Meet Moriah from Mojo3777creations

Meet the artist behind Mojo3777creations, Moriah. Her Etsy shop is full of wonderful 70’s inspired items!

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Tell us your personal name, business name, website and location?
My name is Moriah Jones, my business is mojo3777creations, I live in North Texas and work from home. My etsy shop is and my blog is You can also find me on facebook.

What is your studio or workspace like, and how do you work in your studio?
My workspace is a mess, I have a table in the corner of my dining area in my kitchen. There you will find my sewing machine buried in feathers and beads. I had grand plans of organizing, but have not found the time to get it done. I think it will stay this way, until summer is over and my children get back in school.

How would you describe and think of your style, what kind of handmade items do you make and what type of materials do you prefer?
I love styles from the 60’s and 70’s. I wish I would have grown up in this era. I love my bell bottoms, I love my dashiki’s with flowing sleeves. I like to work with hemp and other natural materials such as cotton. In my shop right now, you will mostly find feather hair clips and barefoot sandals. I have many more items in the works, but these two things are keeping me quite busy for the summer. I love to create batik items, but have found this hard to do with my kids at home. I hate having a pot of hot wax and boiling water going when they are home. So I may not get much of that done until school starts back up.

What new directions do you hope to move in the future?
I am happy with the way my shop is going right now. I started out just looking for something to keep me busy while the kids were in school and my husband was working. Etsy has definitely done this for me. I am busier than I ever expected to be.

Do you have big plans, new ideas or designs you will be exploring soon?
I hope to be adding a lot more batiks soon. I want to expand beyond the dashikis, and do t-shirts, bandanas, maybe shoes, and what ever else I come up with.

What is your typical day like?

18 hours of Etsy…filled with cooking, cleaning, and running errands in between. Sometimes I get to create, while I am monitoring emails.

How do you work during the day in your studio, and what keeps you inspired and motivated?

I love to have music going while I am creating. I have all my supplies laid out in front of me and just get to work. When I stop long enough to produce some items, I usually create 5-6 pieces before I quit. I think the feedback on Etsy and support from my friends keeps me motivated. I am inspired to create things I like, my creations are a true reflection of my style.

Who are and are your mentors and inspirations?

My mother is very creative and artistic, I have learned a lot from her. We swap ideas and projects we are working on. My husband is my biggest inspiration. He keeps me going and is always very encouraging. He is definitely my biggest fan. Without his encouragement, I wouldn’t be doing this.

I noticed you work with many medias, do you create one piece from start to finish, or do you create various components and then the piece grows to completion separately?
Yes, I usually create one piece from start to finish. I like the satisfaction of completing something, and have little patience when it comes to waiting to get something done. I don’t like to work on projects that take days to complete. I want end results now. LOL

Are there things that you enjoy and do often without putting it off, and other things that aren’t your favorite and you delay doing them?

Actually, yes. Now that I am so busy with beads and feathers, I find myself not wanting to drag out my sewing machine. So if I get an order for a hat, I kind of growl about it. LOL When I finally get it done, I am always so happy with them, that I can’t take them out of my shop.

What sort of things do you prefer making and creating, what comes easily to you?

I guess everything I have in my shop is pretty easy to make. Sometimes I cuss at beads that are too small to string, or I may have an irritating time sewing, but usually everything goes pretty smooth. I love creating batiks, I like the feel of being covered in color and holding a paint brush.

What are the things you consider most important to do for your business and your creativity?

I want to portray a true reflection of myself. Keeping up this image is important to me. I like to be a helpful and attentive shop owner and provide the best customer service. I think it is important to be around all the time to answer any questions potential customers may have. I get email on my phone and am alerted immediately when someone has a question. I think this attention has resulted in sales, more than a few times.

What would you recommend for others Etsians who may just be getting started?

I think it is important to find a team, with caring members. People you can connect with. Everyone needs a mentor. I think you should find someone who will help answer your questions and show you the ropes. We were all new once, Etsy is a big lonely place when you don’t know what is going on…but once you figure it out, it can be the funnest place, with the best people. I have found so many wonderful people on Etsy, that I share so much in common with. Everyday, I am meeting someone new and getting closer to the one’s I already know.
Build treasuries, favorite shops and items, build your circle, join BNR’s, build connections with other shops, take advantage of every promotional opportunity you can. Start a blog and facebook fan page. Take part in a give away. Promote others and they will return the favor. Make yourself known. 🙂
It is a lot of work, you can’t just open your shop and wait for a sale, you’ll be waiting a long time.
Thank you for the opportunity to be featured. I love the Statteam and I am so proud to be a member. If anyone ever needs help, I am always happy to answer questions. I wish you all the best of luck with your shops, and I hope you have a Beautiful Etsy experience.

Moraih, thank you for allowing me this wonderful opportunity to interview you!


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