and foremost, don’t give up if that first sale doesn’t come quickly; don’t get discouraged…have faith in yourself and your art and get out there and promote your Shop. Get involved with Teams and Circles and create treasuries. I cannot express how much doing these three things has increased the exposure of my Shop. Plus you will meet so many wonderful people on Etsy and you’ll feel like you’re part of a artistic family


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