Meet Debbie, the artist behind Angelina Inspirations

Meet Debbie, the artist behind “Angelina Inspirations”. Debbie lives in South Florida with her husband of almost 29 years. Together they have a large blended family that includes 7 children, 8 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren and 2 dogs.

For years her sewing and quilting projects have been Debbies way of unwinding at the end of a busy day and being able to share her creations with family and friends has always given her great joy. Today, Debbie is sharing her creations with a larger circle of family and friends on Etsy.

Since opening her shop many people have asked why we named the shop “Angelina Inspirations” given that her name is Debbie. Debbie’s shop is named after someone who inspired her throughout her whole life and still twenty months after losing her continues to inspire Debbie each and every day . . . her mom. Everyone, including those who knew her well, knew mom as Ann, mom, nanny, or great grandma, very few people knew that her true name was Angelina but, everyone who knew her loved her. She was an amazing woman and Debbie’s closest friend. Losing her was the hardest thing that Debbie has ever gone through and she loved her more than words can say but Angelina will always remain in Debbie’s heart and her inspiration a part of everything she does.

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