Meet Eco-Friendly Freckles

Meet Eco-Friendly Freckles artist, Jessica Woody. Jessica is another one of my favorite artists.  Jessica enjoys creating handmade items and utilizing materials that she  recycles  to make her products; thus whatever was probably going to end up in a landfill somewhere is now part of a beautiful work of art.

All of Eco-Friendly Freckles hand-painted items have a glossy black background and small white freckles, hence the name “Eco-Friendly Freckles”.

Jessica  dedicates her aspiring venture to her mother, Vicki, who once was a creative and imaginative crafty lady .

Besides recycling and making art, Jessica  also enjoys organic-heirloom gardening, studying natural health, aromatherapy and herbology, yoga, cooking, camping, biking, picnicking, long walks and talks, going to art galleries, bed and breakfasts, thrift stores, yard sales, antique shops, and mom-and-pop restaurants.

You can see more of Jessicas artwork here:


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