Etsy find of the day…

I love Etsy shops that carry a variety of intriguing items, much like the items I found at DECORwithSTACIA! If you haven’t visited her Etsy shop you need to, she not only has beautiful paintings but also a great selection of vintage items!


“Wet Spring” is an Original Acrylic Painting set on a 12×16 canvas. This comes with a finished back ready to hang.
Mix and match the art in your home to tell your personal story. No two people or families are alike, so pick out items that reflect the people inside of it!
My name is Stacia and I’m an artist from New Hampshire. I love painting and inviting people to participate in my art process. Please don’t hesitate reaching out if you have a certain color scheme in mind for your own custom piece.
It’s my opinion art should be fun and affordable for everyone. I paint often, I paint frequently and I find my inspiration in the people around me.

You can visit Stacia’s shop here:

Etsy find of the day…

I love unique, handmade jewelry like this necklace I found at AriesArtisticJewelry!  In her shop you will find beautiful silver creations with the most unique designs!


This unique nature inspired necklace was created using precious metal clay slip. It was hand painted onto a real geranium leaf with 12 layers and fired in the kiln to produce this gorgeous, nature-inspired fine silver (.999) leaf. This is a very time-consuming process, but the final product looks more real than a leaf mold. It is complemented with knotted freshwater pearls and leather cord.

You can visit her shop here:

Sunday Shopping on Etsy

I love home decor,especially unique handmade items like the one found in  23PalominoBoutique!


Colorful Modern Wall Hanging Macrame – Hand dyed Wall Hanging Macrame – Turquoise Colorful Wall Art – Pink and Turquoise Wall Decor

This preciously hand dyed turquoise wall hanging macrame wraps your room with a modern look. It is handmade with love, using 100% cotton cord of two colors, natural ecru and turquoise, with a hand painted light pink supporting rod. The combo of colors give life to space. I think it will look pretty cool in a beach house too, or in your home to remind you of the ocean.

Visit her shop here:

Saturday shopping on Etsy

Karen Brown from KarenJJewellery, if you havent visited her shop you should! 

I love Karen’s shop, she has some beautiful jewelry designs like the one featured below:


Handcrafted Red Stripe Agate semi-precious copper wire work pendant necklace.
This generous tear drop shaped gemstone is faceted and will reflect light to give a lovely sparkle. Although the name would suggest the gemstone is red, it does display a deep orange hue.
The stone has been wrapped using a random squiggle design incorporating coiled wire. The finished design has been oxidised to give an aged look which will prevent the copper from Verdigris. Renaissance Wax has also been applied for protection of the wire.

Visit her shop here:



Sunday Shopping on Etsy

I have a huge love for items that are unique and wont find in department stores, this is why I love shopping on Etsy!  Check out these adorable socks from Jodomfogo, they are the cutest things ever!



These would make the best gift for the hard to buy for!  Check out all the other cute socks in her shop here:

Saturday morning stroll on Etsy

Strolling around Etsy I found some very unique and cool items, check out this Mod holder made by WoodenRoads on Etsy.  I wasn’t sure what a mod holder was, I don’t smoke nor vape so I actually had to look this up on Google.  But, if you are into the vaping trend like so many people are these days then you really need to check out this custom made item!

Mod holders are big right now with vaping being a new fad, WoodenRoads custom creates mods to hold your mods.  il_570xn-789651704_a9pu

Display your mods to their best effect in this tiered solid cherry holder. Suede lining prevents scratches, and the 5 compartments hold mods up to 1 inch in diameter. This store does not sell tobacco or nicotine product. Visit WoodenRoads here:

Friday night shopping on Etsy

So what do I do on a Friday night when my fiancee and I opt to stay in?  I browse through the pages of Etsy looking for that one item that I log into my WISH list.  There are so many wonderful and unique items to be found like this Silver Malachite Band Ring created by AriesArtisticJewelry


This BoHo ring is made of fine silver (.999) and cradles a gorgeous malachite gemstone that has a dramatically rich deep green color and alluring striations. It has a jungle like, deep impression texture that wraps around the ring and slightly fades on the other side for a unique look that complements the natural stone. Fine silver makes it elegant, the Malachite and texture make it more casual – wear it with whatever you want and it will look good.

Check out more of her shop items here:

Etsy find of the day…..

I found the most unique and vibrant wedding cake decorations at flowerfilledweddings, I love butterflies so this really caught my eye!


1 set of 24 each butterflies for decorating your wedding cake or using in your wedding centerpieces or table decor or any other idea you may have for them! These hand-picked assorted sized and designs butterflies in complementary colors of purples and pinks etc., so that you can create a wonderfully delicate fluttering effect on your wedding cake. Whether you’re having a butterfly themed wedding or are giving your guests butterfly wedding favors, these butterflies are the icing on the cake! The butterflies are set on delicate wire for easy decorating. Each one is made from hand painted feathers with sparkling crystal accents. Use on wedding cakes, in your centerpieces or perhaps decorate a party favor with them

1 set of 24 butterflies in various sizes and colors
Assorted sizes (2″, 3.15″, & 4.7″)
Available in shades of blue, pink, garden green and natural elegance.

A designer assortment of complementary colors, designs, and sizes is included in each package.


You can visit this shop here:

Favorite Etsy item of the day…

Having three daughters, two who are very young I am more than familiar with the love for baby dolls. What I found at  SpbDOLLY on Etsy was craftsmanship that is most impressive, her baby dolls are absolutely adorable!  If you have a special little one, stop by her shop, it is full of wonderful Waldorf baby dolls that would put a smile on any little girl (or big girls) face!


