Meet Rich from HoleEStars Handcrafted Furniture

Meet Rich from Holeestars Handcrafted Furniture
Rich is a self-taught woodworker who started out building furniture and cabinetry over 20 years ago for his first home. He found that custom-building his own furniture and cabinetry not only saved him money but the quality and construction was so much better than anything heI could buy. When he lost his job because of the economy he decided to turn my hobby of woodworking into a handcrafted furniture business…. so on August 19th 2009 Hole e Stars Handcrafted Furniture was born. Rich came up with his logo is another interesting story but it is now a registered trademark at the USPTO. Rich’s handcrafted pieces will give your home the warmth and style it deserves.

Here are treasuries that Holeestars Handcrafted Furniture is in.……

Holeestars Handcrafted FurnitureI custom builds and designs country primitive rustic or modern furniture unfinished or finished. Each piece is handcrafted with quality workmanship and attention to fine detail. Lots of TLC goes into each piece. Custom orders welcomed.


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