Interview with VeniceHandmadeCrafts

Meet Maria from VeniceHandmadeCrafts,  I am so glad that Maria agreed to interview to let us get a better insight to her shop and her lovely artwork!


What made you decide to open a shop on Etsy?

Well, to tell the truth it was my daughter’s Alice who gave me the idea and pushed me to …I  had been giving  away my wreaths as gifts and I guess almost everybody of my relations has one of them ,so when one day I was wondering about what I would do with my wreaths, Alice just  told me “Open your Shop  on Etsy, Mom, and sell them!” il_570xn-992500999_1yb6

Why do you think it is important to support handmade?

It is important to support handmade because it is much more than that. Handmade embodies manual skill, technique, imagination, fancy, artistic genius. It pushes your ability to find necessary solutions to unexpected problems and  stimulates you to go over and over towards almost new and different horizons. Handmade apparently takes you  time, actually it  GIVES you time, time  for yourself, time to sit, relax and create. When I am working on my wreaths I just think of them, nothing else comes to bother me, troubles are all far away. It is therapy And last ,handmade  is the expression of that love  we pour into our creations, handmade  IS love.


What inspires your creations?

It can be anything, a particular request from a customer,  an image seen on the web , an episode  or a particular moment in the life of the person my wreath is made for, and memories, of course, combined with particular moods . My almond blossom  felt wreath is maybe my happiest creative process. I was tidying away all the left milky felt from a work and meanwhile thinking back to past summer holidays to Holland .The images of my boy then 4, of Van Gogh’s Museum and of his  Almond Blossom followed one another , and the idea of making my own Almond Blossom shaped…

How would you describe the creations in your shop?

I hope you will not think of  me as conceited, but I would describe most of the creations in my shop s as artistic…They are  the  landscapes I would paint, the short novels  I do not write, the melodies I would play (if only I were able to😉 )They come out from the deep of my soul, they are myself, and though they all get the impression they are meantime different because they reflect my varied personality.


What projects are you working on now?
I am working on the idea of the BORN FROM LOVE wreaths for nursery rooms, announcements and baby showers.


What’s the most indispensable item in your studio?

That’s a difficult question to answer…there is not only one…felt?  Styrofoam wreaths? Hot glue? Needle and cotton wire? Beads? Synthetic padding? I need all of them but as you ask me for the most indispensable item, one only,  I will answer it’s my fancy, my imagination, as there is no creation without but  only copying.


What one artist living or deceased would you like to hang out with for a day, who would it be?

Well, I love Van Gogh,  he was a misunderstood genius, yet his depressed mood would not be the ideal company to stroll with …I would choose Gauguin as the ideal mate for a hanging out day with ..he  traveled all over the world, from Peru to Europe and last Tahiti, he would have so much to tell…and his  two-dimensional  images, his spot colors , have much in common with felt shapes…and maybe we could hang  out together on one of those days he was friend with Van Gogh and have a glass of wine the three of us, that  would be amusing!


What are your thoughts about being an Etsy  shop owner in this day and age?

I’m still a very young Etsy shop owner, I  started  this adventure as an Etsyan only  in November 2015. I like it , I like getting in touch with people from all over the world  and I like  learning about so many thingsI didn’t know. Yet, what I like  most is that thrilling  sensation, that exciting feeling which  pervades me whenever I get an order from overseas. I realize that something  I MADE  is going to be in the States because someone loves it so much that he/she has chosen it among  so many others and wants it to be hanged on the front door  of ,their house and I know that we will be both proud of that, me, the maker, and he/she, the owner, who will welcome guests home with one of my felt wreaths! Exciting, indeed!

What do you think about social networking, do you think it’s vital for selling your artwork and why?

Yes, social networking  is vital for selling my artwork. That is what makes my shop  and my articles known  around. Talent, competence, professionalism, reliability, good manners also, these are all important elements to carry on a business everywhere  and on the Net they assume  even more importance because people out there do not know you from the real and must trust you.  But you, the vendor, who are in possession of all these requirements, you need  also the means to reach  the beautiful minds , the refined spirits  which could be our potential customers. Social networking  provides us with those means.


