PlanetCalamari: Outlaw Acupunk Addicted to Beads, Baubles & Sacred Art

Meet Jeanie Mossa from Planet Calamari. Jeanies muse was inspired by things that are mystical, magical along with the absurd. she grew up surrounded by Italian Catholic images, saints, and her Nonna saying the rosary every day along with the radio. She loves that old world magic that once existed when you visited a church or holy place. Angels flying around. The aroma of incense and the sound of silence. No longer Catholic, she is now drawn to Eastern deities. Collecting icons from both the East and West.

Fate has landed her in the magical Witch City of Salem MA, a Disneyland with witch hats. Jeanie has found a home here on the Island of Misfit Toys.

When Jeanie isnt creating art or jewelry she is an acupuncturist, treating dogs and the occasional dog owner. Thanks to her Nonna she learned how to wield a sewing needle and a crochet hook. Learning to stick pins in dogs and humans seemed like a logical choice.

Recycling old artifacts with other trinkets into jewelry or art is one of her favorite past times. she loves the flow of creating mixed media pieces when the mood strikes or a line of art to wear.

Her art goes through phases, just like the color of her hair.

Please visit the Planet Calamari website at and at:


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