Meet Andrea from Storybook Artifact

Meet Andrea, the talented artist behind Storybook Artifact. Andrea is excited to announce the opening of her shop Storybook Artifact on Etsy. This is her first shop on Etsy, an idea that was inspired by her twin sister, Jessica, who happens to run a successful Etsy art shop of her own: Eco-Friendly Freckles!
Her shop is an eclectic assortment of treasures varying from hand-crafted loose leaf teas to personalized storybook paintings, and handmade greeting cards. She also sells one-of-a-kind drawings and paintings, along with heirloom probiotic kefir grains and all-natural home-baked goods. All with a focus on your dreams and aspirations; let Andrea help illustrate your timeless storybook artifact.

Andreas other main inspiration is being a first-time mother. Andrea says that being a mother is the greatest gift she’ll ever receive. She cherishes her sweet baby boy, Bobby, who brings her an abundance of joy.

Andrea also says that she gets excited whenever she is in the kitchen. To Andrea, cooking is not only an art or a hobby, and a way of sharing love with family and friends. Andrea believed that cooking with all-natural ingredients is the only way to go, and there is no better way than homemade. I think she is right on the money!

Stay posted by visiting Storybook Artifact’s blog at:

Additionally, Andrea is a proud member of Self-Taught Artists Treasury (STAT) Team on Etsy.

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