Meet Beth, the artist behind Beths Crafty Corner on Etsy

This Saturday found me interviewing a delightful woman who is the crafter behind Bethscraftycorner on Etsy, her work is adorable and I was delighted to get a chance to speak with her.

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Tell us your personal name, business name, website and location?
My name is Beth Panichelli from Southern New Jersey and my business name is Beth’s Crafty Corner . Web site is

What is your studio or workspace like, and how do you work in your studio?
My studio or work area is right off my living room. I set up my studio after I went to Ikea and purchased two tables and two ladder bookcases. I have everything there that I need including a dog bed for my one of my dogs to come over and “help” me.

How would you describe and think of your style, what kind of arts and jewelry do you make and what type of materials do you prefer?
I usually work with flowers or paper goods, I only started getting into some jewelry. I like incorporating jewelry items with my other crafts. I guess my style is ecclectic.

Do you have big plans, new ideas or designs you will be exploring soon?
I will be adding more vintage pieces and some more kid options.

What is your typical day like?
My typical day…hmm…that’s tricky. I am usually up at 5-ish and then take care of the dogs (I have two…Guiness and Sammy). After that, I get ready for work. I am a corporate technical trainer as my day job. It supports my craft habit and addiction. LOL Home after work and then either playing with the dogs, watching TV, and crafting.

How do you work during the day in your studio, and what keeps you inspired and motivated?
I have an idea board ( cork bulletin board) and I will place inspirational ideas on it…color combinations, etc. I love it. One of my friends sent me a Vintage looking postcard and my mind started thinking how great the vintage inspired items would be. It also helps keep me focused.

Who are and are your mentors and inspirations?

My mentor was my mom. Both of my parents were very supportive in my art and crafts quest, my mom was always there. She took the extra time to help me when I needed the adult supervisor and then she was there to enroll me in any project or program that helped develop my talents.

I noticed you work with many medias, do you create one piece from start to finish, or do you create various components and then the piece grows to completion separately?
I usually work on several pieces at the same time. The chipboard albums can take time for paint and/or glue to dry so, I try to work on as many as I can to try to get them done.

Are there things that you enjoy and do often without putting it off, and other things that aren’t your favorite and you delay doing them?
I love being creative. The items that I make for friends and family and for etsy are my outlets. I only feel guilty sometimes when I feel like I am not giving my husband or my fur-babies enough quality time.

What sort of things do you prefer making and creating, what comes easily to you?
I love floral arrangements and paper craft projects. They are my two favorites however, if I see a craft that I am interested in, I will try it out.

What are the things you consider most important to do for your business and your creativity?
Most important to me is my husband’s support. After that, I look at everything for inspiration. From a shell on the beach to a flower in my garden, everything came become a spark to my creativity.

What would you recommend for others who may just be getting started?

I would recommend that people follow their hearts and dreams. I am doing this because I love it and I have created so much for other people and with their push and support, I started my Etsy site. I am newer to the Etsy site but I have worked at many craft shows. I love that fact that I can earn extra money and do something that I love. It is great to be able to create and also make others smile.

Beth, I absolutely adored my interview with you! Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and allowing us to get to know you and your shop!


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