Hippie Chic Jewelz, a bit about me.

I am a self-taught polymer clay, glass lamp work and jewelry designer. I am a bit eccentric, happy go lucky, flower child whose artwork reflects everything from the beauty of nature to “all things should have bling”! I like to be different, to stand out and catch peoples eye, my artwork is a sheer reflection of that personality trait!  I strive to create jewelry that is as unique and beautiful as the person it is made for.

A hippie at heart, I have always been a bit eccentric and never one to follow the crowd. A self-taught jewelry design artist, I have been creating beads and jewelry from polymer clay, glass and silver for over fifteen years.

I am a deeply passionate soul, My art comes from within, but it is the result of a variety of life experiences and outside influences. The beautiful and colorful people I meet, the sights and sounds of nature, the emotions that swirl around me, all of these things are sifted through my being, to be reborn later through the jewelry artwork I create. My whimsical style is light hearted and portrays my sense of humor in simple things.


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