This adorable Waldorf style baby doll is made with a very cute Waldorf face, lovely soft cuddling doll for your child. Her face is hand embroidered. This doll is very soft made of nikki velours. The head is made using waldorf doll making technology and its very fitm and hard. The body is soft so the child can move it easily. Her head is handcrafted of good quality strong 100% cotton interlock, according to ÖKOTEX 100 standard without AZU colour dyestuffs. She stuffed with polyester stuffing non-allergenic washable toy filling. You can easily wash the dolly even in the washing mashine. Your child can hug this soft dolly, sleep together, or just play with a doll. The size of the doll about 30 – 32 cm. This sweet, cuddly, unique fabric doll is an ideal present for a toddler. P.S. This dolly is handmade in my non-smoking and pet-free home. READY TO SHIP.

Click here to visit her shop:

Photographing your items, what you need to know.

I know, I know, you have heard it a thousand times. Quality pictures are a must…blah, blah, blah…. Let me share with you WHY this is TRUE and why you should really put in that extra effort when photographing your shop items.

You started your Etsy shop to either make extra money, generate enough sales to quit your day job, pursue your dream, become semi-famous or just because you love what you do.  In any case, your photographs of your items speaks VOLUMES of your craft, your shop items, your brand and YOU.  So why wouldn’t you want your photographs to shine? Am I making sense now?  I hope I am, because your shop is an extension of you and it portrays to your customers that you care about what you are doing and what you believe in.

I realize there are many of you who may not have a SLR or Digital Camera, and you know what, that is OKAY! You really don’t need one due that today’s cell phones like the iPhone and Samsung phone cameras take just as good photos as any SLR… its true.  I myself own a very expensive SLR camera that I purchased for my photography business.  Yes, I love my camera but honestly my Samsung Edge cell phone takes EQUALLY great photos as my expensive Pentak SLR.  And no, I am not kidding either.  You do have o take into consideration lighting, editing and of course trial and error.  This means that you will have to play around with backdrops, lighting and getting a good photo editor to crop and adjust your photos.  I use FOTOR for android, I LOVE this App from the Google Play Store.  The ads get a bit annoying but the application itself far surpasses even photoshop for android, no joke!  So let me share with you some of my before photos taken with my Samsung phone and an after photo using Fotor:

Before: Displaying 6166.jpeg


Notice it’s not all that bad, it needs some editing and keep in mind I took this on my desk without overhead lighting.

Now, the same photo edited with FOTOR:


Which photo do you think looks better, the before or after? Which one would you most likely buy if you had to base your purchase off of either photo?  Now, let me throw something else: Multiple Views…. Why? Because you need to show your prospective customer what your item looks like since they cant physically touch and examine it.

You need to provide your potential customers with a type of virtual reality shopping experience per say. Now, take a look at the multiple angles I have here:

Lets talk about using different angles!  You can see the item from different views which shows you details, size and colors.  This is why adding multiple photographs of your item is important.  Yes, it takes a little extra time but your customers will appreciate that extra effort and will come back to shop with you.  My clientele is 75% returning clients, I can honestly tell you that offering multiple photographs is why. It is the ease of shopping online, my clients always comment that they are glad I give side angle views because it helps them better determine what the piece will actually look like, it lets them determine the dimension since they cant physically touch the item itself.

TREASURIES….. why aren’t my shop items getting featured in treasuries?  This answer is going to sting…. it’s not a pretty answer, either.  Through my years on Etsy I have spoke to COUNTLESS shop owners about what they are looking for when picking items to feature in their treasuries…. and as every Etsian knows getting your Treasury to the Etsy Hot List and Front Page is what its all about…. the truth is that 90% of the shop owners I interviewed stated that if pictures are not clear, crisp or the background or prop diminishes the featured item they wont choose them.

Here is a good example of a beautiful necklace on a background that blends in with the prop so the necklace is not well seen.


Do you see how the necklace blends into the background? You want your item to POP, to scream LOOK AT ME! Now lets take a look at another piece on a plain white background:


WOW!!!! Would you look at that!!! Do you see the difference? Am I making sense on how you should really showcase your item and not your background or prop? If you choose to use a patterned or colored background make sure it accents your item, that is makes it stand out and not blend in.  Your item should shine and display to the potential buyer that you are PROUD of your shop, your art, your designs, your items and Etsy.

Lets go over a few HUGE no-no’s:

Mistake number one: taking a photo of your item on your work surface area is a huge no… don’t do it… no one wants to see your desk, your phone, your pen or papers with your item… and, yes, I have seen that in my Etsy searches. Again, its all about showing the best side of you, your shop and your craft.  Take pride in everything you do, your shop is your livelihood, right? You want to see it succeed so do the things that you can to showcase your gorgeous shop items.

Mistake number two: Blurry photographs, they can destroy your chances for sales. If you have blurry photos of your shop items how can the potential customer appreciate your artwork and desire to have it all to themselves?  You cant, because they are not seeing the WHOLE picture, they cant see the amazing detail and passion it took creating the item. Take this blurry photo for instance, would you purchase this item without seeing what it truly looks like?

ls While I am certain this is an absolutely gorgeous piece, I cant see the detail nor what all is included.

Now, here is another example of a very clear photo that shows every bit of detail:


These are just a few things to help you, while they may not be what you wanted to hear they are essential to your shop and how your potential customers perceive it upon first impression.