Meet La Belle Chanson

Meet Sunny, the jewelry artist behind La Belle Chanson. Sunny is a lover of pearls and you find them in almost all of her designs and creations. Other materials Sunny loves to use include sterling silver, gold, chalcedony stones and semi-precious gems. She also loves to use materials like organza, tulle and ostrich feathers in her creations.

La Belle Chansons goal is to design and create jewelry and accessories using high quality materials, care and skill. The skills of Sunny’s designs are generally versatile and can be worn for many different occasions.

Sunny, an artist, has spent many years appreciating and studying art in all its forms. She has a higher diploma in Chinese painting, and years of hobbyist experience with Western and Oriental antique jewelry. Passionate about ‘classic’ high quality materials particularly pearls, gems and gold, she loves to incorporate these into her designs.

Roselyn balances her busy life with her love for arts and crafts. A talented craftswomen, she moonlights as a jewelry designer and creator.

Designers & Creators: Sunny and Roselyn


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