My Beautiful Birthday Gifts from Oddball Art Co.

Yesterday I received something absolutely beautiful for my birthday from Oddball Art Co.’s acrylic artist Elizabeth Matlack. I have featured Elizabeth on this blog a few months ago, many of you are familiar with her unique and whimsical style that teeters on the edge of a mixture that is powerful in depicting a touch of Love with a bit of emo and goth thrown in. Her work is not just eclectic, it is magical and captivating. The precision and detail in her work is awe inspiring, as from these photos of her work you can see why her work is so sought after!
Oddball Art Co.
This beautiful, hand painted acrylic Birthday Card is absolutely captivating, her attention to detail is like nothing I have seen before. The intricate designs and depth that she creates is dramatic and pulls you into her artwork. Totally fascinating!
Oddball Art Co.
This gorgeous magnet is something that I studied last night for hours, this piece was so carefully painted and detailed. The lines so crisp and clean, her talent amazes me! Oddball Art Co.
This last piece is a butterfly magnet in which she used my favorite colors in zebra print, this whimsical butterfly is adorable!!!

Thank you for these Beautiful Birthday Gifts and making my birthday a memorable one!!!


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