What is one important piece of advice you could give a new Etsy shop owner?

As a maker I would suggest  any new Etsy shop owner to pay attention to the human aspect of the matter. I say, treat your customers as if they were friends, establish a human contact with them, though respecting  limits  and individual features ,and  “pamper” them : a nice packaging, a greeting card, a thanking discount code will serve the purpose. Think as if it were you the buyer, what would you appreciate most? Do that what !

Where else can we find you on the web?

You can find my shop  on Instagram. I also have a shop  account  on Pinterest under my own name .As to Facebook  you can find my page but not my shop, not  yet, though  I am so happy with my wreaths every time one is over that I immediately post the pictures!

Etsy find of the day…

I found the cutest wreath for the front door at VeniceHandmadeCrafts!  Her shop is full of delightful home decor wreaths like this one:


Felt wreath 12 inches wide where the theme of the owls is enriched by the theme of the landscape and the use of wool wire and beads which make the wreath even more precious. In spite of the colors it’s a beautiful, delicate wreath which will show up lovely on the front door of your house during all the spring as well as the summer . Like many of the wreaths I realize it is an original idea for a worthy gift at a reasonable price , just like all handcrafted piece. It is ready to ship, allow me just one day for shipping, and ready to hang as soon as it comes thanks to the hook on the back and the nylon wire which I have already put .

Etsy find of the day….

I truly adore yoga, and found a shop that creates organic linen meditation cushions and various yoga products. Check out PurePranaLabel on Etsy!


Organic meditation cushion/ zafu Dots, powder pink by Pure Prana Label. Organic Linen and eco friendly dyes.

Dots are such a happy pattern, this cushion reminds you of living your life light! The powder pink is a very trendy color at this moment and is lovely with natural colors.

This meditation cushion is made from high quality linen from Germany, it is 100% organic and no chemicals have been used. It comes with an inner cushion, made from unbleached organic linen cotton, made by a little family company in India.

There is no filling included. You’ll receive these covers by normal mail and have to fill them yourself. This will give you the option to re- use a filling you already have or to pimp your old zafu.

You can visit Cindys shop here:

My interview with SanchoyDina

Today I got the pleasure of interviewing SanchoyDina from Etsy, they have a great shop full of awesome handmade items!!!

Tell me about your work, what are you currently working on? and how is this different from past projects?

Hi, We are Toni and Laura and we are leather artisans. Our comertial brand is Sancho y Dina (These are the name of our greyhound dogs). We design belts inspired in the 40’s western. These belts are dyed and studded by hand.


Now, we are working in guitar straps, biker wallets and kidney belts.

We are leather artisans since 3 years ago, we are autodidacts and we have improved a lot in these 3 years but we are always learning. Now, our projects are designed taking advantage of our graphic designer skills.

When and why did you decide to become a artist and designer?

We love the 40’s and the 50’s in the EEUU, its music, its clothes.
We are graphic designers.
One day we began to see people wearing western belts and we decided to learn how to make these lovely belts.


What was the best advice given to you as a designer?

We haven’t had anybody to tell us the secret to design. :))
Etsy is a pretty vast marketplace, how do you advertise your designs? How do you market yourself?

We are working in this at the moment, making good descriptions and trying to explain the process of our work.


Who are some artists you enjoy on Etsy and local?

We like anyone who makes a good product and have a good presentation.


If You were to visit any Museum or place in the world where would you go to for inspiration?

Obviously, museums or places in the United States, unfortunately they are too far to visit them. We trying to get all the information by internet.


In addition to Etsy, where do you go online for good art resources, whether to find a new fashion trends, or to see what is going on in the world locally and otherwise?

We go to rockabilly festivals to see in first hand how the people wears.

Do you have any exhibits to promote your accessory line in the near future?

We have our etsy shop and an own online shop in internet.

Where all can we find your designs online?

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!

