Wonderful Wednesday WOW’S!

Wednesday is upon us already and have we got some items that will put some WOW in your week!
I love browsing through Etsy’s STATTEAM members shops, so many talented artists with some of the most unique and gorgeous handmade items you can find!

Modern Clock by ArtGlamourSligo
My first item is from ArtGlamourSligo with this beautiful Modern Clock made from recycled wood pieces. Great wall hanging clock made from pine wood and recycled wood pieces. You can design your own by choosing colours that suit your interior. Clock is great for bedroom as well as the new technology EZ Quartz Clock Movement use the new silent sweep technology. More robust and exceptionally quiet running. Wood is dyed and wax for a long time use.


I chose this next item from Honeytree, each of the portraits in this shop are breathtaking and have a vintage feel feel about them. I love this “Hidden Gems – Fine Art Floral photograph” Fine Art Nature Photo of a cosmos flowers with an alternate view from the backside where the lovely star shaped sepals at the base of the flowers can be seen.


Featured next are some beautiful earrings made by Cloveristanbul. These Lonely Tree Earrings are perfect for giving to special someone or as a gift to yourself. Earrings length about 20 mm,width 17 mm Not plastic or polymer,it is clay (a kind of pottery or ceramic) Handcrafted and glazed. Metal parts are all oxidized 925 sterling silver, hand shaped.


For those of you who like to indulge your senses, this Key Lime Pure Essential oil sea salt bath soap from Jensies Soap is a MUST HAVE! This soap reminds of a day on the beach in Key West Florida Take your mind and body to Margaritaville for a bit… and relax.. Pure essential Key lime oil for great fragrance . 1 oz per pd base oils , I don’t skimp No Fragrance oils added which are 100% man made synthetic . All natural ingredients.. I added Sea Sea for a great scrub, A little vitamin e for a little extra moisturizing on top the coconut , olive and palm oil . This soap lathers well. My soaps are cured / aged for @ least 4 weeks . Makes for a harder longer lasting bar of soap.


My last feature is from a shop that has some very classic and unique jewelry designs by JemsbySandi. This Sparkling White Flower WIre Wrapped Ring Is from a series of OOAK wire wrapped rings with a twist. This piece is silver wire wrap free form with a gorgeous white rhinestone floral focal piece. The ring is BIG, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL Ring size is 8. this ring can be customized in size for the perfect fit.


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