Meet Kate and Dan from BARSOAP

BarSoap are a soap making double-team, city lawyer Kate (the love) and freelance music journalist come musician Dan (the science).

They were inspired by watching the Apprentice to start their own soap business. They don’t use blue-sky thinking to go outside the box Lord Sugar, just the finest ingredients and a passion for soap.

Humble kitchen experiments to perfectly formed kitchen masterpieces; each batch is personally overseen and tested by Kate and Dan at bath time to ensure its good enough for your skin.

All bars are adorned with the handpicked works of art. Bar Soap calls upon 19th Century Parisian Artist Jules Cheret for a delightful burlesque style which has a classical vintage feel.

BarSoap bars are a good deal larger than supermarket fodder (large bars are 150g) and they contain the moisturising glycerin that most manufacturers suck out of their soap.

They often sell at craft markets so if you’re in the area, Stop by and see them! If Dan starts talking about saponification, endothermic reaction and PH levels then nod politely until he finishes before inching away (though do buy something).

All of Bar Soap’s soaps are handmade using the traditional cold process method. They know -exactly- what goes into them, namely, the finest food grade olive oil for a wonderfully moisturizing bar, and the best quality coconut oil for a beautiful lather.

On top of this they add the most luxurious essential oils and delicious ingredients for the most alluring scents and textures based around your favorite cocktails with are both a treat for the body and the senses.

If you are based outside the EU and love our work, please contact them and they would be happy to discuss shipping arrangements.


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