To my mom, thank you for raising me to be the woman I am today. I love you very much! Thank you for instilling the values that are so important in life, for teaching me to never give up hope and to always believe in myself.  Your loved more than you could ever know! 13166078_1583264638632223_1346907393267608381_n

To my Mom-in -Law to be, thank you for for raising the man of my dreams!  I cant thank you enough for all the love and prayers, you are an amazing woman and I am so proud to call you “mom”!


To my best friend Kanny, thank you for always taking time out of your day to wish me a good morning and a good night. You’ve been like family to me for 13 years, and you are a special part of my life!



To my sister Kim, thank you for taking care of me when I was little and mom had to work. Thank you for inspiring me to love art as much as you do and supporting my dream of becoming a jewelry artist!


To my best friend who taught me that I had to stand up for myself and get out of an abusive marriage before I ended up dead, had you not given me the courage and stood by me I may not be here today.  You are like family to me, thank you for all you have done for me and the kids!



To all the mothers out there, Happy Mothers Day!

Getting creative today

Since having gone back to work I really had not had much time to really sit down and create new jewelry designs… until today!  I love creating new jewelry designs, for me it is exhilarating and peaceful. I made a great amount of gifts (Mothers Day is tomorrow so I got busy and made the perfect gifts for my mom,  Mom-in-law to be, sister and daughter in law) and a few things to list in my Etsy shop.  By the way, if you have not visited my Etsy shop I would love for you to!

So here are a few earrings that I created today, from sculpting, sanding to hand detailing and assembling.  I think they turned out great and cant wait to make more new pieces to showcase!





Wishing everyone a great weekend!

Etsy Find Of the DAY….

SinceI have a wedding coming up, my fiancee and I want a beach theme and I am on the look out for fabulous Etsy shops that carry unique favors for our wedding guests.  I found the most beautiful small sea glass pieces at MixedCraftGoods!  These are perfect for reminding guest of a special moment on the beach, take a look at these, aren’t they gorgeous?

 Small sea glass pieces in small glass bottle.
Great for jewelry making, but even better to be used as small favor or thank You gift.
This listing is for one randomly picked bottle and filled with mixed lot very, very small glass pieces in different colors (green, white, teal..).
You can visit her Etsy shop here:

Etsy find of the day….

Have a peek at my Etsy item of the day JAN from StoneworksByJan!  Jan has some beautiful jewelry creations in her shop, if you haven’t stopped by her shop to look around you need to! My favorite piece is this Long Amazonite bead necklace:il_570xn-1010858369_cwqd

30″ Druk bead necklace made w/8mm dyed druk beads the color of amazonite, fancy copper bead cap, druzy geode pendant wired w/copper & copper clasp.

You can visit her Etsy shop here:

Etsy find of the day….

I love to stroll on Etsy and shop for unique items like Suzi from AriesArtisticJewelry!  Handcrafted jewelry design specializing in fine silver pieces that are inspired by nature, like this beautiful piece here:


This nature inspired necklace sports a leaf pendant made of fine silver PMC. Inspired by a vineyard tour I took for my anniversary. It began with a real leaf that I found in the vineyard and hand painted with numerous layers of fine silver paste. I then created a vine like bail that slides on the chain and then fired to create a beautiful fine silver (.999) pendant. It is complemented by hematite and sterling silver beads and attached with a sterling silver chain.

Etsy find of the day…

I love Etsy shops that carry a variety of intriguing items, much like the items I found at DECORwithSTACIA! If you haven’t visited her Etsy shop you need to, she not only has beautiful paintings but also a great selection of vintage items!


“Wet Spring” is an Original Acrylic Painting set on a 12×16 canvas. This comes with a finished back ready to hang.
Mix and match the art in your home to tell your personal story. No two people or families are alike, so pick out items that reflect the people inside of it!
My name is Stacia and I’m an artist from New Hampshire. I love painting and inviting people to participate in my art process. Please don’t hesitate reaching out if you have a certain color scheme in mind for your own custom piece.
It’s my opinion art should be fun and affordable for everyone. I paint often, I paint frequently and I find my inspiration in the people around me.

You can visit Stacia’s shop here: